Paddy Power Irish Open: Day 1 - At A Glance

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Yes, I've abandoned wireless ship too now (though it pains me to do it) and gone for the practically cups-on-some-string approach.  Facilities here stretch to one chair per three updaters, half the room has to get power through a complicated system of fourway-to-fourway chain, and no one is online apart from us currently.

Never mind!  The tournament is going wonderfully, an amazingly prompt start, 700 happy players and an interesting mix of international jetsetters and qualifiers.  The room is speckled with PaddyPower T-shirts, in their tasteful black/gold colour scheme (what a good choice, reminds me of ours) which makes it tricky for me as I am terrible at facial recognition of players, and tend to describe Mateys by hair/shirt/amusing accessories. 

I don't know if Ramzi Jelassi knows who his left hand side neighbour is - Shaf in the first level re-raised preflop out of the big blind after there was a raise to 150 called in two spots, getting rid of the opposition, including his much softer-spoker Swedish neighbour.  I wonder how much lairy-ness he'll be able to get away with before people start to wonder about the quality of his raising hands.

A couple of request counts, more after the end of the current 20 minute break:

Brendan McHugh  11,850
Mazhar Nawab      21,500
Dave McGeachie    9,800
Paul Zimbler          35,000

Lucy Rokach is OUT. Jacks v Kings.

Phil Cooklin has enjoyed a good start, with an 18k stack, although he did just run into a spot of bad fortune, betting 300 on a 3c Kc Jc Qh board with 9c Ts, only to be beaten on the 6c River by Ac 8h.

I found a good way of getting easy chip counts was to wait at the bottleneck of the tournament area (from which all players were banished for the break) and shout, "Chipcount?!" as they passed me.  Here's what I gleaned (about to scour the whole room, which may take up to half an hour):

Paul Gourlay     6,000 
Ash Hussain      7,750
Pete Haslam     8,000
Bhupinder Kohli   9,000
Stephen Pearce  28,000
Richard Ashby     15,000
Jim Kerrigan         OUT
Praz Bansi            OUT
Carlo Citrone      9,500  (no hands over two hours on the TV table, except for a 75-nicking KK - now off that table)
Devilfish            14,000
Mickey Finn        8,000
David Poole        11,000
Strummer          12,000
Azad Pirooti        20,000
Chris Smith         8,000
Peter Roche       12,000
Brian Johnston    16,500
John Conroy       10,500  (and thanks to him for providing a good handful of these counts)
Ian Woodley       10,500  ("It's too early; last year I went down to 6k, doubled up, and it went from there...")


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