Hands of the Week

Live Tournament Hand #2

This week we are much closer to home with a visit to exotic Walsall for the Midlands Meltdown.


Live Tournament Hand

Mantis returns to boggle our minds with yet another tournament hand, this time from Vegas!


Online Tournament Hand

blondeite Mantis takes us into the world of online poker to evaluate a hand from the virtual tables.


Lindgren vs. Antonius

Finland takes on America in this week's 'Hand of the Week'. But what did Patrik have?...


Mr X vs. Mateyboy

This time we delve into the world of poker literature to unearth the following gem. But who is Mr X?...


Thater vs. Fox

This week's Hand of The Week sees us visit last year's Irish Open in Dubin.


Turnstill vs. Kendall

A classic (cough) hand from last month's Bash is the subject of this week's 'Hand of the Week'.


Nguyen vs. Eichhardt

Thang Duc Nguyen and Peter Eichhardt locks horns in Floppy's inaugural 'Hand of the Week.'


Lucky In Luton

This week at the Luton Christmas Cracker, three players enjoyed welcome slices of good fortune.


Midland Mayhem

This week's 'Hands of the Week' come from the Midland Masters at Grosvenor Walsall.


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