The 2006 Beagle Awards

Join the Beagle and a dapper Tony Kendall to see who won what in the inaugural Beagle Awards.


What Floats Your Quote?

Phil Hellmuth inspires me to list my all time favourite quotes. Which is yours?


Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous

Our newest recruit gives us an insight into a different world with his first ever Blonde blog entry.


Rabbit, Rabbit

In his lastest blog entry, Richard' TightEnd' Prew displays his disapproval of the dreaded rabbit cam.


Rhowena Colclough's Blog

Catch up with Rhowena's drunken jaunts from her latest couple of blog entries.


My Midlands Mission - Mission Accomplished

My final entry on what was a tough but ultimately rewarding week.


Green Joker Poker Festival

Chris 'NoflopsHomer' and I trekked to Drogheda to play the best new event around...


Bond Is Blonde!

Andy Langley goes behind the scenes and discusses the poker in the new James Bond film, Casino Royale.


My Midlands Mission - Part V

The latest pearls of wisdom (okay, none of them) from my lastest blog entry.


My Midlands Mission - Part IV

Next stop on the 'snoopy week of fun' was Tuesday's £200 No Limit Hold 'Em Freezeout.


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