Paddy Power Irish Open: Day 1 - At A Glance

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Brian O'Keefe   24,600
Martin Rowland  11,825
Andrio Timotin  7,200
Wai Kwan Yuen  11,250
Ivar Borthen      41,500
John Wong       21,900
Thomas Dunwoodie  4,750
James English     25,500
Gary Byrne         8,650
Kevin Fitzpatrick  19,000
James Hart         25,500
Gunther Koch     11,100
Dohnmall MacAbaird   85,000  (seat 10, as he was, was hiding his place card, so forgive me if I've just mis-cited a chip leader)

When you have 708 starters and players dropping like Flemmings, you're bound to miss a fair few departures, which is why I often undertake a journey over to the cash/STT games to player spot.

On my last outing, I saw the following players mixing it up on the sidegames, so that pretty much bitten the dust in the Main Event.

Richard Toth
Mats Iremark
Willie Tann
Thomas Wahlroos
John Magill
Andreas Hoivold
Mohammed Shafiq
Paul Kristoffersen
Dave Gregory
Ramzi Jelassi
Rob Taylor
Matt Tyler
Dave Colclough
Robert Binelli
Barny Boatman

Big pot makes new chip leader (probably - Roland de Wolfe has a pretty big stack - 90k at a glance):

Threeway all-in on a K-J-T rainbow flop.
vs. David Benyamine's J-J
vs. This guy Metin Antar (pictured)'s A-Q for the flopped straight, which held up as tiny blanks hit the turn and river.

100k in the 100k in his stack

Chris Moorman is now on a massive 71,500 and a real threat to this year's Irish Open.

Raising pre-flop with A-6s, Chris was called and saw a T-9-7 Flop.

Chris bet again, but when called, managed to his an 8 on the Turn for the idiot end of the straight.

Mateyboy pushed all-in with K-Q, and Chris correctly picked off the bluff.

Nice guy Len Collins is running similalry well with 70,050, and his hand, although rather more clinical, also involved a raggy Ace.

Raising pre-flop with A-7s, Len was called in the big blind.

"I was just trying to nick the blinds," said Len, "and when he called I was looking to give it up if I missed, but I managed to flop a flush draw so bet out 4k. He raised it to 8k and I called, only to see the Flush hit the Turn. I checked, he bet 10k and I moved all-in for 23k, albeit with an Oscar winning performance to ensure I got that extra 13k. He turned over 5-3 suited for a smaller flush and I pretty much doubled up."

Andy Black and Teddy Sheringham, the latter chatting up the merchandise girls with Michael Greco, have both been spotted on the rail, so it looks like they bit the dust a while back.


Brendan McHugh is OUT.

All-in with 4c 4s, Brendan was up against Ks Qc and was looking good until the Turn brought the Kd.


Paul Gourlay is now one of your chip leaders with 111k after finding Aces and seeing Jacks and then Tens raise before him.


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