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 on: Today at 09:34:24 AM 
Started by TightEnd - Last post by TightEnd
The satellite last night made 31 seats and DTD have made next Monday's final 50 x $6000 packages GTD. A $300,000 satellite then

Phase ones run all day all week

 Click to see full-size image.

 on: Today at 09:32:33 AM 
Started by TightEnd - Last post by TightEnd
Just a word of warning for players intending to qualify on party for the £550 event.   I just satalited in from a $5 to a $22 to a $109 to the £550 seat only to discover it was for a online day 1 only..... when I actually only wanted to play live.  Find party poker set up overwhelming - no where in the $5 or $22 sats does it specify its for the online leg only.   very disappointed as having won the $550 seat was forced to play the £550 day one, which had already started and entering at level l 4 entry is no fun!!  Feel a bit cheated to be honest.

no need for a word of warning, nothing to warn about

after the $5 and $22s there is a 7pm 20 x £550 that auto feeds into the online day one every night at 9pm. This is clearly stated in the title of the satellite

the DTD £550 labelled satellites have a 24 hour ticket expiry and they can be used into the 50 x £550 every night at 9pm

 on: Today at 09:09:23 AM 
Started by TightEnd - Last post by doubleup
It's an awful precedent to set but it's in the gov't favour, they tax casinos and can't tax us so they want to make sure the house wins! Very manipulative use of the law for the direct benefit of the law makers.

actually in the usa they do tax winners, so even that part of the judgement doesn't stack up.

 on: Today at 07:53:57 AM 
Started by zerofive - Last post by EvilPie
Deadlifts again this morning. I've been overdosing on YouTube vids and really trying to work on form and I think it's paying off in confidence as much as anything. Watching these guys lift ridiculous weights has convinced me finally that deadlifts are clearly good for you if executed correctly.

Did the usual routine so squats up to 100kg x 3, RDL up to 100kg x 5 and then DL which I managed 100kg x 5, 120kg x 3 and then 2 x 1 at 140kg.

Felt my form go a bit on the last one and my back definitely wasn't absolutely flat but still nice to hit three plates already after only doing them for a couple of weeks. Think I'll stick to this weight for a bit now and try to get up to 3 with good form before I try another increase but you never know.

The hardest bit for me is definitely the start of the movement. I think it's partially flexibility as I struggle to get my hips below my shoulders to fully engage the glutes and hamstrings. It means that my hip flexors are having to compensate quite a lot but I'm hoping that will improve.

Any tips for improving the lower part of the lift greatly appreciated. There doesn't seem to be much out there to specifically target that problem area. For the upper part there's rack pull, for the middle section there's RDL but for the lower I can't really think of anything other than just doing more deadlifts.

 on: Today at 07:28:44 AM 
Started by The Camel - Last post by baldock92

Odds of a western coast winner: 10/11 with 32red, odds of an eastern coast winner 7/4 with laddies/ skaaii

If any of you can get on then take the free cash.

 on: Today at 07:17:09 AM 
Started by TightEnd - Last post by moustache
It's an awful precedent to set but it's in the gov't favour, they tax casinos and can't tax us so they want to make sure the house wins! Very manipulative use of the law for the direct benefit of the law makers.

 on: Today at 05:04:32 AM 
Started by tikay - Last post by hhyftrftdr

Archer - will you marry me?

He's mine.

 on: Today at 03:43:55 AM 
Started by pleno1 - Last post by pleno1
With 10 people left there were 7 times the short stack was all in and at risk, every time I was the second shortest stack. If they lost I would make €46,000 if they won I would be favourite to win €0. In none of the times was I anti railing the guy, in fact two clear occasions I really wanted them to win. Davide Kitai in one spot and Adrian in another spot JT v AT and he hit the Jack.

What??? Come on, calling huge BS here! You're on a 43,000 euro bubble and you're sweating Davide Kitai not to bust??


Haha I know right? Weird Cheesy

We ended up swapping some action too

 on: Today at 03:43:07 AM 
Started by pleno1 - Last post by pleno1
Decided to play Sunday online, main event on Monday and skip the 10k

At 1am I messaged my horses that I would be streaming "four huge stacks". I was 2/20 in the warmup, big stack in both 530s and top 10 in the milly.

Quickly lost very big chip lead pot in the milly ak v a9 where he just ripped in 80+bbs over my 3bet Cheesy

Cashed the party 530s and had the big sweat in the warm up. The field was incredible. I lost 5 all is but it didn't really matter, I was able to make a lot of chips from obvious errors from opponents. There was one Swiss whale who was going insanely crazy, 3xn, 3bettinf, limping etx, we were the two big stacks and I passed up one really good spot to bluff jam the river vs him and preserve my stack. It was probably better to jam in a vaccum but with 12 left I was happy to keep my 40bbs or whatever and save them.

Almost instantly I get kings and there's a 10bb rejam and he cold calls, I have KK and click it back, we get it in and he has AA. Was a sad way to go, but really enjoyed my session. Was so fun playing only 6 tables maximum because of table space and moving forward I'm 100% going to cut out the lower buy ins of my schedule and just focus on the bigger and better stuff. I've changed a lot in my game in last 3 weeks, especially working hard in pio on some stuff. It's very difficult to input some stuff regarding pio but I think I've found a method that works well for me to get the best results.

Anyway, today was the main, had an extremely fun table, lots of nice guys and I was playing extremely loose. Made 3/4 big folds and 3/4 big bluffs, my image was definitely absolutely crazy. I have probably 5 noteworthy hands but very tired now. All came to an end when I open AA and overbet turn and bet river big on q22t6ddhhh vs bb.

Sick thing is I got a live read that he had a 2 on the flop, but would have just been too ridic to not bet turn and river. I blocked his Ace highs that could fold the turn vs big bet so definitely couldn't check that street, but in blanking turns I was planning on checking and calling/folding river. Least the reads were on point. Don't think checking river is really an option co vs bb unfortunately.

So busted and came back to room and ran some really interesting spots and then played some 3 handed 5/10 vs some very good players. Have been playing more recently and Doing quite well. I think k the best part of my game is definitely playing exploitative and making big fodls/calls/raises based on player/population reads, but also realise that playing a schedule full of highrollers I need to get my game to a level where I think I'm winning in tough 5/10 line ups. I'll work hard to make sure that happens.

I'm left in bit of s pickle now, the fields here are awfully small, way worse than other stops and there is not much to play until the 10k on Thursday. I could go back to Newcastle for a few days, back to Budapest, maybe straight to Nottingham.. Unsure yet, will see how I feel in the morning when I wake up.

I guess it will be play the 2k, run bad, come on here, moan and then win the Super Tuesday Wink

 on: Today at 02:48:02 AM 
Started by MintTrav - Last post by MintTrav
Just awesome. Mint, are there any clues what he is likely to do next? Most ex-presidents seem to drop off the radar but I wonder if this time it might be different?

The Obamas won't be broke leaving the White House, as some previous Presidents have been. He is known to have received more than $15m from his previous books while he has been in office, and is contracted for at least one more. Bill C got $10m advance for his memoirs twenty years ago, so he should top that. No doubt there will be a Presidential Library.

Obama hasn't made it clear what he'll be doing in the longer term, and may not know himself. He has said that they both intend to spend their lives working to help others, but that could mean anything. He intends to continue working with his charity for young black men and Michelle is going to continue her work for girls' education.

The one project he has announced is working to ungerrymander the State legislatures, Governerships and Congress (which are all tilted in Republicans' favour) to give Democrat candidates a fair shot. It seems he is going to work through the States, which will take a few years and looks like a substantial amount of work and, tbh, I wouldn't have thought it was the best use of his skills/opportunity/contacts. I don't understand why he wouldn't leave that kind of thing to others and spend his time on bigger world issues. I assume he will be drawn into such matters anyway - Hillary has said she is going to use him and he is the first President for almost 100 years to continue living in Washington afterwards.

 Click to see full-size image.

The Obamas' new home

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