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January 20, 2017, 02:10:47 PM

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 on: January 19, 2017, 11:03:12 PM 
Started by zerofive - Last post by muckthenuts
Tried squatting with bare feet today for the first time ever which felt good. My grip is letting me down on deadlifts though, i'm confident i have the strength to lift the weight but my hands won't co-operate which is pretty annoying. One guy at the gym has a theory on this that the barbells we have just don't have much purchase when deadlifting. Given we only have 2 barbells in the whole place maybe he's right. Anyway I need to start hanging off some stuff at the end of my sessions to rectify this.

 on: January 19, 2017, 10:57:19 PM 
Started by Junior Senior - Last post by TheDazzler
Champions League update.
Group A

Team                                  P   W   D   L   Pts   GD   
(.)(.)   david tighe                 4   2   0   2   6   261   
Strike Gould   Alex Goulder    4   2   0   2   6   255   
Premier Lead   Gareth J        4   2   0   2   6   254   
Zlikovci   Damir Rogović        4   2   0   2   6   254   

GW 18                     
(.)(.)   56         Strike Gould   72         
Premier Lead   75         Zlikovci   54         
(.)(.)   61         Premier Lead   49         
Strike Gould   38         Zlikovci   57         
(.)(.)   60         Zlikovci   91         
Strike Gould   76         Premier Lead   51         
Strike Gould   69         (.)(.)   84         
Zlikovci   52         Premier Lead   79         
Premier Lead            (.)(.)            
Zlikovci            Strike Gould            
Zlikovci            (.)(.)            
Premier Lead            Strike Gould            

Group B
Team                                      P   W   D   L   Pts   GD
The Silkworms   Stuart Wright   4   4   0   0   12   249
D2United   Chris Vickers            4   2   0   2   6     210
Dab University   jon Slater         4   1   0   3   3     208
Shiity City   Adam Mason           4   1   0   3   3     192

The Silkworms   63         D2United   60      
Shiity City   61         Dab University   50      
The Silkworms   51         Shiity City   34      
D2United   47         Dab University   43      
The Silkworms   56         Dab University   52      
D2United   56         Shiity City   43      
D2United   47         The Silkworms   79      
Dab University   63         Shiity City   54      
Shiity City            The Silkworms         
Dab University            D2United         
Dab University            The Silkworms         
Shiity City            D2United         

Group C         
Team                                               P   W   D   L   Pts   GD
Saltbat's Saviours   Jack Allen             4   2   1   1   7   221
We don't need Rhodes   Robert Moss   4   2   0   2   6   255
Wamble   Eoghan Lyons                      4   2   0   2   6   223
Morgans Marvels   Callum Morgan       4   1   1   2   4   220
We don't need Rhodes   50         Saltbat's Saviours   52      
Wamble   79         Morgans Marvels   53      
We don't need Rhodes   51         Wamble   37      
Saltbat's Saviours   49         Morgans Marvels   49      
We don't need Rhodes   56         Morgans Marvels   67      
Saltbat's Saviours   55         Wamble   50      
Saltbat's Saviours   65         We don't need Rhodes   98      
Morgans Marvels   51         Wamble   57      
Wamble            We don't need Rhodes         
Morgans Marvels            Saltbat's Saviours         
Morgans Marvels            We don't need Rhodes         
Wamble            Saltbat's Saviours         

Group D
Team                                                       P   W   D   L   Pts   GD
Indian Magpies   Peter Santamaria-Woods   4   3    0   1   9   224
Ironnill   Iron Side                                      4   2    0   2   6   223
nomnomnom   Ollie Noonan                        4   2    0   2   6   213
bizz utd   David Burraway                           4   1    0   3   3   204

Ironnill   61         nomnomnom   37      
bizz utd   37         Indian Magpies   53      
Ironnill   47         bizz utd   49      
nomnomnom   55         Indian Magpies   31      
Ironnill   33         Indian Magpies   57      
nomnomnom   46         bizz utd   45      
nomnomnom   75         Ironnill   82      
Indian Magpies   83         bizz utd   73      
bizz utd            Ironnill         
Indian Magpies            nomnomnom         
Indian Magpies            Ironnill         
bizz utd            nomnomnom         

 on: January 19, 2017, 10:33:09 PM 
Started by The Camel - Last post by PokerBroker
this Coral case is fun isn't it?

the defence about the article saying "rangers were relegated" being that because it was written by a freelance it wasn't the company's view, even though it was published under a coral logo!

 Click to see full-size image.

for those interested there's live reporting on twitter

Due to the nature of fans of the former Govan based team the SFA tried to pedal the myth that they were relegated as well. Mr Kinloch should have called up Stewart Regan.

 on: January 19, 2017, 10:26:12 PM 
Started by tikay - Last post by hhyftrftdr
Thoughts on Stones?

Seems to be getting a lot of flack at the moment, not seen enough city games to judge really.

Started well, better core defensive attributes than I anticipated but  regressed at times into the player not good enough for Everton last year.  Not unduly concerned at the moment -it was a similar pattern with Sterling last year but Sterling  probably in our top 3 players this year.  

Basically this. Can make the odd howler or poor decision but more often than not he looks different gravy. We lack a cohesive defensive unit which probably isn't helping his development; had Kompany been fit for this season then they'd make a dream partnership but alas he's having to put up with various combo's of centre half pairings and rotated full backs. In fact, the only constant at the back so far is Bravo.... Wink

 on: January 19, 2017, 10:20:49 PM 
Started by The Camel - Last post by Cavey007
big wide monmore BAGS tonight.  Racing until 915pm.

Missed the 5-6 RFC in the 2115. Got it in the 2200. At about 9/1. Thanks Arb

 on: January 19, 2017, 10:14:18 PM 
Started by zerofive - Last post by iRaise
Rows felt really good again today, 3 lots at 90.

Even bumped the OHP to 52.5.

 on: January 19, 2017, 09:41:47 PM 
Started by TightEnd - Last post by The Camel
 Click to see full-size image.

I can hardly wait for the Newsnight episode when the cameras go to Sunderland to ask the brexit voters what they think about losing paid holidays, or their missus getting only 4 weeks paid maternity leave.

"It's not fair. I would never have voted to leave the EU if I'd known it meant I wouldn't get any paid leave any more"

Leaving the eu and losing paid holidays if it happened are obviously unrelated. Yr so tabloid with these things

Of course they aren't. The boggle eyed Libertarians who are now in charge will slash workers rights and enviromental standards now there isn't a EU safeguard for these things.

I am surprised you are so naive.

Er.. the same people are in charge as before the referendum. If the Tories go on to slash workers rights (whatever that means) or reduce environmental standards it will be a Tory thing. I'm not naive enough to believe it couldn't happen but I think it is unlikely to.

Anyway, now we've taken back control we can kick out the Tories if they misbehave - that's the way it works now we're a democracy again. We couldn't do that we when we were in the EU

They have no madate to do these things. They were not in the manifesto.

Legally they couldn't do them while we were in the EU. Once we've left, they can do what they want, mandate or no mandate.

Here's Leadsom promising to do to farming and the environment what Fox proposed doing to the workforce

 on: January 19, 2017, 09:39:54 PM 
Started by ZZZZZZZROPE - Last post by Longines
Spin. Happy for you to choose whatever.

 on: January 19, 2017, 09:32:03 PM 
Started by Ironside - Last post by Ironside
hope you laid it off

james refused to dress up in the task today

 on: January 19, 2017, 09:26:37 PM 
Started by TightEnd - Last post by Woodsey
'Corbyn to order Labour MPs to vote for article 50 trigger'

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