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Title: Posting on PHA: A template
Post by: TightEnd on August 24, 2009, 10:04:40 PM
Various people have suggested that we post a suggested template for PHA posts, to aid discussion and to ensure those replying have the necessary information to make informed responses.

In some cases the information requested below will not all be present, in some its unnecessary (eg an Online Hand History copy will mean that the info does not need repeating) but this is the suggestion:

Type of Game a) Live or Online
                              b) Cash, SNG, MTT

The Buy in

Number of Runners
Number of Runners remaining
Payout information if relevant

Blind levels/Clock length

Your stack size

Stack Sizes of relevant opposition

In the hand concerned your position at the table and that of relevant opposition

What is your image?

What is the image of the opponents concerned? Is there any history? Any reads?

For online hands are there any tracking software stats available for your opponent(s)?

What is the situation? Describe as fully as you can?

What questions do you want answered?

Title: Re: Posting on PHA: A template
Post by: TightEnd on September 01, 2009, 07:37:24 PM

Live MTT

£100 buy in

50 runners, 30 remain, 7 paid

blinds 400-800/50

Hero stack 26,000

Opponent stack 33,000

Average is 19,000

Hero is seen as very tight

Opponent is fishy, very active, likes calling a lot pre-flop, frequent bluffer from several hands shown

Hero is the button and raises to 2,200 with  Ahrt Ks

Opponent in the big blind flat calls

flop  Kh Qh 7d

Opponent checks

Hero bets 4,500

Opponent flat calls

turn  Qc

Opponent checks

Hero bets 7,000

Opponent pushes in

What would you do?