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Gutshot Challenge: Event 3 - £200 PLO F/O

snoopy, Thu, 12/10/2006 - 3:51am
 Although I was planning on playing the whole week, I decided that a good performance in the Main Event was more important to me than trying to play every event unnecessarily, so, with the ‘big en’ only 24 hours away and 2 tough days of poker behind me, I thought it best to take a much needed and richly deserved day-off.

Gutshot Challenge: Event 2 - £100 NLH F/O

snoopy, Tue, 10/10/2006 - 2:25am
 This blog entry may have arrived a few days after the last, but the actual time-gap between the two Events was little over an hour. Delighted with my performance in the £200er, but equally disappointed at failing to make the big bucks, I decided to celebrate/commiserate with even more poker – and this time my poison was Event 2&rs...

Gutshot Challenge: Event 1 - £200 NLH F/O

snoopy, Sat, 07/10/2006 - 2:14am
 After a vomit inducing roller-coaster ride online in which my bankroll endured fluctuations that would bring a tear to Phil Ivey’s eye (okay, maybe tikay’s instead), I set myself a little challenge… -- give the online tables a seven day rest and play the whole of the Gutshot week --  

Back On Track

snoopy, Tue, 03/10/2006 - 3:52am
 Sometimes when you feel low, playing poorly and losing money, it’s hard to get back into the groove, but this week I have been more determined than ever to stop the rot. I have suffered knocks before, but always come back twice as strong – this time proved no different.

Down But Not Out

snoopy, Sat, 30/09/2006 - 11:07am
 The time is now 11.47 am. I’ve been playing online since 3am, so that’s well over 7 hours in total. I’m pretty demorlaised. I was 800 up at one point, but through a combination of fatigue and bad decisions on vital pots, I lost that 800 pretty swiftly.

Bruised & Battered

snoopy, Fri, 29/09/2006 - 3:06am
 I’m in sombre mood today. Sometimes the game and everything surrounding it can really bring you down, and this week has been one of those times.

More Vegas Ramblings

snoopy, Thu, 21/09/2006 - 12:32am
If you wish to read my previous article, 'Vegas Ramblings', then please click HERE 
he’s human! During the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E Event final (which included similarly familiar names such as Brunson, Reese, Bloch, Betchel and Cloutier), Phil Ivey raced out to the hotdog stand and queued with us mere mortals. To see someone as renowned an...

Vegas Ramblings

snoopy, Wed, 20/09/2006 - 11:31pm
 It’s been over a month since my return and, with what could easily show the transparencies in my shambolic writing style (although my fingers remain crossed for something brisk, fun and entertaining), I hereby present to you my…

A Tough But Rewarding Week

snoopy, Sun, 17/09/2006 - 6:48pm
It's been a tough, but rewarding week in which I spent most of my time in the Casino Barcelona in, yep, you guessed it... Baaaaaaaaaaaarcelona!This isn't my first visit though - when I was 17, I won a scholarship to study the magnificent architecture of Anotnio Gaudi, an absolute treat at the time for someone keen on the arts. On this occasion, how...

Take A Chance With Equal Chance

snoopy, Fri, 08/09/2006 - 3:20am
This week I made my debut in the fantastic Equal Chance Club in Walthamstow. This is what poker’s about. Forget your roulette wheels, pricey bar, uninterested casino staff and corporate heads, and so on, the future lies in the social clubs, not the casinos, well, I can only hope so anyway…

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