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The Middle Of Nowhere

snoopy, Fri, 05/05/2006 - 10:30pm
 It’s been over a week since my last entry, but this has been mainly due to the blonde Live Update team’s precarious venture into the middle of nowhere…

"Where Did All My Chips Go?"

snoopy, Sun, 23/04/2006 - 10:56pm
After a fun and entertaining week in Dublin, myself and several other blondeites decided to venture down to Walsall and play what has always been one of the best comps in the county. The £300 double-chance freezout has always been a fave of mine, and I was gutted when they took it off the monthly schedule, but, and hopefully not for ‘o...

My First Taste - Part IV

snoopy, Tue, 18/04/2006 - 1:32pm
 Embarrassingly, I was interviewed during the break and just after I’d lost a chunk of my stack to my neighbour. Boy, I must have looked grumpy. My interview basically translated as this… ‘I’m a complete muppet. I just made a crap call, and gave away 10k needlessly. I’m a fish.’ Hmph, I don’t think I ...

My First Taste - Part III

snoopy, Fri, 14/04/2006 - 12:15am
  Day 2 soon arrived and after a cold night in my room, which lacked soap, shower gel, and shampoo (ooh, I ask too much), I met up with Matt Tyler in the lobby to run through some of the updates. I must thank everyone for all the support you gave me throughout the night. Your good luck messages were all received loud and clear and I can’...

My First Taste - Part II

snoopy, Thu, 13/04/2006 - 8:51pm
 With 10k in chips, an hour clock, and no real maniacs in sight, the fear of an early exit didn’t linger for too long, well, except when I was dealt pocket nines first hand. (The devil on my shoulder falsely predicted the future with a nine on the flop and a big draw hitting on the river). I raised, and everyone folded. Whoever said, &ls...

My First Taste - Part I

snoopy, Tue, 11/04/2006 - 7:47pm
 Last weekend, I had the immense pleasure of experiencing my first Main Event… ever. I’ve been playing poker for over four years now, but due to a combination of updating duties, lack of time, being poor at satellites, and budgeting my bankroll, I’ve never got round to hitting the felt come the weekend of a festival. I was...

Luton Spring Fest – Day 2 - £500 PLH F/O

snoopy, Wed, 05/04/2006 - 9:54pm
  For a fella who doesn’t play the Main Events, 10,000 starting chips and a 45 minute clock at pot limit level was too good a opening to miss, and possibly an excellent opportunity to get in some early practice for the big one at the weekend, which, incredibly, also starts you off with 10k.

Luton Spring Fest – Day 1 - £200 NLH F/O

snoopy, Tue, 04/04/2006 - 1:27pm
 Well, I’ve woken up in a right grouchy mood this morning. Not only did last night’s £200 Freezout go the shape of the pear, but there’s also a couple of big fellas banging away in the bathroom, which is right next-door to my bedroom. Taking out the windows or something, not sure, I daren’t ask. I’m more int...

An Opportunity At Last

snoopy, Mon, 03/04/2006 - 1:34pm
  Last Friday, I decided to brush my work aside for once and actually play some poker, and what a cracking decision it was too. Due to my recent duties with blonde, I have been a foreigner to online shores, but for some reason had an irresistible urge to open up four $1/2 NLH cash games and see if I could earn a buck or two. About 90 minutes l...

My Gutshot Debut

snoopy, Fri, 31/03/2006 - 1:55am
 Howdy all. My week hasn’t been anywhere near as exciting as Dave’s, but hopefully one day I’ll be playing for a six figure sum, just like he was at the weekend. A great achievement from the blonde one, big thumbs up buddy from the beagle.

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