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Author Topic: Genting Summer Sizzler - Edinburgh 11th to 13th July  (Read 7707 times)
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just one of those days

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« Reply #30 on: July 13, 2014, 11:11:06 AM »

Sorry guys, was not about to do a report yesterday, I promised you flawed logic so here we go....

Bullet 1

Table was pretty good, 1 rock, 3 players who were just bad, 1 pretty good player, and a few who the jury was out on, and errrmmm me....

We dripped chips away making the worst hand, not really playing high variance, will note the key hands.

Hand 1 - Joke Dealing

We call from mid position with  x, flop comes down ssx all low cards, we peel the continuation bet, looking to rep the flush.  Dealer puts down the  before third player gets time to call the original bet.  So we deal out river and it is shuffled back in.  The player calls and she deals the new turn, which is the  again LOL, then after it goes check check I go to bet 1100, I have the chips in my hand, and she exposes the  river, I said I was about to bet, it was clear.  Then the other players say its fine we would have folded.  Now if I get the floor, it probably also gets shuffled back, and my bet can stand, but then whats the odds of me actually making my hand, so I can get the floor, or lock the 2k or whatever pot.  So frustrating as this probably puts my hand face up.  If the hand plays out correctly, they most likely call my turn bet, and then will also likely cry call a river value bet.

Hand 2 - Trips vs flush

We call a min bet from BB with 67, flop comes down 368 cc, we call the continuation bet as does the good player, turn is a 6, original raiser checks, good player bets, we call for pot control with the plan of raising river bet on a non club river, as we have position.  We get the club river and sigh call river biggish river bet to Ace flush.  I think I should fold here, I am repping flush probably and he leads big, although as it was a house board, seemed a bit odd.

Hand 3 - Slow Roll

We get slow rolled on a JJQQx board, we call AK pre from SB as out of position, we call the continuation bet on jjq, probably can just fold here on reflection.  He checks the Q turn, we check back and he leads for 1700 or something on river, looked like a split pot so we call, and he shows ace, pauses then shows queen, well played sir...guy next to me said "is he your friend" assuming it was banter between pals, and I said never met the guy, he seems great ha ha

At this point we have about 11000 at like 300/150/25

Hand 4 - Double

UTG raises to like 700, Button calls, we make it 1700 with KK, Original raiser folds, Button asks what we got left, not noticing the insane strength of my 3b from SB out of narrow stack and shoves, we insta call and hold versus AK to be back up to 24k

Hand 5 - Spewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Last hand before break 2, which is the last reenter point.  BB is terrible, he is 6xing pre, generally seems to want to be playing well but doing everything just horribly.  We get like 5 limpers (love Edinburgh) I have  in SB, I make it up, not going to squeeze out of position, now BB makes it 6000, we have 24,000, now I think to myself, he probably assumes he should squeeze here, he has won a few pots and has his swag on, now he is never doing this with hands that crush us, I am thinking low pairs, and some broadway hands.  So take the very high variance line of sticking it in his eye.  Unfortunately he has JJ and we do not get the "justice" queen.

Now I decided this was way to high variance a line to be taking with other peoples money.  So we ask the boss for permission to rebuy, can't be bothered going to bank so try and spin the £30 in our pocket into £160, we do it with style, red, low, high and we are back in. As mentioned, I decided investors wont get charged unless we make day 2 for the reasons mentioned above.  Not sure your views on this line, but he was really bad, it made sense in my head.

Bullet 2

We get a shit table, and then it breaks after 1 hand, we fold A10 to a 3b as we dont know player and we dont want to bust twice in 10 minutes!  We then get moved back to our old table, 1 seat to the right of where we are.  Now this is ideal with the spew still in peoples mind, we like this, dynamic change slightly as aggro local has joined and young kid from Dundee who is borderline maniac, also pro local with a bowl.

Key Hand 1 - Sigh

We have been winning a lot of small pots, continuing every hand and getting folds.  BB in this hand is good local, he has looked more and more frustrated with the lack of resistance, we notice this.  We open K10 from late position, call from SB and BB.  We continue on a K93 board, and he check raises, now board is double spaded.  I fancy he can have a big draw here, maybe 33, or perhaps K9.  We call to assess.  He continues on the blank turn, we call.  Now river is A, he looks a bit nervous, probably AK is a possibility, but bets pretty big.  I can tell he is not loving life, do not think he liked the ace, now I think he can either have K9 or the bust draw.  The bet is like 10k, which is not a value bet, it is fairly chunky.  We tank, the ace means nothing to me, I am left between K9 and bust draw.  Now we only have 14k back so we cannot get him off K9, if we had more we could have heavily repped the  AK, he is good enough to fold for stacks I believe as played.  We decide to call, as we still have enough to get back.  He does indeed have the K9, not hating my train of thought, should maybe fold turn, but after calling, I think I have to call the river as he can have a Q10 J10 ss here, he did very similar in the AQ hand, getting aggressive with a draw.

Key Hand 2 - Shovity shove

We have about 16k, we see an open to 2000, and a caller, we have a broadway hand (I forget which one, wasnt great), now with the stacks, I think we can get a shove through here a lot, we shove, and both fold.  So we are back up to about 20k.

Key Hand 3 - *&**(*&&&*&^&&&&)"^^$**£

We open A10 from late position, player to our left shove for about 16k, now I know this guy pretty well and he will shove this very wide as I cannot call much of my range with stacks.  We are pretty sure we are in good shape, praying for A9, we think call and up against KQ of hearts.  We hate the 668 hh board, and hate the K turn more,  we have the Ace of hearts, so a heart turn would be greater appreciated!  Anyways no ace river.  We shove the fumes with K5 two hands later, antes are 100 and we only have 3k ish so I am not really for waiting long here, BB in 2 hands and we lose to 77, maybe can wait one more hand but I was pretty much done.  KQ ends the day 5th in chips and we are home Sad

Thanks for the chance, edging towards the shit rather than due now!!!!!
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