PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Sun 04/Jan/09 - Sat 10/Jan/09
Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas,
Submitted by: snoopy on Wed, 31/12/2008 - 2:27pm


Mon 5th Jan (12pm) -- MAIN EVENT: $9,700+300 NLH F/O - DAY 1A

Tue 6th Jan (12pm) -- MAIN EVENT - DAY 1B

Wed 7th Jan (12pm) -- MAIN EVENT - DAY 2

Wed 7th Jan (12pm) -- $24,500+500 NLH F/O (next day final 12pm)

Wed 7th Jan (2pm) -- $1,850+150 NLH F/O (next day final 3pm)

Thu 8th Jan (12pm) -- MAIN EVENT - DAY 3

Thu 8th Jan (1pm) -- $4,800+200 NLH F/O (next day final 3pm)

Fri 9th Jan (12pm) -- MAIN EVENT - DAY 4

Fri 9th Jan (2pm) -- $925+75 NLH F/O (next day final 3pm)

Sat 10th Jan (12pm) -- MAIN EVENT - FINAL DAY


Sun Jan 4th (8pm) -- $1,025+75 NLH M-SAT

Additional Information

PokerStars will be hosting a special PCA Welcome Party from 7.30pm to 9.30pm on January 4, 2009 on the Royal Deck at the Atlantis. All players and media are welcome.

This is the 6th PCA.


Please click here for details on available accommodation.

Contact Details

Atlantis Resort & Casino
Paradise Island
The Bahamas
tel: +1 888 528 7155