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Author Topic: Stuart "easypickings" Rutter : In the well  (Read 81810 times)
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« Reply #180 on: November 19, 2013, 11:37:33 PM »

Hi again Stu,

have you ever found balancing poker with other things in life difficult?

What was the weirdest thing you've ever witnessed at the table?

1) Not so much really, but I think it's probably taken lucky circumstances and a bit of care to make it fit. It actually fitted a hole, that was left by having to stop what I previously spend loads of time doing. I used to do all kind of sports and spent loads of time doing athletics at university, but had to stop due to some wierd fatigue problem. I'd basically tired myself out, I had run a couple of marathons as well, and do this day just can't really can't do anything at all without getting completely knackered. So, it came along at exactly the right time to give me something to do, and satisfy that competitive instinct!

Now, of course, it has become much more than a hobby!  It just about fits time wise, as long as I'm always to get myself off the internet when I need to. Apart from the late nights, one slight problem with live poker is having to spend alot of time away from home. My girlfriend works hard all week and, like a normal person, has her spare time at the weekend. So, it's a bit of a blow when the tournaments eat into the weekend so much. She's great at being understanding, but I imagine I might have to cut a bit out in a few years time!

2) Definitely the wierdest thing was on the bubble of one of the WSOP events in Vegas. An old American guy not only passed aces to an all-in before the flop, but proudly showing it and saying how many times he had seen them outdrawn! He then looked a bit surprised five minutes later when he made a normal raise and someone decided to re-pop him!

Wierd things that happen just away from the table all have one thing is common. They all involve Matt Dale. I remember being at the bar at Bolton casino with him when we had both busted out early. A couple of pints is alot for Matt, and so the drunken banter was flowing loudly, mainly about plans for chatting up girls. Nobody around us minded at all, but one of the locals picked up from Matt's hilarious accent that he might not be from these parts, and kindly gave him a warning. Bolton is not the prettiest of places, and so we listened carefully when this guy pointed out "See the girls over there, avoid going near them mate,  the two guys with them are drug dealers." It seemed pretty sound advice, these guys were about 6'6 in all directions.

Matt is a great polite lad, and so thanked them, and seemed to have understood the advice. The problem is that a couple more pints can change alot for Matt, and he soon found himself plaiyng roulette. He found himself next to a couple of pretty girls, and so naturally started chatting them up in the way only he can. They seemed to be near two fairly big guys, but Matt was too busy splashing his chips around for this to ring any bells. In fact, he loves a bit of banter, and if the guys put £2 on a number, Matt would overshadow slightly by putting £100 or so of his own on the same number.

I could hear four letter mutterings already; the drug dealers somehow didn't seem too happy that someone was chatting up their girls and taking the mickey out of their bets. I overheard one worrying plan, which was to pretend to invite him back to a party, so that they could "do him over."

 The girls seemed more ambivalent themselves, and maybe mthere was still chance for Matt to recover it. I was sketching out slightly as one of ther girls asked him "Here yaaaaaaa, which do you think is better, Bolton or Wigan?" Matt thought for a couple of seconds, but had a stroke of genius. He managed to remember the name of the town he was in, and proudly said, "Ah, Bolton is much better, Wigan is absolutely SHIT."

"Ah, that's funny, cus we're from down the road in Wigan." Such a shame that it had to end, but I had Matt with me in a taxi back within about 30 seconds!

Haha bump. Every time you tell me this story it cracks me up.

Stu I have had some of the most amazing times with you at poker events. Pretty much all my crazy poker stories involve you.

I have most definitely never seen someone down a pint faster than you can. Even on t'internet.

stato_1 said, "banoffee pie i reckon"
stato_1 said, "this is delicious"
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