Caption Competition

#25 Dave Colclough & Dave Compton

Winner = Geothesarge

"What the hell is Barny doing with them bananas?!?!"


#24 Barny Boatman

Winner = Paul Stokes

All I need to find now is a pair of Queens.


#23 David Benyamine & Annie Duke

Winner = scottanater

4 minutes later Annie Duke was given an ASBO.


#22 Dave Shallow, Mark Teltscher & Henning Granstad

Winner = PonteCarlo

First a pineapple now a f**king orchid growing out of your head.


#21 Mark Herron & Martyn Cavanagh

Winner = snoopy

Away from home for a few days, the deprived Welshman decided to go for anything in white.


#20 Ian Woodley

Winner = AndrewT 

"We were playing for six hours and this was the only chip Tightend put in the pot"


#19 Dave Colclough

Winner = snoopy

"Oh come on Rhow, at least consider the idea!"


#18 John Duthie

Winner = Smart Money

"Do you know why women come quickest with these two fingers?... It's cos they're mine, baby!"


#17 Roland De Wolfe, Simon Trumper & Rob Yong

Winner = Sheriff Fatman

Simon's long-held fantasy of a threesome with twins was finally on the cards, but this was not quite how he'd imagined it.


#16 Ross Boatman & Joe Beevers

Winner = kinboshi

"Sorry Ross, I haven't seen your false teeth. Why don't you ask that old blonde fella over there if he has a spare set?"