£1m Gtd UKIPT Nottingham Latest

Submitted by: TightEnd on Wed, 04/04/2012 - 8:57am

Rob Yong says

UKIPT Summary 4/4/2012         
PokerStars Qualifers         485
PokerStars Direct Buy-Ins         182
PokerStars Players         667
DTD Qualifers         96
DTD Shop Buy-Ins         102
DTD FPP         7
DTD Cash Desk Buy-Ins         61
DTD Players         266
Total Players         933
% GTE Covered      65%

Okay, things have taken a turn for the better, we are now just 497 players away from hitting the 1430 runners mark and therefore the £1M GTE. Between us and PokerStars we estimate a further 200 players to qualify, so that just under 300 direct-buy ins needed.

When we set the £1M GTE, I thought it was a 50:50 shot if we worked our asses off, which everyone has done, I would now say that it is a massive odds-on that it will be achieved,  the last 3 days have seen an average of 50 players generated per day, and with 8 days left, we may have even done the unthinkable, and hit the GTE by the time the event starts, although I think this is highly unlikely unless Day 1a really starts to move.


1c is sold out, with an alternates list forming, 1b has limited space, and there are the most seats for 1a. Satellites Live and Online every night until the event. For how to qualifiy please click: