LCI Casino - Leicester Square

Jen offers her thoughts on the newly opened LCI Casino at the Empire in Leicester Square.

Ranting With The Poker Brat In Vegas

Part 2 of my Vegas trip report - this time my experiences of the WPT televised final.


Some Things Never Change

This week's GBPT in Nottingham forces a certain Beagle into a temporary state of reminiscence.


Goo Goo G'Joobing With The Eggman in Vegas

A few tales from Vegas and this year's WPT Final.


Losing With Wilson in Dublin

My latest blog entry offers brisk reports from my recent jaunt to Dublin for the Irish Open.


Asia: The Next Poker Klondike

Tighty explains why Asia is the next goldmine for the world of poker.


Gambling In Monte Carlo

A juicy week in Monte Carlo provides plenty of juicy gossip. Basically, lots of juice!


Heads You Lose, Tails You Lose

TightEnd looks into recent developments in the world of poker and politics.


When Dewi Met Roberto

An inspired Dewi James explains how a recent venture to Cardiff turned out to be a priceless one.


Tournament Report: Dortmund EPT

The DTD blondepoker update team covered the recent flurry of EPTs.


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