The 2008 Beagle Awards

Contain your excitement... The Beagle Awards return!!!


It's Poker but not as We Know It

The Dean explains his dislike for poker trackers.


The Gravy Train Just Keeps On Rolling

Is poker losing its momentum? The Dean doesn't think so.


Singer Junior Breaks Records

David Singer's newborn becomes the youngest player to win a WSOP bracelet.


Homer's Odyssey, Part X

Lost in the Rio Phone Triangle and why one little sign on a jar is perhaps scary as hell...


Homer's Odyssey, Part IX

Going out on my birthday and meeting Brian Townsend and the Cardrunners team.


Homer's Odyssey, Part VIII

Bowling with Tim Vance, playing the $1,500 and Vanessa Selbst winning the PLO.


Homer's Odyssey, Part VII

No accreditation, Rizen signs for UB and Jame Akenhead's 2nd place.


Homer's Odyssey, Part VI

The $10k PLH final, JohnnyBax signing for UltimateBet and bumping into old friends...


Homer's Odyssey, Part V

No accreditation and a day off as the 2008 World Series of Poker begins...


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