GUKPT: Leg 1 - Brighton

Mon 12/Jan/09 - Sun 18/Jan/09
Grosvenor Brighton, England,
Submitted by: snoopy on Wed, 31/12/2008 - 4:36pm


Mon 12th Jan (8pm) -- £200+20 NLH F/O, 6k chips (next day final)

Tue 13th Jan (8pm) -- £300+30 NLH D-C F/O, 3.5k+3.5k chips, next day final

Wed 14th Jan (8pm) -- £100+10.50 PLO R/B, 3k chips

Thu 15th Jan (2pm) -- MAIN EVENT: £1,000+60 NLH F/O, 10k chips - DAY 1A

Thu 15th Jan (8pm) -- £100+10.50 NLH F/O, 5k chips

Fri 16th Jan (2pm) -- MAIN EVENT - DAY 1B

Fri 16th Jan (8pm) -- £100+10.50 NLH F/O, 5k chips

Sat 17th Jan (2pm) -- MAIN EVENT - DAY 2

Sat 17th Jan (6pm) -- £250+25 NLH F/O, 7k chips (next day final)

Sun 18th Jan (2pm) -- MAIN EVENT - FINAL DAY

Sun 18th Jan (6pm) -- £100+10.50 NLH BTY F/O, 5k chips

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