Paddy Power Irish Open: Day 1 - At A Glance

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Bhupinder Kohli is the winner of the Climber of the Day prize for this story:

In the second or third level, with 9k against Elvis with a little less, he got it all in with just three raises (him under the gun to 700, small blind raise to 2.5k, him all-in, call).  He held Ks Kh against Qc Qs... The board came T-J-2-8-9 and he was down to just 900.  Straight away his table was broken and he found himself all-in with A-5 against A-J which he promptly outdrew and never looked back.  "I won every hand I played after that until I got up to 30k."  Trophy for Kohli!


Phil Starrs is OUT, all-in pre-flop, Aspades Qh vs. Ac Kh, 6h Tc 7d 9h 9c board.


Ryan Fronda is OUT.

Ran his shortstacked A-Q into Simon Child's American Airlines (Terry MrDaid folded Jacks).

Harmless board:

3d 2h 3c Ks Ad

The tannoy-ed voice of Liam Flood comes into the pressroom at the kind of decibel level which ordinarily counts as antisocial behaviour and would get a formal warning from Environmental we are in no doubt that "THIS IS THE LAST HAND THAT WILL BE DEALT TONIGHT.  YOU MUST DO THE CHIP RACE FOR THE PONY CHIPS.  WOULD ALL BLOGGERS PLEASE VACATE..." at this point my left eardrum burst and I had to start packing up.


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