Jonathan 'AlrightJack' Raab

by tikay
Submitted by: tikay on Wed, 05/12/2007 - 5:49pm
Jonathan Raab, long term involved with Blue Square firstly as an employee and then freelance, has led the way in being the architect of added-money in UK live venues. He was the driving force behind the very successful 'Unusual Suspects' concept won by Jen Mason and composed almost entirely of blondes. Latterly he was the architect of the hugely beneficial and popular GUKPT series as GUKPT Tour manager with added money, directly and indirectly, all over the place.
In addition, he devised the Poker Six format which has run successfully for its first two years each Summer in Bolton. He also scured sponsorship for the likes of Mickey Wernick, JP Kelly, Praz Bansi and Karl Mahrenholz. Consequently,  Jonathan's standing in UK Poker is immense.

Jonathan has been of immense help to blonde. Without him, there would never have been a single blonde live update from any Grosvenor venue. We Update - or not - at his whim, in most cases when we are at a Grosvenor Event, and certainly in all GUKPT's and Blue Square sponsored Grosvenor festivals. He has run or assisted in running more than a dozen blonde live updates, from the UK, Europe and the USA, and never asked for a single penny.
No man has done more for the UK poker scene than Jonathan Raab, and whether or not that was done for commercial reasons (and it was), the players still benefit. What's more, he is no mean player too. In 2006 he won the £30k guarnateed MTT on Betfair and finished 3rd the following week. However, I doubt this matches, in his own mind, his crowing triumph of winning a charity poker tournament dressed as a werewolf or his 'cause celebre', presenting a festival winning trophy to JP Kelly at Luton and dropping it in front of about 200 people, something he has rarely been allowed to forget!