Paddy Power Irish Open: Day 1 - At A Glance

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Hello and welcome to the Paddy Power Irish Open blonde live updates.

Play will commence at 4pm Friday.

Morning!  It's half two and the room is already buzzing.  This event is so timed that hordes of players have just migrated from Monte Carlo over here, and even though the ballroom at the Burlington is plenty spacious, they're going to have to squeeze to get all 700 in here. 

PLUS the supersat last night had a ridiculous number of runners, eventually finishing at around 2am, as the many players who already had a seat won some money and those who didn't hoovered up the last remaining seats.  They are now changing hands at a premium, and I feel sorry for those disorganised souls who make the trip this afternoon only to see their chances of playing the PaddyPower Irish Open to be as slight as Snoopy in profile.

Due to start at 4pm - going to check on who's here and who was organised enough to get a seat in advance.

OK, crowd browsing brings you this list, and there are oh-so-many more (being called to take their seats as I write)

Ali Mallu
Dave Colclough
Daniel Smits Bertelsen
Ram Vaswani
Roland de Wolfe
Ryan Fronda
Paul Gourlay
Thomas Fougeron
John Kabbaj
Stuart Nash
Iwan Jones
Cristiano Blanco
Jesse Jones
Thomas Wahlroos
Martino Libertini
Simon Mycock
Paul Zimbler
Philip Yeh
Ian Woodley
Andy Black
Mick Fletcher
Fredrik Hostrup
Carl Hostrup
David McGeachie
Billy Ngo
Azad Pirooti
Peter Smyth
Alan Betson
Rob Yong
John Hewston
Markus Golser
Ian Nelson
Peter Roche
Ville Wahlbeck
Paul Testud
Julian Thew
Fuat Can
Thomas Dunwoodie
Pete Haslam
Jeff Kimber
Mike Sexton
Jim Kerrigan
Colette Murphy
Dave Callaghan
Peter Gould
Ash Hussain
Tony Mackay
Paul Roper
Tim Flanders
Chad Brown
Mick McCool
Pascal Perrault
Willie Tann
Neil Channing
Praz Bansi
Chris Moorman
Rolf Slotboom
BA Kildalen

(Go final two - flying the flag for unnecessary dwelling and Norwegian blogging respectively)

After 11 minutes and 15 seconds, the first player from this year's Irish Open has been eliminated.

And it was a big name too in Carlos Mortensen, all-in with Aces versus Kings, the Spaniard's opponent rivered a flush with his Kc, the board reading Jc 2c 5d 4c 5c.

Quote from: Ironside on April 06, 2007, 04:05:29 PM

is padraig playing this year?

Yep - there were even rumours he'd get in our Media Tourney (seeing as he writes for Cardplayer - we protested on the grounds he was too good) but he looks like he's settled for the Main Event - just starting to comb the room (they've taken off the scrolling Draw List so anyone we haven't already noted is now lost in the giant tournament area)...

So far noted a couple more:

Nicolas Levi
Tim Flanders
Pippa Flanders
Niamh Peters
Tony Chessa
Andreas Hagen
Jeff Kimber
Mickey Wernick
Peter Eichhardt
Paul Jackson
Michael Greco
Mel Judah
Mats Iremark
Barney Boatman

Sharing a table are Karl Mahrenholz, Ali Mallu and Tim Flanders; two Dusk Till Dawners were drawn straight away on the TV table - Carlo Citrone and Richard Ashby.


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