Sun, Sea & Poker

Thu, 21/09/2006 - 9:57pm

Last Friday I was setting off from Birmingham with Bikini in my bag for the sunny seaside beach located conveniently right in front of the Casino de Barcelona. On arrival at the Casino I was pleased to see many of the top European pros and of course the famous Phil Ivey from the good old US of A. Marc 'Mr Cool' Goodwin was as ever full of impressive golf stories. It would seem Phil only managed to recoup his losses on the outragous golfing stakes by clearing 3rd place in EPT! Gus Hansen caught me snapping him at the table and decided he would introduce himself to me. And thank goodness some good-looking talent has begun to arrive on the poker scene. I don't think a single person in the room failed to notice the hot talented blonde placing her stakes in the game. (Check out the blondepoker gallery for the pics)  

On Saturday morning after sampling some of the fine local cuisine and wine the night before, I set out to the pool in my bikini all ready to do my bit for the poker 425 show, but unfortunately it started to rain and we had to call it all off.

It was a delightful final table with Dave Gregory fighting it out for the UK, Phil Ivey replenishing his deep pockets and Bjorn Glenne smiling all the way to the finishing line.