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1  Poker Forums / Diaries and Blogs / Re: lil dave's lil life on: May 30, 2020, 10:21:38 AM
2  Community Forums / Betting Tips and Sport Discussion / Re: Darts Betting and discussion on: December 27, 2019, 08:51:03 PM
Ian White, on merit and consistency he's a slam dunk deserving of a place, he's got the game for the PL too. Just dont see it happening for the Diamond I'm afraid.

Obviously as top 4 in the OOM are auto in, MVG, Rob Cross and Gerwyn are in, and as these three have near on swept the majors this yr they'll be the easiest three. I dont think it really matters which of Gary, Bully or Snakey end up as #4 I think all 3 of them easily get in anyway, despite none of them having all that stellar a year. Nathan Aspinall as a WSOD winner and the UK Open winner this year would have to be included for me, and Duzza despite no major finals has won tournaments as well as semi finals of the Matchplay, the Grand Slam and the Grand Prix, been thoroughly consistent and has a superstar hype around him as the 3x BDO champ will be unlikely not to be included for me.

MVG, Cross, Price, Smith, Anderson, Wright, Aspinall, Duzza - I'd have these as a fairly certain first 8 for now. Next question is how many full time people will there be, 9 or 10, we know there is a least 1 spot open and I think a few people have a solid enough claim on it. The 3 highest ranked players no involved in that list are Gurey #7, Wade #8 and Chizzy #9. For me, Chizzy would be the clear front runner from these 3 players, Gurney and Wade have the advantage of very strong PL campaigns in 2019 in their favour, but Chizzy has had comfortably the best year, and is in comfortably the best form, none of them have done much at all in the last couple of Majors and both out in round 3 of the WC, so there is probably cases for a couple of players in the pack behind to get a spot with a big WC run. Chris Dobey has made 2 major semi's this year and is in the L16 of the WC, his path to the Semi is going to be Duzza then likely Price (not ideal!) but if he pulls off a Semi, or even goes out in a barmstorming 1/4 final vs Gerwyn... could be time for Dobey to get the nod. I don't think de Zwaan has done enough this year without a semi+ at the worlds to justify a mention, same with Ratajski, on merit you'd have to have Ian White in ahead of all those 2.

Will they do the contenders again? No idea, the concept last year was players who had never really competed and to give them a shot, if so, will they have a completely fresh set and not include anyone from last year? Los of uncertainty around this - assuming they do it, I think there is a couple of very strong cases;

Willie O'Connor in Dublin for week 4 has to be absolutely nailed on.
Fallon Sherrock somewhere, probably Liverpool in week 6.
Nights 8 and 9 are both in Rotterdam, no idea if they will re-use JDZ but Danny Noppert and Jermaine Wattimena seem excellent candidates.
Ricky Evans is so entertaining he'll almost defo be in there, maybe Nottingham week 2.
Ryan Searle maybe for Exeter in week 5 after some good late yr form.
Joe Cullen really should get a go in this too, Newcastle week 7 I reckon.
Jonny Clayton for the Cardiff leg in week 3.

Gabriel Clemons, best performing German of 2019 should be included, if there was a German leg pre- judgement night he'd be a cert too, could potentially put him in week #1 in Aberdeen as no obvious Scottish contenders, Kryzstof Ratajski would be another deserving guy, could be another one for Aberdeen. Keegan Brown, Luke Woodhouse Jamie Hughes maybe for exeter.

My best prediction would be; (working on assumptions that they do pretenders and dont use anyone who appeared as a contender last year)



Week 1 = Gabriel Clemons
Week 2 = Ricky Evans
Week 3 = Jonny Clayton
Week 4 = Willie O'Connor
Week 5 = Ryan Searle
Week 6 = Fallon Sherrock
Week 7 = Joe Cullen
Week 8 = Jermaine Wattimena
Week 9 = Danny Noppert

If they don't do the contenders, I reckon Dobey gets in there!

Tough ones to guess these!
3  Poker Forums / Diaries and Blogs / Re: lil dave's lil life on: December 03, 2019, 02:11:16 PM
Hello All.

Yes, I did indeed play the £1000 edgebaston GRAND! It was a veyr good fun, old school atmosphere event, with a very good bunch of people, in typical fashion we did an old school 8 way chop, winner winner.

My friend in running the card room at this casino so to support him i went to play it, enjoyed myself, anyone from that area looking for a good comp, its every month, nice quick structure, good group of people, fun event, decent top prize, well worth a go for a cheeky little 1 day punt.

I barely played much poker this year, been busy working, things are great here in London, even though I still not got a wedding organised, no holidays planned (was hoping to go away Jan-Feb again like last yr, but no one will come with me, scumbags) and had to have another hand operation as 10 yrs on from the original "incident" Ive had to have a little more bone removed.  Right after I did it the first time i went back to hospital and said I think they left a bit of stitch inside my finger, they told me they defo didnt, 10 yrs later they cut me open again, and what do they find... a bit of bloody stitch that's been in there for a decade Smiley Apparently it's not a big deal, I TOLD THEM IT WAS A BIT OF STITCH!!! Hand looks gross atm, but should be very good long term as was starting to hurt again, should do the golf game the world of good too! nearly 3 months since last played, very sad, going to be back firing next year for sure.

Most exciting thing on the horizon BY FAR for me is the world championship darts, starting a week on friday, very excited about that.
4  Community Forums / Betting Tips and Sport Discussion / Re: Darts Betting and discussion on: November 26, 2019, 02:04:14 PM
Draw for the worlds is out!!

First thing that jumps out is MVG's 1/4 final route appears about as straight forward as it gets, Ricky Evans is having a good year and Clayton and Bunting have both shown glimpses of utter brilliance this yr but you feel like MVG on C game should find himself in the 1/4s with little or no fuss, his 1/4 final seems almost certainly to be between either James Wade or Ian White, Wade's path to round 4 is fairly hazardless, Edhouse/Kyle round 2, probably Steve Beaton round 3, wuld be a fairly big shock not to see Wadey in the 4th round minimum. Ian White has a little more danger to deal with, Gabriel Clemons is a very dangerous floater and it's likely him or Hopp in the 3rd round, he does seem to have historically had a habbit of messing those types of games up too, but maybe not 2019 Diamond Smiley. Dont see too many shocks coming here, Clemons making the 1/4 would be a shock given he's likely had to turn over Wade and Wright but wouldn't be the most surprising thing to happen given the form of the 3 players this year.

Q2 top seed is Gary and his path to the 1/4 final is a little dangerous, Brendan Dolan is a new man in 2019 and could test Gary who we just have no real idea about hit form other than we know he's massively lacking in match sharpness, Steve West and Ryan Searle both the type of characters to randomly turn up and average 100 but he should get through that in a BO9 set play game. his 4th round is almost guarenteed to be a tough game, vs either Nathan Aspinall, Krzystof Ratajski with Jamie Hughes a very dangerous floater in that segment too, if he's struggling Gary then this game could be extremely tough for him, his quarter final if he gets through is probably going to be vs Micheal Smith which will be another very tough game as Bully boy tends to turn up these days vs his old mentor. Smith's 1/8th isn't a complete cake-walk but he should be relatively happy with it, the biggest and most obvious danger is Dimitri who on an Ally Pally stage can beat anyone, however he's so out of sorts this year and on the TV stage too which is usually where he shines, he might even find his 2nd round game vs Payne or Portela a bit of a struggle. Adrian Lewis is defo worth a strong consideration too, as he's been showing a lot more form of late, an on form Jackpot could well be the un-doing of Smith in round 4. Laurence Illagan could be a dangerous floater in this section of the draw too, he should be out-muscled if he runs into Dimitri/Smith/Lewis anywhere near their A-Games but if he has round 1 vs an out of nick Reyes, runs into a struggling Jackpot in round 2, and will have a very winnable feeling game probably vs Darren Webster (who's had a tough year with injury, but seems to be a little better now) he might just sneak himself into the 4th round, I think whoever he plays in round 4 should be playing well enough to see him off but he certainly could cause a few pumping hearts LI. I dont envisage much suprises in Q1, but Q2 with some big names lacking consistency and a few dangerous wild cards we could easily see some nonsense from this section of the draw.

Onto the second half, Rob cross, not been in the best of nick lately, but has himself a reasonable draw to his 1/4 final, Kim Huybrechts dropped from towards the back end of the top 40 this year, recently he's shown some good performances but just cant quite find any wins, Steve Lennon & Danny Noppert can cause problems, Joe Cullen at 100% can be very dangerous, but he should be able to find his way through. Bottom half of this quarter's most interesting participant will be RVB, he has a opener he should win easily, and then a very difficult game vs JDZ in the second round, BArney will be bang up for a run here, and he'll be desperately hoping that his career is put to bed in a barnstorming 1/4 final vs Rob Cross, and not a 2nd round 91 average vs JDZ, he can easily make it to the 1/4 finals here, but a 3rd round exit at the hands of Chizzy seems his most likely swansong, if he gets past Chizzy, he probs has a 4th round vs Peter Wright to deal with before a 1/4 final vs Rob Cross, then a semi vs Gerwyn Price before his dream farewell which would be the WC final vs MVG, and this is all assuming he can get past JDZ in round 2! We'd all love to see it, but we very likely won't see it! This quarter for me I think is Chizzy's for the taking, there's plenty of dangerous players knocking about (JDZ, RVB, Keegan, Malicdem a handy player too) and he's likely got to beat Wright in round 4 and Cross in the 1/4s but i just think he's playing a lot better than them right now and I personally don't think these new darts are the ones for PW, Cross seems incapable of stringing 2 decent games together at the moment. If Chizzy keeps his form of the last 3-4 months up I think he gets through this 1/4. If he can get himself a semi final appearance here, to go alongside his WGP final I think that should get him a PL spot, an A-Game vs A-Game world semi final vs Chizzy and Price might be something to savour too!

Botton 1/4 and this is a tale of two halves for sure, Gerwyn Price, the man of the moment has the easiest draw to a 1/4 final of anyone I think, Willie O'Connor is a danger man in very good form at the moment, but even with that, there is basically no -one in the bottom 8th of the draw who should cause even a very very average Gerwyn (of 2019) any trouble at all, I think a solid B- game will get him easily to the 1/4 finals this year. Conversely, the top half of Q4 is absolutely littered with troubles - Daryl Gurney the top seed there will have a testy opener vs an in-form Justin Pipe, Duzza will be hoping to play him in rnd 4 but he's going to have another awkward opening fixture vs de Sousa or Damon Heta, both of whom had very good years, his first Ally Pally appearance he might find it a bit emotional Duzza and goign off as a bog fave vs a dangerous underdog coudl lead to some scares for him. Mensur and Dobey (who is having a fantastic year) shouldn't be too much troubled getting to round 3 but Ted Evetts is playing well right now and Ron the Bomb can be lethal sometimes, the bookies would say the most likely 3rd round fixtures will be Duzza/Gurney, Mensur/Dobey and you can pretty much see anyone of those 4 making it through to play Gerwyn in the 1/4 final, whoever it is will set of as a big dog vs GP, exciting 1/4 Q4 for certain!

Roll on, Roll on!
5  Poker Forums / The Rail / Re: Misc gossip etc. on: August 11, 2019, 01:42:58 PM
No pro has more than 50% of themselves. That was stated publically

I'm just trying to clarify if the pros had to pay their own entry or if the businessmen paid for their invited pros.

Pros had to pay themselves.

Pros divulged the % they had to the organisers,  biggest piece was 50%, in theory a pro could have had 100% I believe,  don't believe there was any stipulation.

I suspect that the businessman who invited them would have had first option for a sizeable chunk of action in practice.
6  Community Forums / Betting Tips and Sport Discussion / Re: Darts Betting and discussion on: July 29, 2019, 09:52:11 AM
Matchplay another great event Smiley Just a break for some tin-pot WSOD events before majors majors majors Smiley

As we head into major season, the rankings are shaping up to make things interesting, enormous win for Rob Cross with £613k to defend this year with his incredible WC win 18 months ago, he hasn't exactly started the year lighting the ranking events up despite playing very well in TV events, but this puts him on ~£240k for the year with bombs of prize money up for grabs between now and the worlds and fortunes up for grabs at the ally pally. 40% if the way there is an amazing result, I think realistically given he'd have been looking at this year and thought, if I cashed for £400k this year hold my top 6-7 spot and on we go to 2020 with 1/3 of the money to defend and that looks a certainty now - the big danger for anyone with a massive portion of their money to defend in a calendar year is they have a bad one, slip down towards the bottom end of the top 16 start drawing Gary and Micheal early in tournaments get used to losing games early in tournaments and end up in the 20s where it's a proper scrap to get out. He's already put that to bed so it's onwards and upwards for Cross now and he's got a real shot of keeping his #2 spot now.

2   Rob Cross   England   £964,250
3   Daryl Gurney   Northern Ireland   £545,750
4   Michael Smith   England   £536,000
5   Gary Anderson   Scotland   £533,250
6   Peter Wright   Scotland   £466,000
7   Gerwyn Price   Wales   £424,750

In recent times the race for the worlds rankings wise has always been about the difference between 3rd and 4th/5th in the rankings, playing MVG in the final as opposed to the semi could potentially be a difference in £100,000 in prize money which is the same as the winner of most of the Majors this year will receive, and it's a pretty tense race now following Cross' result yesterday...

Rob Cross   England   £532,500
Daryl Gurney   N Ireland   £185,500
Peter Wright   Scotland   £150,750
Michael Smith   England   £76,250
Gerwyn Price   Wales   £74,750
Gary Anderson   Scotland   £73,500

Here's what each of them are defending between now and the end of the World Championships, and here's how it looks would the worlds begin tomorrow.

=2 Gary Anderson £459,750
=2 Micheal Smith £459,750
4. Rob Cross £431,750
5. Daryl Gurney £360,250
6. Gerwyn Price £350,000
7. Peter Wright £315,250

So Gary and Micheal are creepily in a straight shoot-out for their ranking position and Cross exactly £25k behind them, with MVG seemingly out of form and lots of £££ up for grabs could see any kind of movements in the rankings, a major win for Price or Gurney and there could be a 4th man in the fight.

Couple of mid table guys will be pretty steaming at their matchplay performances, Ian White will be utterly livid as he's just entered the top 10 after a 4 month spell of form where you'd e hard pressed not to have him in the top 5 but could only manage a second round, he really should be at the tail end of these tournaments where the ranking money really is, he effectively maintains his rankings purely on floor/euro events and its amazing how consistent he is but you simply cannot get yourself into the top 6 like this, and without TV credentials and rankings weight the premier league (for which he's ideally suited imo) will continue to allude him. Nathan Aspinall will be a little annoyed he couldn'y put a run here, with 0 money to defend every major that comes he's a real threat on the top 10, I guess after best part of £300k since regaining his card we can let him off one off-day vs a pretty inspired Mervyn King. Jonny Clayton has plenty to defend this year as he slides to towards the danger end of the top 16 and fell foul to a pretty average Keegan Brown, Adrian Lewis (who got a v bad draw admittedly) really needs to put some runs together but just cant as he and Cullen (who blew more chances than he'll get in the next couple of years) slip out of the top 16 again and the wilderness threatens anyone in that part of the rankings who starts to lose form.

You have to ask yourself how people like Dimitri Van Den Bergh, Jamie Lewis, Luke Humprhies cant get themselves into this tournament, it's a real who's who of darts this event and if you're not here then you're not really a big player for me, goes to show the competitive nature of the sport when these guys cant get into a 32 runner field. Barney obviously a sad ommission from the event on his swansong year, despite some fleeting promise throughout the year it looks like we'll likely not see him at the majority of the grand slams this year, the grandstand departure more of a timid extinction, the WSOD events are likely his platform to  wave goodbye now.

Nice month off then its non stop euros and floor events which give the guys on the edge a chance to make a move in!

ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba OI  OI OI
7  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: The UK Politics and EU Referendum thread - merged on: July 03, 2019, 03:50:39 AM
They all talking stone cold nonsense but I'm slightly less offended by the pair of them given the job they'll be tasked with is going to be pretty dam impossible. They'd both make horrible PM's i'm sure off it, but picking a leader from the Tory leadership race is basically the same as picking an STD, I mean fucking hell are we really here.

Lets just get Boris in there hope whoever advises him advises him well and we can ping 2 years of anything better than a total bloodbath and maybe someone more capable will finally come along who we can actually enjoy being PM, with a fait hope they might be able to do a good job. Blair and Cameron weren't especially popular but at least SOME people liked them!
8  Poker Forums / The Rail / Re: WSOP 2019 - Brit Watch on: June 25, 2019, 09:06:29 AM
Does Sam Trickett still go to these things these days, or has he made so much he can’t be arsed?

Sold his house in Mansfield and moved to Ibiza if you read his twitter page.  Probably realised James Bord is long gone and the glory days are over after marrying his page 3 barbie doll.  WP sir.

Does he still play poker or not? Or just decided to sit and live on what he made? Don’t blame him if he did, I’d probably do the same and be risk averse to keep a good lifestyle.....

He still rocks up in the big cash games that Party stream, and I assume he is coming to Vegas when the Party Millions is on.  Guess he has no desire to be over here for the whole series, and not sure he ever did.   He seems to have a pretty expensive lifestyle, so don't think he has gone all risk averse either.

WSOP too small.
9  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: The UK Politics and EU Referendum thread - merged on: June 24, 2019, 04:18:21 PM
so funny that Boris called Putin "dobbie the house elf" then went on to be foreign secretary, and now he's going to be Prime Minister Cheesy

10  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: The UK Politics and EU Referendum thread - merged on: June 24, 2019, 09:52:04 AM
I'm not associating with the "do-gooder remainers" or the "stuffy right wing leavers" but surely no one can be satisfied with the current state of UK politics or the people involved??

I'm not saying Brexit is a good or bad thing, I personally voted to remain but I see the reasons to vote leave and think the chances of brexit being completed and in 5+yrs things being better than they were i the EU is not a long price, however surely no one can argue that it's been easily the biggest political disaster in recent times for the UK? I mean its been utter chaos, Tighty said there is no "good" brext news being reported ITT because there isn't any is absolutely right, there hasn't been a remotely positive brexit breakthrough basically since it started, I'm not one for these statements but if you don't think Brexit has been a disaster up to now then I mean... come on. (And this is no reflection on the principle of brexit or whether it will ultimately be worth it)

Theresa May completely in-effective during her tenure-ship, no support in the commons, no support in europe, barely any support in her own cabinet, total waste of time, Corbyn will be the same, cant even unite his own party, Boris very well might be the best option for UK leadership right now but SURELY no one thinks he'll be a "good" prime minister?

The whole thing is a joke, complete mess and the stuffy old left-vs-right debate is one for the 20th century I'm afraid, I think people, not just politicians need to realise that that political pigeon-holing just isn't relevant these days, one of the party's needs to build a more central political perspective and find a leader who can actually lead. Cameron wasn't well liked on the left wing side and Blair not particularly well liked on the right wing side of political opinion but they both understood you cant win elections with far right/left policy and there's no point governing if you cant win an election. Need to put a stop to this left vs right nonsense and let the way for a liberal-but-realistic party or politician to come through.

Ain't happening though is it. 
11  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: Official cryptocurrency thread (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin) on: June 23, 2019, 09:15:49 AM
Hello BTC <3
12  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: The UK Politics and EU Referendum thread - merged on: June 23, 2019, 09:15:12 AM
If you're looking for historical examples to raise serious question marks over Boris' character you're not lacking in options there! However I think having an argument with his Mrs doesn't really count and even if it did count as a blemish on your character it's not like it's getting into the top 5 or even top 10 with Boris lol. These stories conveniently pop up but never seem to really hurt anyone, Trump survived the "grab 'em by the pussy" scandal without too much problems and I think we'd all agree that's a fairly unacceptable thing for a future president to be recorded saying (I know L.O.L context).

I feel there has been an idle threat that Boris will become PM for ages, given his relentless goofishness and seemingly criminal lack of self awareness he has remained relatively popular across a wide spectrum of political opinion, perhaps no one ever thought he would really be PM and that's he's quite a jovial character, that guy everyone thinks is a bit of tosser but he's decent drinking company so always invited on a night out. Now it looks like he is certain to be PM and I think that generally forgiving opinion of him will be tested pretty dam hard. Personally I'm not hating the Boris for PM line, obviously I dont think he'll be a good PM, and I don't think he'll do a good job on brexit but given brexit is impossible and there were no other options with any real stand out attributes I think fuck it let Boris have a bash why not, also one day there might be a 3-way meeting between Boris, Trump and Putin and lets be honest who the fuck doesn't wanna see that photograph Smiley
13  Community Forums / Betting Tips and Sport Discussion / Re: Darts Betting and discussion on: June 09, 2019, 02:44:43 PM
Pretty brainless stuff from the Poles to put Ratajski up against MVG.

Complete madness, MVG is 95%+ to be going first too, easiest strategic match - up in sporting history that, you're never trying to beat the netherlands 2-0, your strat is get to the pairs and see what happens, put wattimena under pressure.

Canada have done the same thing, although it's less relevant given they are such massive under-dogs, but Dawson Murchell has been playing well enough so far to give Wattimena again, who's yet to put to any sort of real test in the tournament, and Jim Long can have some warm up darts vs MVG. BO7 game in the pairs you never know what can happen, it's really poor thinking. Was close to a gimme anyway but it's even more of a gimme now, 1.11 Holland looks big to me.

Irish boys look lively, that's not going to be an easy tie for the dutch at all.

Scotland looking a bit unbeatable to me if they maintain the form they've shown so far its extremely hard to see anyone beating them
14  Community Forums / Betting Tips and Sport Discussion / Re: Darts Betting and discussion on: June 08, 2019, 07:12:45 PM
just goes to show how deep darts quality is these days, if you dont turn up you get Ironed out pretty quickly these days.

I've taken decent lay positions on England and Netherlands, Jermaine Wattimena was brilliant in the first round and Australia's inevitable fall leaves them with a pretty easy (on paper) 1/4 final, and MVG playing vs Ratajski certainly the desireable match-up for the dutch. Gary's back seems to be fine and PW keeping to the same set of darts bodes v well for the Scotts, they looking good for faves right now.

Still not convinced by England, they have another potential tricky one vs Rep.Ireland tonight and a probable 1/4 final vs Austria for whom Zoran Lerchbacher player great in rnd 1, I probably under-estimated just how good morale it must be playing alongside Mensur!

15  Poker Forums / Diaries and Blogs / Re: The Best In The Business on: June 02, 2019, 08:50:11 AM

So that's round $96,500 for the first 7 days.

The mind truly boggles.

Pretty sure he will have sold substantial amounts. Wasn’t there a post a while back that detailed his policy on this? He maybe only has 15-20% of a $50k.

Think Pads takes 100% on $10k and proportionate on anything bigger.

If we're thinking about the same post.

I remember reading a detailed post from Pads where he explained some system he had for selling % late on based on his equity, found it interesting actually, quite clever. Buyins for this WSOP can run into huge money super fast cant they!
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