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Dusk Till Dawn Poker
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 on: Today at 08:53:08 AM 
Started by The Camel - Last post by DungBeetle
Hey guys,

I'm not in the country at the moment, extremely busy doing admin stuff in India. Gonna post my initial pre-race Singapore GP bets early as my internet access could be a little sketchy over the next few days.

Race Winner: Nico Rosberg @ 23/10 with Betfair Exchange. Once again, anything over evens is mental - recommend £10.

Group B (BOT/ALO/MAS/RAI): Valtteri Bottas @ 13/8 with PaddyPower. That price seems slightly too high to me, Williams should be stronger than Ferrari and Bottas is usually quicker than Felipe over a race distance - recommend £5.

Group C (BUT/MAG/HUL/PER): Nico Hulkenberg @ 10/3 with PaddyPower. Force India have a massive update for this race, probably the biggest in their history. If it works, then this is between Nico/Sergio. May well be suggesting more money on Force India drivers after FP1, but for now - recommend £5.

Hi Peter - I've seen this mentioned before about Rosberg being value at anything above evens.  Can you explain the rationale on that?  Assuming Hamilton is rated equally then if Rosberg is evens isn't that saying the rest of the field has zero chance?  Hasn't that Ricardo bloke won a couple of races this year?

Might be missing something here.  Not saying 23/10 isn't a bad bet, but surely he can't be evens.

 on: Today at 08:08:47 AM 
Started by TightEnd - Last post by Nakor
And another one

 on: Today at 07:03:22 AM 
Started by The Camel - Last post by Omm
I did make it 8200.

Two callers.

Flop was A82

I check folded when big stack bet 10k and the other caller shoved.

Big stack had AQ and other guy A8ss. :/

So u done what Pleno would have done, still the best in the business then Camel.

 on: Today at 05:44:11 AM 
Started by scotty2hatty - Last post by Rubbish2407
Awesome Scotty. Did them in a lucky 15 so deffo owe you a pint.

 on: Today at 05:31:08 AM 
Started by GreekStein - Last post by GreekStein
Thanks for the pics Cos, it all looks absolutely delish. Thailand for us in January and I'm truly exited.

Which part are you going to and for how long?

I have just pulled an all nighter in order to go to immigration office and extend my visa by a month and on the way in the car I managed to get a few (probably pretty shitty pics) of the road I'm living on.

To follow...

 on: Today at 04:20:57 AM 
Started by pleno1 - Last post by Marky147
Good luck with the weekend, and condolences on sitting through that movie...

 on: Today at 03:46:44 AM 
Started by SuuPRlim - Last post by pleno1
watched the whole thing just now, really good.

 on: Today at 03:42:37 AM 
Started by pleno1 - Last post by pleno1
Not sure yet about plans re moving away from Hungary depending on legislation. Options most likely would be Croatia, Slovenia in the mountains or something. The community in Budapest is so close that we would most likely all move together somewhere I think.

Today didn't go well either. I can't say I played amazing. I didn't really get any stacks to allow me to play aggressive, just ran pretty poorly so it wasn't much fun.

I've really engrossed myself this WCOOP, I spoke to somebody today and I think I'm going to just take 24 hours off of poker tomorrow. No twoplustwo, no blonde, no stars, no skype, no speaking to horses, no railing swaps, no pokertube no nothing. This weekend is so huge and I think just going to eat somewhere very nice, have a big session in the gym, go for a good massage and go to football training and hang our with non poker friends.

Think it will be a really good thing and this weekend will make me hungrier rather than just wake up and zombie myself into a standard session.

About to go to watch American Hustle now. See you guys in a couple of day Wink

 on: Today at 03:26:31 AM 
Started by GreekStein - Last post by Kev B
Thanks for the pics Cos, it all looks absolutely delish. Thailand for us in January and I'm truly exited.

 on: Today at 01:58:31 AM 
Started by RED-DOG - Last post by GreekStein
Have a great time, didn't see the thread first time round but was an interesting read. Not been to India myself but have been to Dubai, i loved it but if it wasn't for the golf i can't imagine i would have liked it.

I haven't been to Dubai, but have been to Poland.

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Dusk Till Dawn Poker
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