Dawn 'Laxie' Dineen

by Gerard 'the_duke' Smyth
Submitted on Thu, 18/12/2008 - 1:25pm

In a sleepy village in West Cork, Ireland there resides a woman that, some say she never stops talking, some say on a clear day she can be heard by shepherds in Paraguay, we only know her as Laxie.

Dawn currently has the whole poker world buzzing with admiration. She competed in a large field deep stack online tournament and after 14 hours won the battle (both of the poker and lack of sleep). Whilst this achievement is, in itself, staggering, this reporter has uncovered a few more attributes to this remarkable lady.

Dawn is a member of the remarkable blonde community and her impact on this organisation has been felt at all levels. Always available to lend a helping hand with anything, from making name badges for the blonde Bash to posting birthday wishes when blonde members come of age, Dawn’s enthusiasm is endless. She runs a home with three lovely children and her husband Timothy and still finds time to “educate” the locals in the finer points of poker.

If anyone has ever had the pleasure of being in the company of this lady they have had cause to remember it. Her infectious demeanour and enthusiasm for life is legendary. Dawn’s assistance and commitment to blonde is only matched by her unflinching loyalty to her friends and peers, going out of her way to make sure everyone in her company feels individually special. Anyone visiting that part of Ireland will attest that she has been to airports in the locale, looking after visitors, more often than Michael O’Leary.

There are numerous adventures that could be written about Dawn, and probably will. But for now the Loud, Lovely, Lively Laxie deserves to be inducted into the blonde Hall of Fame if only to keep the esteemed members already there entertained.