Sky Roller: New on Sky Poker

Submitted by: TightEnd on Sat, 01/01/2011 - 12:22pm

Starting at 8pm on Thursday, & every Thursday thereafter (except the last Thursday of the month, when the £220 Skysports DS will still run) there will be a new weekly £110 Tourney called "Sky Roller".

5,000 starting chips, & 15 minute blinds, the Tourney has a £5,000 Guarantee.

A new structure has been devised, much more balanced than the old £220 structure, which some said was a bit fast.

It neds 50 to hit the Guarantee, but I am pretty sure that it will attract a good deal more. If not, I'll be in a bit of trouble, as I stuck my neck out, & forecast 60+. We shall see.