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Author Topic: Postflop bad choice?  (Read 2738 times)
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« on: November 06, 2010, 03:10:10 AM »

OK, so in thinking about it, I probably cocked up preflop, but does that negate the post flop action, or does it make the decision more important.

I've not played much for ages, and have always been pretty crap, but I actually felt quite comfortable at this point.

On Mansion.  a $2 MTT re buy.  During the re buy I was lively, but since the break I've been tight - played only one hand.  I was on the button with  , I had 10xBB, it was folded round to me, so I pushed.  BB had  three diamonds and I hit on the river.  Since the break the table has been playing generally tight, with people happy to fold to a preflop raise ( unlike during the re buy ).

10 seater table

I'm in seat 5 for this hand.

Blinds 800/1600 with 160 ante.

SB is playing well and has a big stack
BB is loose and has a similar stack to me

Player to my left has been playing well, but has recently taken a hit
Player in CO is probably the best player on the table.
Both have me covered.

I have 19,000 chips.

I get dealt 

It's passed to me, I raise to 4,800

It folds round to the BB who flat calls.


BB instapushes.

I'd have put him down for a preflop push with an Ace, or a pair.  So either he's hit his mid pair or he's playing a stop and go on me.  Because of the speed of the push, I have it down as a premeditated move and suspect the latter, so after taking the clock down I call.

Poor thinking?  What do you reckon? I know you guys think on several levels more than me, so , if possible, can I get a view of the proper way to think about this, but also maybe a may I could think about it, given my lower skill set ATM.  IE should I just make a standard push or fold preflop, until my thinking gets better.  Or maybe always fold postflop in similar circumstances?


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« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2010, 04:04:50 AM »

yer, the raise pre is pretty horrible for a few reasons. A, it is 3x the BB, when you could be raising somewhere between 2x-2.5x and it would get exactly the same job done by commiting less chips (especially as you say the table is tight and raises are getting thru easily) B, seat 5 is pretty much middle position, and with a very poor hand 6 7off, we have a lot of players to act behind us which means a few chances of a player having a good hand to jam on us and we have to fold C, Raising out of a 12bb stack isnt very good for us, we are putting in such a high % of our stack preflop, when we would have to fold to a shove etc and if we get flatted, we have an awkward stack size to play post flop, baring in mind our hand doesnt play great postflop. We also have no showdown value if we miss (ie we can never check down 7 high and be good) meaning that we always have to C-bet, which would mean basically putting in our whole stack with 7 high.

Anyway, i guess you wanted postflop analysis.

You say table has been pretty tight, which kinda means players arnt likely to be bluffing if they are playing tight.

Even some of the hands he is bluffing with he may actualy have you beat (if he has spazzed with 89 1010 jj or even Ax) also, the hands he may be semi bluffing with up and downs with overs, gutshots with overs etc still have decent equity vs your bottom pair, so its not as if we would be getting it in here with oppo close to drawing dead (although with 9bb stack you'd be over the moon to get it in with those odds)

So, i guess i would fold pre

And fold the flop. Although i just realised we are getting decent odds to call on the flop, but i still fold with stack size left that is capable of jamming with fold equity on quite a tight table.
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« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2010, 06:32:44 AM »

definitely fold this junk pre from this position. we cannot afford to lose any chips from our stack this shallow, and the steal is too expensive when it goes wrong.

with this size stack look for hands that you can shove all in with to steal the pot BUT have enough equity when called too; hands like pairs, suited aces, broadways and high suited connectors. when you have less players to get through (ie when in the sb or on the button) you can widen your shoving range.

Christopher Brammer
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« Reply #3 on: August 30, 2011, 08:07:32 PM »

back to basics   Smiley

wtf fraser?! digging through the archives?

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