From The Dark End Of The Street

by thetank
Submitted by: snoopy on Sun, 02/07/2006 - 2:48am
Last week I talked about some of the downsides to playing online poker for a living. This week I fancy doing the opposite. I thought  I’d do it this way round because some daft song once told me to accentuate the positive. So that's why the good stuff is getting the last say.

The first and possibly most obvious one is that I get to make my own hours. Not literally of course, apparently God made the hours when he separated light and darkness back in the good old days, but I get to pick the hours in which I work. Seeing as I have dominion over the fish of the sea, the fowl in the air, the cattle in the field, and all the creepy things that creepeth upon the ground, it stands to reason that I should be able to sleep till 3pm on Wednesday if I so choose.

The freedom it affords me is greater than a lie-in though. On a whim I could jump aboard a choo choo and flit off to any point in this fine country. If I was better at what I did (and made more money) I could visit any point on the globe due to flight of fancy.

Indeed, if I wished to relocate on a more permanent basis, I wouldn’t have to worry too much about finding a new job. So long as I could get internet access, I’ve got a gig. A move would include little more than filling in a couple of forms and paying some men with a van.

It does help that I’ve got no dependants, or even a pet creepy thing that creepeth upon the ground. I shall concede that this has less to do with online poker, and more to do with me being 23 years old.

So, potentially, I can travel the world and broaden my horizons.  I could also get involved in some funky hobby or another. One well known blonde member is training to be a pilot with their poker winnings. How swish is that? I could fish all day when the weather is perfect for it, I could travel to play in monopoly tournaments. I could even do some stuff that doesn’t sound dull.

When non poker people ask what I do for a living, their reaction to me telling them is usually "cool".
They want to know more. Let’s be honest folks, who doesn’t love talking about themselves whilst being called cool.

Job satisfaction is easy to come by. You can’t beat the thrill and adrenaline buzz that comes from winning a tournament. Especially if you’ve owned the heads up segment by keeping the pots small against your unimaginative, passive opponent. Making that call when you think there’s a good chance matey-boy is bluffing, seeing the pot being pushed your way, it never gets old.

There’s lot’s of interesting people to meet in the gambling community. Most of them have fascinating stories to tell. The best ones are typically those that will never be committed to print. I get to mix and socialize with these 'colourful' types a lot in this line of work.

Poker is far closer to being a meritocracy than a regular work environment. Office politics and wot-not, nepotism, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, accidentally shagging the bosses missus. This kind of jazz might impede your progress towards promotions and taking home more moolah. In poker, if you work hard, you make money, move up limits, make more money. It’s all fair and good.

Like I said last week, I don’t pay income tax. I’ve asked, the government doesn’t want it. I'm sure a lot of people don’t pay income tax, but the way I do it is perfectly legal. Always a Brucey bonus to be on the right side of the law.

I’m not conducive of the media rhetoric of the professional poker player. It’s unlikely I’ll get into the millions of pounds and the glamour of it all any time soon. At the moment, this doesn’t bother me. I’m making money, earning enough to keep me in curry and train tickets, putting a wee bit away on the side. For the moment, I’m a happy bunny.

Is it a coincidence that last week's article was after a losing week, and this week's came after a winner? Probably not, but wouldn’t life be dull without highs and lows?

Thomas “thetank” Stott