Live Tournament Hand #6

by TightEnd
Submitted by: TightEnd on Mon, 26/11/2007 - 6:24am

This week, I posted the following hand on the blonde poker 'Poker Hand Analysis' board:

The Tournament

Here is a hand from the Waterford Winter festival this past weekend, a €500 deep-stack with 275 runners.

It is hero's second table, and he has 25,000 chips with the blinds at 400-800, average is 22,000 and 220 players remain

Hero has just moved one orbit ago and has only played with one player before, a 'name' professional who is worse for wear, who sits three to Hero's right and appears to be the most aggressive player at the table. In Hero's first orbit he raised four times in mid to late position, once calling a short-stack's re-raise shove with  and losing.

Villain has 37,000 and is in a hurry. Hero would like to trap Villian unawares and catch him out. Hero is unknown to table but wearing a moniker that says 'TightEnd' - probably gives them something to go on  

The Hand

Hero is in the Big Blind with 

Villain, in between reading an Irish Newspaper, supping Magners and talking to sycophantic railbirds, as wasted as he will be later, raises to 2,500 in the cut-off having looked at Hero's stack first

Button, and this is the first hand I have seen him play. Young, looks the part, decent table presence thinks and thinks and flat calls. He has 32,000

Small blind folds and the action is on hero. Hero decides to Call.

Three players go to the flop with 7,900 in the middle.



And the action is on hero

Flop Response

madasahatstand: "My line is to check. I'm hoping the villain puts in another bet and scares the button off the flop. Chances are the button might have a big pair and will call the bet then I get out of the way. If the villain bets and pushes the button off the pot, then I'm raising the villain for a significant amount of chips because I doubt I'll get him off the hand with a bog standard raise."

Longy: "I actually might pass this pre, I hate playing oop with hands like this. You just never know where you are post flop being first to act with a marginal holding. Post flop I'really am not sure what is best here without a read on both players post flop. If co c-bet's a lot post flop I will prob check it over to him, if they are both passive I might just bet out and see if I can take it down. I'm not keen on making a big pot here as our hand is likely to be 2nd best if we get any resistance, so pot control is upper most in my mind."

snoopy: "I prefer to fold pre-flop. You've hit your flop, but you still don't know where you stand or what to do. That speaks volumes to me. As Lloyd said, it's raise or fold for me to avoid the potential felting on the flop."

Part II

The Turn

Hero checks, expecting Pro to take the lead/possibly bluff and intending to check call to control pot size. Check raise never entered his thinking.

Pro Insta bets 5,000 into the 7,900 pot and this is quickly flat called by the button, confidently.

The Pot is now 17,900 and Hero has 22,500. He calls the 5,000.

Three players go to the turn with 22,900 in the pot

Remaining Stack Sizes

Hero 17,500
Drunk Pro 29,500
Button 24,500

Onto the turn

it comes


giving Hero top two pair.

At this point Hero gets a read (of sorts) from Button, who sits bolt upright and looks at his chips

As played (badly he now feels), Hero checks intending to check raise all-in, confident that one of the other two spots will bet for him.

Hero Checks

Pro bets 14,000

Button moves instantly all-in, barely suppressing a grin.

Its back to hero, and a monster pot. The pot is a monstrous 60,900.

What next?...

Turn Response

boldie: "Fold, in the name of all that is holy fold right here. Though I'm thinking this is one of those "but I married the hand and will stick with her through thick and thin" situations that we should all try to avoid and sometimes just can't manage."

TEX FITZ: "I'm thinking the button has flopped a set and sitting on it knowing drunkpro will put in a continuation bet, putting him on A-K as boldie says - he doesn't raise because you're still in the pot, either unsure about you or dragging you along. When Ac turns he knows theres gonna be more action from drunkpro, and possibly you (putting you on A-x or possibly AT). At best you can hope button has A-T for split - possibly  Ad-3d for 2 pair and nutf lush draw"

LuckyLloyd: "Open shove the turn for value. As played, go broke now."

The Reveal

This was a hand I felt I played poorly from start to finish.

After a long dwell I found a pass, my read being that the Button appeared super-strong.

The cut-off passed and button showed.


... for flopped middle set. Really, this gave me no satisfaction. By playing it so passively to try to trap the pro/original raiser I had failed to give due consideration to the actions and play of the button and had not found out where I stood in the hand either pre-or post-flop.