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Quote from: Tal on July 31, 2013, 09:10:15 AM

Like Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw, there are hundreds of attributed quotes to Sir Winston Churchill and we'll never know whether half of them are accurate or fictitious. Part of the charm for me is that they are plausible; that they align with the character we have in our minds when we think of him.

Your mention of political indiscretion reminded me of one such attribution.

As PM, Winston was reportedly awoken to be told that one of his MPs had been found in a compromising position and a state of some undress in St James' Park with a guardsman. He thought for a moment.

"Last night?"
"Yes, Prime Minister"
"Awfully cold last night?"
"Er..yes, Prime Minister"
"Makes you proud to be British"

As an aside, there was a telegram exchange between two of the quotables I've mentioned above.

Pygmalion was about to have its premiere at HM Theatre in 1913 and the following exchange took place:

George Bernard Shaw

Winston Churchill

So so good Mr Chess Bloke, so so good. LOVE that sort of stuff.

You'll start me off...

There goes a story that one of the great chess masters, Max Euwe - World Champion in the mid-1930s, you will doubtless recall from my piece on him in Chess Thread ;) - was minding his own business on a train when a chap approached him. The chap had noticed that the Dutchman was fiddling about with a pocket chess set and asked whether he fancied a game.

Euwe agreed and beat him a few times over.

Exasperated, the chap declared "You must be some player! I've never lost that many consecutive games before. In my club back home, they call me 'Little Euwe'".


The deafening silence about my Omaha Adventure last night tells its own tale, but I must fill in the blanks, if for no other reason that to fulfil my monthly "talking about poker" quota.

I went ignomoniously busto.

Thats it.

Sometimes, no matter what you do, it aint gonna be your night. Last night was that night. Don't regret a minute of it, or the £110 it cost to enter (well £120 actually), or the one hour drive each way. This is the great fascination & beauty of poker. It don't always work out well, & we sure as hell need to accept that or we'll neveer get full enjoyment from it. And last night was the best fun ever. (May be a slight exagg).

I think I won exactly three hands all night.

I flopped the absolute nuts three times, & failed to hold every time.

I flopped two monster draws, & failed to get.

I had A-8-K-Q dd & saw a flop of J-8-8 dd. I bet the flop. Call. I bet the turn. Call. It was only when we reached the river that I clicked that Matey Boy actually DID have J-J. I felt so damn daft. 

I paid the £110 Entry Free with 6 x £20 notes. Annoyingly - this really bugs me - they gave me change with two x £5 chips. I knew immediately I would put them in my lucy & forget them. Got home, emptied my pockets. Bingo, there they were. Damn damn damn. That should be illegal, giving change in chips. Luton do it, too.

I had left my phone in my car. When I returned to it, post busto, there was a text message from a good mate. "Can I buy some of your action in tonight's Omaha, mate?". Marv.

Flushy busted me, predictably. It was so com that I laughed all the way home. No, I really did.

The coup went like this.

I was down to 6 Bigs, & Flushy was two to my left, so I can guarantee Flushy will give me a spin with any four when I make my move. Which is EXACTLY what I want.

I Raise, Flushy iso's, I call, orf we go.

On their backs.

I have K-Q-J-9.

Flushy has....


LIKE. I'm not in bad shape then.

Flushy says "any fives in that deck?" The 10, of course would likely be a bad card for him.

Here comes the floppy-woppy.   




That's OK.


Lovely. His two pair options are toast.  I am 88% - 12% to win now.

Turn was an innocent looking (well it was to me) 7.

Now I'm 90%- 10% to win.

"Ship me an 8" says His Flushyness.
Slotter alert incoming.


Arguably, the night's highlight was the arrival of Paul Parker to my table. If you ever tire of sharing a table with Paul give up poker. Fact. He dissects EVERY hand with great hilarity.

I have not seen Paul for nearly 3 years, last time was at McCarron Airport in 2010 I think. Seems he has been off the scene for a bit, but he's cool now.

He had been to football with Flushy & co, & was dressed incred.

He told me he reads this Diary every single day. I raised. "Never seen your name there Paul". But apparently he does not log in, so reads as a "Guest". I tested him with a few questions. He passed. Reads it every bloody day, says he "came to Vegas with me via this Diary". Lovely.  

I could kick myself for not having my camera to hand.

He was dressed in....

Purple mountain boot things.

Loud check, Egyptian cotton , trousers.

A red pacamac thing.

Blue & white Brighton FC scarf.

All topped off with a straw pork pie hat affair.  

Now THAT is crucial apparel.

Here is THE MAN in yester years. He looks even better now.

Morning Paul.

Sharing tables with the likes of Paul Parker is why I play Liver Poker, & my £110 £120 was not entirely wasted.

I've not seen Paul for a few years now either, I'm glad to hear he's okay.

Hi Paul.  :hello:


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