Raymond "Mondatoo" Norton

Submitted by: TightEnd on Wed, 22/12/2010 - 10:55am
We have a Successful nomination, from an Anonymous Member.....

Raymond "Mondatoo" Norton.

They write

"I'd like to nominate Raymond 'Mondatoo' Norton for the Blonde Hall of Fame.

Ray, for me, is someone that all of us can look up to and learn from.  He's one of the 'youngsters' but has never appeared bothered about appearing 'cool'.  Well respected and liked by (i hesitate to say all, but I think it's true in this rare case, so I will) all of the forum, this became evident by the overwhelming support he got at the weekend on the live update thread.  I might be wrong, but I don't think we've ever had such unswerving support for a fellow blonde in a poker tournament, even when we've had guys at final tables in WSOP events. Loads of us sat up way past our bedtimes, constantly refreshing the page, absolutely genuinely wanting the guy to win the lot.

If one steps back and things about the very few people on blonde who have no adversaries, it's usually because they keep themselves to themselves, stay out of trouble, don't voice their opinion.  Not so for Ray.  This year he started up his diary thread, and has kept at it, sharing with us the ups and downs of the online grind. He's not afraid to voice his opinion on other, sometimes more controversial threads, either, but always manages to do so without causing offence and without upsetting anyone.  A rare skill indeed.

It was great to see Mondatoo sporting the blonde badge with pride this weekend.  Of all the 1000s of blonde members, there are few, if any, that would make a better ambassador for the site, and I'd like to see him take his rightful place in the hall of fame".

Here is Ray's diary thread http://blondepoker.com/forum/index.php?topic=46739.msg1281399#new