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Some Things Never Change

snoopy, Thu, 10/05/2007 - 12:59pm
 This week sees the Great British Poker Tour, in association with Gala Casinos, travel to the Gala Casino in Nottingham. This will be the third stop on what has been a magnificent tour and a more than welcome addition to the poker calendar.

Goo Goo G'Joobing With The Eggman in Vegas - Part I

snoopy, Mon, 07/05/2007 - 5:07am
 As mentioned in my last entry, this April saw me make my second visit to Vegas, and although I wasn’t covering an event quite as popular as the World Series, the WPT Championship Final isn’t too far behind and is held in higher esteem by many of the big name players.

From Good Samaritan To Bad Thief

snoopy, Sun, 29/04/2007 - 8:11am
 At the time of writing, I have just returned home to London after a tough but rewarding week at the Bellagio. Although the journey home was uneventful, the trip there was slightly more amusing, predominantly due to my stupidity which resulted in the following anecdote...

Losing With Wilson in Dublin

snoopy, Mon, 23/04/2007 - 12:14am
 Before I had time to get used to my own bed, it was back on the road to Dublin, land of Guinness, leprechauns and maniacal taxi drivers, one of which forced me into a long silence after honking his horn like a mentalist, shouting racist obscenities at other road users and pointing out local ‘broads’ passing by. Although I would ha...

Boozing In Polska

snoopy, Mon, 23/04/2007 - 12:12am
Just got back off a heavy week in Poland where Peter Willers Jespen and his girlfriend masseuse (yes, THAT masseuse) took home €325,633. It was all in zloty actually, but I still haven’t worked out the exchange rate. I do recall John Conroy saying he was a “half a zlotyaire” though.

Gambling In Monte Carlo

snoopy, Thu, 05/04/2007 - 5:10pm
 As ever, the long arm of the EPT not only brought us a cracking tournament (90 minutes with 15k starting stack is second to none this side of the pond), but it also sprouted the inevitable onslaught of hot gossip, the most newsworthy of which is undoubtedly the rumoured spat between Ivey, Goodwin and Vaswani.

The Day I Cursed The Sky Poker Open

snoopy, Sun, 11/03/2007 - 8:35pm
 After spending most of the week either vomiting bile, drinking Powerblade from my bed or simply cursing the microwave meal that poisoned me, I wasn’t in tiptop shape come Saturday. My joints were aching, my head was throbbing and I’d barely eaten in three days, but this was my chance to experience the TV world, and whilst I was te...

Bed-Ridden Beagle

snoopy, Fri, 09/03/2007 - 5:01am
 Unfortunately, the $5 Challenge has been forced into a three-day hiatus, predominantly due to a bout of food poisoning. Virus, stomach flu, voodoo from someone I outdrew, whatever it is, it’s been pretty nasty.

Snoopy Theroux's Weird Thursday

snoopy, Sat, 24/02/2007 - 8:50pm
 With festival shenanigans at the Broadway and Grosvenor Walsall, I’ve been hard pushed to supplement my income with online sessions, but after Jerome Bradpiece took gold on Sunday, I finally received that chance. Following a much needed rest and a couple of days of catching up with admin duties, I booted up the lappie on Wednesday eveni...

A Structured Debate

snoopy, Wed, 21/02/2007 - 8:58am
 Seeing as though I spent most of my week at the Grosvenor Casino in Walsall, I’d thought I’d assess the structure applied to the comp, as whilst feedback from the Broadway Festival of Poker was that the structure was one of the best ever experienced, many were criticising the GUKPT’s.

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