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Author Topic: Neil Blatchly Scandal  (Read 52493 times)
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« on: June 20, 2010, 10:51:04 PM »

Ok, my post is going to be too long to do. So I'm going to split it up. The first part will go here but also in a new thread for the ease of any readers available here: Be warned it is long and although I have checked and double checked everything, there may still be some errors for which I apologise in advance. I'm working on the rest of the spreadsheet and I hope to have the rest up later tonight. This part will cover everything from the start of the staking until the 14th January, the second part will have everything else.

1) Neil Blatchly ( blondepoker regular, well-thought of and popular member starts a thread hoping to encourage investments on Betfair ( planning to trade on football matches. He claims he will not charge a penny but gain experience for the future. By the 12th August 2009 (10 days after his initial post) he manages to create a roll of £3,250 with 14 investors in time for the start of the Premier League.

2) His first trade is on the Chelsea/Hulll game ( - this is shown as correct on the spreadsheet as a roughly £41 profit. His next result, the Man United match against Birmingham he calls a £42.34 every result. ( Spreadsheet shows it as £45.27

3) Blatch has a good start and referring to spreadsheet, everything appears to have been above board. New investors come in seeing as Blatch has done quite well so far.

4) Early on (28th August) Blatch claims to have made £76 on the Barcelona/Shakhtar game, however the spreadsheet has this down as a £427 loss. ( He says the Man Utd game "could be a tough one", which seems like an odd thing to say (if it's tough why bet on it?) seemingly preparing us all for the loss so his image will not be hurt too bad. He then manages to make £974.16 on the Man Utd/Arsenal game (according to the spreadsheet) but then claims to have only made around £400 and calls it a "one off" ( Note that £974-£427 comes closer to £550 and even accounting for the £76 still seems away from the "around £400" mark that Blatch gives. His next match is Portsmouth/Man City where he claims he makes £99. ( Spreadsheet has it as a £59 profit. Similar thing happens with the England/Slovenia game ( He claims £124 profit, spreadsheet comes to £580 profit.

5) 7th September 2009, Blatch says he has now 22 different investors. (

6) Blatch claims a small profit from the Villa/Birmingham game of £22 on the 13th September. ( No such bet exists on the spreadsheet although it is possible he made it on his own account and began confusing (deliberately or not) the two. However, he does make a huge bet with no lay on the Stoke/Chelsea match as shown below which he wins. This bet is never declared in the thread.

10-Sep-2009 00:00:00   10-Sep-2009 10:53:00      Settled      United kingdom   8886346410   100777364   Soccer      Fixtures 12 September / Stoke v Chelsea      Fixtures 12 September / Stoke v Chelsea; Match Odds   Chelsea   Back   GBP      United kingdom      2,161.91      1.43   1.43   929.62

7) 15th September, Blatch lumps on the Chelsea/Porto Champions League game. He declares a profit of around £169 ( Spreadsheet said the actual profit is £1,132.14. Also, Blatch lays off the bet about 5 minutes or so after the game has started, something he declared he would never as he does not want to bet in-running. 16th September shows something similar, Blatch claims a profit of £46 from the Arsenal/Standard game. ( In reality, he makes £1,823.91 according to the spreadsheet. £860 of this comes from backing Arsenal after they go 2-0 down @ 3.6 for £500 and then laying Arsenal @ 1.11 and 1.10 for £3k and £1.1k respectively at half time. Arsenal win 3-2. A couple of days later, Blatch posts a £302 profit for the Everton/AEK Athens game. Spreadsheet profit is £370.

Cool Does not post the fact he has money tied up in the West Ham/Liverpool game where the profit is £832.29, this remains unknown to investors. Instead he points out the Chelsea/Spurs game where he makes £304.87 ( - for the first time in ages, the spreadsheet agrees.

9) September 21st. Blatch claims the current balance is £8.6k. ( The current profit alone by this point on the spreadsheet is £6,641.72, the investment by this point is most likely a similar figure. ( and ( show that the amount invested by this point was at least £5,980 by this point. This means the minimum gone missing already was over £4,000

10) Leeds/Liverpool post: ( - Spreadsheet correlates this as correct.

11) Fails to mention making £323.38 from trading the Man City/Fulham game on the 23rd September, however claims to make £176 on the Everton/Portsmouth game ( In fact, several trades on this game on the spreadsheet have him making £520.27 profit. He then claims to "nick a few pennies on the Arsenal/Fulham game making £121.90 ( - On the spreadsheet he made £343.38. There is no mention of the fact he made £43.15 from trading Wigan/Chelsea or £69.92 from the Sunderland/Wolves match (these were on the 26th and 27th September respectively). The Man City/West Ham game reports profits of £437 ( - The spreadsheet reports profits of £1,449.89

12) 29th September. Blatch talks about betting on the Liverpool game (against Fiorentina) and says, "I didnt trust myself today and bottle doing the Liverpool game but deep down knew they would drift.  They went from evens to 2.3 and back in to 2.2, could have made a nice sum." ( In fact, the spreadsheet says he had already bet £3,000 @ 2.00 on Liverpool to win that morning before laying them for £2,200 at 2.2 just under an hour before kick-off and bizarrely laying £8 @ 46's 25 minutes into the game... He drops £792 as a result when Liverpool don't win. Needless to say, he did not mention this bet or the fact he loses £4,168.44 when Inter Milan fail to beat Rubin Kazan the same night. He also loses £4,000 when he backs Sheffield Utd against Ipswich and a further £2,391.87 the next night when Newcastle fail to beat QPR at home. None of these bets are shown to be laid off and lose over the two nights is a staggering £11,352.31. He had made £9711.71 so far however which means he has only £1,640.60 less than what the investors have put in. Obviously he does not mention any of this. Meanwhile everyone on the thread is talking about how the Everton vs Bate game is a perfect one to trade on. People are very excited that Blatch can pull out a big result but he posts that he only made £272 from the game. ( The reality? He stopped trading on the account until the 18th October after the debacle of losing over £11,000 in two nights, he never bet on the game.

13) Blatch claims to have bet on the Man United/Sunderland match and made £123 on the 3rd October ( It never happened in the spreadsheet. He then has no bets over the two weeks following, finally coming back with the Wigan Man City match for a £72 profit which corresponds with the spreadsheet. (

14) From ( onwards, Blatch talks about getting a little on the CSKA Moscow/Man Utd match and making £108 profit. The truth is he tried to lay Man Utd and the bet never got put on as shown below.

19-Oct-2009 00:00:00         Cancelled      United kingdom   9227859712   100876579   Soccer      Fixtures 21 October   / CSKA Moscow v Man Utd      Fixtures 21 October / CSKA Moscow v Man Utd; Match Odds   Man Utd   Lay   GBP      United kingdom      1,640.00      2.26      

The page before he had said the money was tied up in the Chelsea/Madrid game, but Blatch had also managed to lose £268.98 in the Liverpool/Lyon match. Blatch claimed to have traded a £203 profit on the Chelsea game (, but in fact he had only made £32.82.

15) After these bets in 14) there are no records of any bets from that date (21st October) until the 16th December. He still posts results like this ( that never happened on the spreadsheet.

16) By 22nd October Blatch claims the initial investors have put in around £11,000. ( and that the running total is "around £17k" ( Investors are continuing to come in unaware of what is actually going on. The general good faith in Blatch plus the enthusiasm of the investors draws everyone in.

17) More matches where Blatch claims profit that simply do not exist in the spreadsheet. ( (

18) Finally, Blatch posts his "first" ever loss. ( Again this did not exist in the spreadsheet. Neither did these: ( ( ( ( ( Also, proof that Rookie is miles ahead of everyone. (

19) December 8th. Blatch claims the investment is now worth 270%. "I would have to re check all figures and work it out but off top of my head I think its around 270% now." ( I've noticed a lot of this, whenever people asked about the investment Blatch pulls up a random figure but then always says he would need to check it for sure.

20) Some prophetic words from Blatch with another result that doesn't appear on the spreadsheet. (

21) 16th December, Blatch starts trading again with Burnley vs Arsenal. He backs and lays as usual but then lays Arsenal for loads more @ 1.2 after they go a goal up. Burnley equalize and Blatch continues to lay Arsenal including a bet of £1,070 @ 1.87 during halftime when it's 1-1. The match finishes as a draw, had he not made this lay at half-time his profit would've been just 79p. Instead he makes £1,070.79. Needless to say, the investors are not told. Remember he always said he would not trade in-running.

16-Dec-2009 00:00:00   16-Dec-2009 20:34:26      Settled      United kingdom   9690599418   101002364   Soccer      Fixtures 16 December / Burnley v Arsenal      Fixtures 16 December / Burnley v Arsenal; Match Odds   Arsenal   Lay   GBP      United kingdom      1,070.00      1.87   1.87   1,070.00

22) The first piece of truth that is backed up by the spreadsheet in a long time, the Everton/Bate rematch for a profit of £739.33 (

23) It's a good Christmas for Blatchly. He picks up £12,500 of new investment. ( and on Boxing Day says, "The Chelski game is looking good for today". He has put everything on this game, but drops £20,432.25 backing Chelsea @ 1.60 and 1.61. He tries to layoff as much as he can 45 minutes before kick-off between 1.54 and 1.59 but can only layoff just less than £2,400. How does he break the news to the investors? "Made a bit of a balls up today. Should have had around 800 all round but got greedy and price drifted from 1.55 to 1.59 near kick off." (

24) On the 27th Dec. Blatch says, "Didnt do anything today as I tied all the money up in the Chelski game vs Fulham tomorrow. ( This wasn't true as he had been trading the Arsenal/Villa game, losing £135.29 in the process. He keeps trying to get more funds from James "Flushy" Dempsey, asking him twice to invest: ( and (

25) Blatch posts an outright lie for the Spurs/West Ham game declaring a round £500 profit. ( In fact, he laid the crap out of Spurs for a £7,199.98 loss. The Chelsea/Fulham result from 24) never shows up on the thread, why? Probably because he made a loss of 6p. Next result is Liverpool/Villa which he claims as a £582.81 traded profit. ( The truth is that it was a £782.81 profit, £200 more. He also nets £192.40 from the Portsmouth/Arsenal game on the 30th December, this is mentioned here: (

26) No sir, stealing from your friends is. (

27) Bobby1 (a very smart and respected poster for those who don't know him) makes a good point here but Blatch manages to fob him off. (

28) January 5th 2010, Blatch claims he has had a bet cancelled for Villa vs Blackburn. ( There is no evidence of this on the spreadsheet. He does make a bet on Arsenal vs Everton which goes unmentioned but can only manage a £1.52 profit.

08-Jan-2010 00:00:00   08-Jan-2010 21:29:55      Settled      United kingdom   9825551673   101040418   Soccer      Fixtures 09 January   / Arsenal v Everton      Fixtures 09 January / Arsenal v Everton; Match Odds   Arsenal   Back   GBP      United kingdom      5,868.48      1.42   1.42   -5,868.48
09-Jan-2010 00:00:00   09-Jan-2010 14:57:23      Settled      United kingdom   9829440719   101040418   Soccer      Fixtures 09 January   / Arsenal v Everton      Fixtures 09 January / Arsenal v Everton; Match Odds   Arsenal   Lay   GBP      United kingdom      5,870.00      1.40   1.40   5,870.00

29) Back in to the world of punting for Blatch on the 14th January in the Stoke/Liverpool game. He backed Stoke for thousands @ 4's and 4.1 and then laid off Liverpool too for anything between 2.20 and 2.28. Blatch got lucky with the match, Stoke scored an injury time equaliser and he would've lost huge (even by his standards) if Liverpool had won. Instead, he managed to net a profit of £22,088.65. The revelation later that he overslept and lost almost everything because of this game is probably half-true, his last bet on the game was made at 3.25am the night before. He could have overslept and had actually was planning to lay it all off before the match started. But as it turns out, oversleeping worked in his favour. With so many lies, it's hard to know what is fact and what is fiction.

30) 13th/14th Jan, Blatch uses the account to bet on the Womens' Tennis event @ the Medibank International Sydney, one of the tournaments before the Australian Open. He bets on three games using thousands of pounds to make a profit of £317.69 of which he tells no-one.
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« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2010, 08:27:48 AM »

Here is the other part of what I found looking into the spreadsheet. Once again, apologies for any possible errors, spelling or numerical, I have double-checked everything but still it might not be enough. There are many major points that need answering.

31)No mention of the £162.75 profit made from trading Everton/Man City on the 16th January, but occasionally, he does post the complete truth such as this £2,365.07 profit from the Villa/West Ham game. ( However he does not mention the fact he traded on the game in-running on both goals (under 1.5 making £1.37) and also the draw (making £74.17)

32)Blatch makes no mention of his bet on the Bolton/Arsenal game. He nets £939.95 on this and then an additional £108.31 betting the number of goals. Meanwhile he now claims to have a bankroll for the account of £52,000 ( This strikes me as odd because at the same time he starts lumping lots of money on snooker too. Mere pennies compared to the size of the account, but why?

17-Jan-2010 00:00:00   17-Jan-2010 15:45:43      Settled      United kingdom   9891701562   101071828   Snooker      OSullivan v Selby / Frame Betting      OSullivan v Selby / Frame Betting; Frame 05   Ronnie O Sullivan   Back   GBP      United kingdom      398.00      1.03   1.03   11.94
17-Jan-2010 00:00:00   17-Jan-2010 15:45:44      Settled      United kingdom   9891701562   101071828   Snooker      OSullivan v Selby / Frame Betting      OSullivan v Selby / Frame Betting; Frame 05   Ronnie O Sullivan   Back   GBP      United kingdom      28.00      1.03   1.03   0.84
17-Jan-2010 00:00:00         Cancelled      United kingdom   9891701562   101071828   Snooker      OSullivan v Selby / Frame Betting      OSullivan v Selby / Frame Betting; Frame 05   Ronnie O Sullivan   Back   GBP      United kingdom      474.00      1.03     

33)17th January, Blatch branches out to golf now, betting loads on the Sony Open, specifically Group B, needless to say it's all kept silent. He nets £1371.83, mainly from the below bet:

18-Jan-2010 00:00:00   18-Jan-2010 02:25:19      Settled      United kingdom   9895662878   101056901   Golf      Group B / Sony Open      Group B / Sony Open; Winner   Ryan Palmer   Back   GBP      United kingdom      1,500.00      1.68   1.68   1,020.00

34)Blatch posts a £3,072 profit ( The spreadsheet backs this up. What Blatch doesn't mention is that he was trading in-running on the Newcastle/West Brom game, risking large sums on the draw towards the end of the game. He makes a profit of £122.23 – this is not mentioned, obviously.

35) Two incredibly dodgy bets see £10,000 disappear out of the account.

21-Jan-2010 00:00:00   21-Jan-2010 04:34:32      Settled      United kingdom   9917159832   100985540   Cricket      Bangladesh v India / Bangladesh v India - 1st Test      Bangladesh v India / Bangladesh v India - 1st Test; Bangladesh Score 50 - 2nd Inns   Raqibul Hasan   Back   GBP      United kingdom      5,000.00      1.01   1.01   -5,000.00
21-Jan-2010 00:00:00   21-Jan-2010 10:13:57      Settled      United kingdom   9917624109   101072572   Golf      Group B / Abu Dhabi Champs      Group B / Abu Dhabi Champs; 1st Round Leader   Niclas Fasth   Back   GBP      United kingdom      5,000.00      1.01   1.01   -5,000.00

36)January 20th – Blatch claims a £73,000 BR (

37) A “gutted” Blatch says he only made a profit of £360 on the Chelsea/Preston game ( The spreadsheet counts it as £657.52. The next day, he makes a £3,070 profit in the Arsenal/Stoke game ( though the spreadsheet says just £3,001.43. (I counted this several times).

38)Blatch makes a £322.13 profit trading from the 27th Jan, Blackburn/Wigan game. Again, it is not mentioned on the thread. Blatch also lumps on the Chelsea/Birmingham game backing Chelsea @ 1.27. He then lays off @ 1.1 after 10 minutes into the game when Chelsea are 1-0 up. He makes £2,730.50 from this, again unreported.

39)29th January, Blatch makes numerous Horse Racing bets at lots of different meetings that day. He makes £248.10 unreportered.

40)Blatch confesses to a large loss of £7676.91in the Man Utd/Arsenal game ( Spreadsheet confirms this happened. He neglects to mention the £236.27 he made from betting over/under on goals or £210 profit trading Fulham against Villa or the £50 profit from West Ham against Blackburn, both on the 30th of January. Also on the 30th, he makes two bets (with no layoff) on Liverpool, they come in:

29-Jan-2010 00:00:00   29-Jan-2010 18:44:27      Settled      United kingdom 9983400127   101086096   Soccer      Fixtures 30 January   / Liverpool v Bolton      Fixtures 30 January / Liverpool v Bolton; Match Odds   Liverpool Back   GBP      United kingdom      538.02      1.45   1.45 242.11
30-Jan-2010 00:00:00   30-Jan-2010 12:33:11      Settled      United kingdom 9988130446   101086096   Soccer      Fixtures 30 January   / Liverpool v Bolton      Fixtures 30 January / Liverpool v Bolton; Match Odds   Liverpool Back   GBP      United kingdom      2,500.00      1.45 1.45   1,125.00

He also bets on horses and darts this day, losing £4185.37. He does win though, on Newcastle/Leicester game making £4,178.96 and on the Chelsea/Burnley game, betting on the former to with no layoff to make £1,485.

30-Jan-2010 00:00:00   30-Jan-2010 17:14:29      Settled      United kingdom   9992112790   101086137   Soccer      Fixtures 30 January   / Burnley v Chelsea      Fixtures 30 January / Burnley v Chelsea; Match Odds   Chelsea   Back   GBP      United kingdom      3,500.00      1.33   1.33   1,155.00
30-Jan-2010 00:00:00   30-Jan-2010 17:14:36      Settled      United kingdom   9992114180   101086137   Soccer      Fixtures 30 January   / Burnley v Chelsea      Fixtures 30 January / Burnley v Chelsea; Match Odds   Chelsea   Back   GBP      United kingdom      1,000.00      1.33   1.33   330.00

He also bets on the goals (under 3.5) for another £22.60

41)31st January shows Blatch laying golfers for little profit bizarrely...

31-Jan-2010 00:00:00   31-Jan-2010 11:37:24      Settled      United kingdom   9997093886   101092046   Golf      Group B / Qatar Masters      Group B / Qatar Masters; Winner   Lee Westwood   Lay   GBP      United kingdom      50.00      9.00   8.20   50.00
31-Jan-2010 00:00:00   31-Jan-2010 11:43:42      Settled      United kingdom   9997136379   101092046   Golf      Group B / Qatar Masters      Group B / Qatar Masters; Winner   Paul Casey   Lay   GBP      United kingdom      22.00      42.00   42.00   22.00

He bets heavily (£3.3k with no lay) on Man City to win against Portsmouth, and trades the goal under 2.5 to make a £1,173.14 profit which is not mentioned. He also makes £327.45 from backing in the darts, then another £2,336.59 from a mixture golf and darts later that day as well.

42)1st February, Blatch bets lots on horse races all day and loses £8629.06. He lays Stoke at Sunderland for £2,200 after this which helps him out a little after Stoke fail to win.

01-Feb-2010 00:00:00   01-Feb-2010 17:24:46      Settled      United kingdom   10004120322   101092167   Soccer      Fixtures 01 February  / Sunderland v Stoke      Fixtures 01 February / Sunderland v Stoke; Match Odds   Stoke   Lay   GBP      United kingdom      2,200.00      4.00   4.00   2,200.00

He then bets on the Bury/Rochdale game going on, but can only make £39.93

43)2nd February, back on the horses again, Blatch loses £1165.48 this time. He also tries betting £8,800 on Chelsea away at Hull @ 1.27. They don't win.

44)Blatch finally posts an update on the thread after about a week claiming a small win of £652 in the Leeds/Spurs game on the 3rd Feb ( The spreadsheet makes it £1783.35 instead. There is no mention of the £50.73 Blatch makes for trading on the under/overs for 3.5 goals. Or the £629.95 he loses on the horses that day.

45)4th Feb shows Blatch having another terrible day at the races. He loses £11,170.41 over the day.

46)Blatch comes in with three pieces of good news for the investors on the 7th Feb. ( claiming profits in the Liverpool/Everton game (£1,078) Birmingham/Wolves game (£592) and the Chelsea/Arsenal game (£2,102). The profits are in fact £857.36, £720.71 and £13,061.60 respectively but obviously Blatch cannot put that on the thread given how much he has done from horse racing.

47)Blatch doesn't post another update until the 15th Feb. Meanwhile he loses £1086.63 on the Villa/Man Utd match on the 10th Feb, £2011 on the Wolves/Spurs game, wins £8,949 after simply laying Portsmouth for loads against Sunderland. He loses £4654.43 trying to back Wigan against Stoke (in fairness, he tried to trade but one side was never matched) but wins £246.17 from Arsenal against Liverpool and £21.67 betting on the over/under for goals. He also loses £194 trying to back a horse, Nicanor in a meeting over in Ireland (9th Feb).

48)Blatch then picks up £159.76 from the Everton/Chelsea game, backing and laying loads during the last 5-10 minutes of the match.

49)February 13th Blatch backs Man City vs Stoke getting £24567.11 matched @ 1.53 which loses later that day.

Half an hour after he makes that bet he manages to back Villa @ 1.88 vs Crystal Palace, getting £29237.71 matched on them. He them tries to lay off £3k of Villa but can only match about £800 at the same original price.

He then does manage to lay off exactly £3k a little late that day, before backing Man City for another £5,247.30 putting almost £30k on them which he never attempts to lay off

He manages to lay £23k of his Villa bet retrieving most of it and lies when asked ( but £29,814.41 goes when Man City don't beat Stoke.

I don't believe Blatch forgot about this first bet because he goes back to put more on City - not to lay!

So the question here is, why didn't Blatch lay off the City bet? We can only ask him. His total loss for these two games is £32,234.34. He claims he made £2802 on it here (

50)Mixed in on this day are several tennis bets netting £681.28 but later a loss of £565.51 – unreported of course. Blatch trades a profit of £63.26 in the Southampton/Portsmouth game too, again saying nothing. He also trades a quiet £254.39 profit from the Newcastle/Swansea game  complete with betting on the unders for 1.5 goals.

51)Blatch claims a £560 profit in the AC Milan/Man Utd game on the 16th February. ( This is an outright lie once more, what he actually does is lay Man Utd off @ 2.78 before the game. Then when Man Utd go 1-0 down he quickly bets £4,150 in numerous little bets @ 6.6 for United to now win the game. He follows this up by betting another £2,500 @ 3.4 on United at half-time when the game is 1-1. United manage to win the game 3-2 and Blatch makes £6,242.33 in profit. If he had not backed United he would've lost £22,997.62. With 15 minutes left, United are almost guaranteeing him profit after Rooney makes it 3-1. I only mention this point because of the following action on the account.

16-Feb-2010 00:00:00   16-Feb-2010 21:28:45      Settled      United kingdom   10127666063   101065549   Cricket      India v South Africa - 2nd Test / SA 2nd Inns Runs         100 Runs or more   Lay Asian   GBP      United kingdom      45.00      1.03   1.03   -1.35
16-Feb-2010 00:00:00   16-Feb-2010 21:28:55      Settled      United kingdom   10127667208   101065549   Cricket      India v South Africa - 2nd Test / SA 2nd Inns Runs         100 Runs or more   Lay Asian   GBP      United kingdom      8.00      999.00   999.00   -7,984.00

Almost the exact time that Rooney scores to put United 3-1 up with 15 minutes left, almost £8,000 disappears from the account. Now, that's obviously dodgy but even if we say Blatch is a shrewd tipster who made a mistake, here he is LAYING a 2nd Innings being more than 100 knowing South Africa made 296 in the 1st innings and India made 643 on an obvious batter friendly pitch. SA manage 290 in their 2nd innings. (

Anyway,he finishes the day betting on the tennis, another unreported £57.13 profit.

52)Blatch attempts to trade on the Wigan/Bolton game but can only break even. He fails to mention this. He does however make £460.01 on the Arsenal/Porto game but again nothing is mentioned. On the 18th of February, Blatch spends almost 2 hours straight (from 15.55 to 17.50) laying the hell out of Liverpool against Unirea Urzicer @ 1.31. Blatch waits until 5 minutes after (an 8.05pm) kickoff before backing Liverpool @ 1.27. This only yields him a profit of £82.58, so he doesn't mention it.

53)Blatch spends the rest of the 18th Feb and most of the 19th Feb betting on cricket, tennis, golf, darts and horse racing. He loses £6216.85 as a result, then he does not post on the thread between the 17th Feb and the 25th. However, he is still betting, making £50 on the Everton/Man Utd game on the 20th Feb. He makes £91.74 from Basketball betting on Boston @ Portland (19th Feb). Another £30 comes from trading the Portsmouth/Stoke match on the 20th February. Another £337.56 from the Blackburn/Bolton game on the 21st but he loses £815.57 trying to bet the over/under for goals. He also makes this dubious back/lay during this period.

21-Feb-2010 00:00:00   21-Feb-2010 13:35:16      Settled      United kingdom   10168057036   101146407   Soccer      Fixtures 21 February  / Blackburn v Bolton      Fixtures 21 February / Blackburn v Bolton; Match Odds   Blackburn   Back   GBP      United kingdom      5,000.00      1.03   1.03   150.00
21-Feb-2010 00:00:00   21-Feb-2010 13:36:13      Settled      United kingdom   10168061760   101146407   Soccer      Fixtures 21 February  / Blackburn v Bolton      Fixtures 21 February / Blackburn v Bolton; Match Odds   Blackburn   Lay   GBP      United kingdom      5,000.00      1.02   1.02   -100.00

Another £204.27 comes on the Wigan/Spurs game including the under/over goals while £1727.66 is the profit he makes from a Michael Llodra tennis game the same day and £354.90 from the Casey/Villegas golf semi final. He loses £1487.57 betting on Man City at home to Liverpool @ 2.64 this day as well. Meanwhile £3,040.50 gets lost backing SA and laying India in the 1st ODI

54)22nd of Feb sees Blatch betting on Tennis and horses, he makes £141.63 as a result. That evening, Blatch starts to follow the Rotherham/Shrewsbury game, the former go 1-0 up after 12 minutes and Blatch begins to heavily back them for a few minutes. 20 minutes after this and Blatch either starts to worry or thinks Shrewsbury must getting back in the game, he starts to lay at the same price he has backed. (1.47) Shrewsbury score 10 minutes later and Blatch spends the whole of half time laying off @ 2.9 and 2.82. When the second half starts, he starts backing Rotherham again for the first 15 minutes of the second half then lumps on the unders for 2.5 goals in the last quarter of the game, also backing Rotherham to win @ 9's. He manages to make £363.96 out of this. It's not mentioned on the thread.

55)23rd Feb and Blatch makes this interesting bet.

23-Feb-2010 00:00:00   23-Feb-2010 10:46:01      Settled      United kingdom   10180470062   101171915   Tennis      First Round Matches / Clement v Cilic      First Round Matches / Clement v Cilic; Match Odds   Marin Cilic   Back   GBP      United kingdom      3,000.00      1.03   1.03   90.00

The whole day is spent betting on tennis and horses losing £1596.09 as a result. Blatch finally dives into the day's football games, trying to bet on the over/unders for goals in the last 20 minutes or so for the Stuttgart/Barcelona and Man Utd/West Ham games, however he only manages to make £13.01.

56) Actually Blatch, the spreadsheet says you made £100. (

57)Having gone through this so much, here is the example of what must be a Blatch signature move although it doesn't seem to make him much. From what I've seen, Blatch likes to come to matches with about 20 minutes left or so, then bet on the over/unders for the goals in the match. Typically, he's bet on them and then lay off the bet as the prices drop over the next five to ten minutes. He does this twice on the 24th Feb for CSKA Moscow vs Sevilla and then Inter vs Chelsea. These games only made him £15.77 and £36.31 each though. Blatch also made £36.11 from betting on an Andy Murray tennis match this day too.

58)Blatch makes £1,251.42 from tennis on the 25th February unbeknownst to his backers. £259.69 undeclared comes from the Unirea Urziceni/Liverpool game and £673.71 comes from several darts games on the same day. Finally he trades an £80.27 profit from the Sporting Lisbon/Everton game.

59)26th February, Neil Blatchly has a day off from grimming everyone. Smiley

60)Blatch reports and I quote a “tiny loss” of £500 from the Chelsea/Man City game. The loss is in fact more than 8 times this number, it's £4,005.10. Blatch backs Chelsea a load the night before @ 1.47 and has to lay them just as the game is starting @ 1.55. He probably figures Chelsea will beat erratic Man City at home but the Blues in fact lose 4-2.

While the match is going on and is still 0-0, Blatch has a dabble with the day's horses and loses £529.69. He comes back to the match to find Chelsea 4-2 down and quickly begins both backing City and laying Chelsea but he's unable to salvage any real money from the mess.

No matter, he claims back a £1,204 win in trading from the Stoke/Arsenal game. ( Hands up who thinks that's true? I'm afraid you people lose. The actual amount of profit from this game was just £92.43 but thanks for playing anyway.

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« Reply #4 on: June 21, 2010, 08:28:14 AM »

61)Carling Cup Final – Blatch claims this a big loss for £5,290 at 3.25pm, ( 25 minutes after the match has begun. What he does not mention is that 20 minutes ago he lumped on as soon as United went a goal down and their odds lengthened to 3.55. Blatch was shrewd enough to get a lot of money before United equalised after 12 minutes. United go on to win the game. Blatch goes on to collect £3,590.49 in profit. Toby Lewis is cleverer than everyone. (

62) After this game, I believe Blatch transferred most of the winnings out of the account using the following two bets. He backs both tennis players against each other @ 1.1

01-Mar-2010 00:00:00   01-Mar-2010 03:31:55      Settled      United kingdom   10234052970   101192407   Tennis      Qualifying Matches / Antoniychuk v Savchuk      Qualifying Matches / Antoniychuk v Savchuk; Match Odds   Kristina Antoniychuk   Back   GBP      United kingdom      3,000.00      1.10   1.10   -3,000.00
01-Mar-2010 00:00:00   01-Mar-2010 03:31:55      Settled      United kingdom   10234052971   101192407   Tennis      Qualifying Matches / Antoniychuk v Savchuk      Qualifying Matches / Antoniychuk v Savchuk; Match Odds   Olga Savchuk   Back   GBP      United kingdom      3,000.00      1.10   1.10   300.00

63)Blatch spends 1st March on the horses again, he loses £651.14. However he makes £111.01 betting on the England/Egypt friendly including some of it in his now common method of betting the over/under on goals in the last quarter of the match. Blatch claims he makes £682 over three games, he does not say which three. ( He also makes £9.45 from the Scotland/Czech Republic friendly

64)For the first time in a long while, Blatch posts a genuine result when he trades the Portsmouth/Birmingham game for a £694 profit. ( Spreadsheet backs this up. He also makes £337.28 from the Chelsea/Stoke game but does not mention this.

65) When talking to blondepoker poster “sovientsong” about Liverpool playing at Wigan on the 8th Marc. Blatch says, “if anything I would have thought they would have drifted today, glad I left it alone.” ( In fact, Blatch had backed them the night before @ 1.64 and 15 minutes before making that comment to sovientsong, he had been forced to back them @ 1.57 during the game. He loses £2,145.66 as a result. He tries scraping some back with the over/under goals in the last 15 minutes but can only make £47.76 profit there.

66) 9th March sees Blatch have another crack at the horses. I'm sorry if these notes are getting repetitive, but this is what is happening. He wins £369.16 but this is almost all gone that day when he backs Sheffield United to beat Peterborough away, he loses £345.80 on the game.

67) Another unmentioned game as Blatch trades a £275.22 profit on the Man Utd/AC Milan game. He also makes £308.51 trading the Lille/Liverpool game, it is not reported either. Blatch then goes crazy on the darts matches, he loses £4,248.90.

68) Blatch says nothing happened with the Man Utd game ( He does not mention his £743.67 profit in the Spurs/Blackburn game, the £113.94 from trading over/unders on goals in the Hull/Arsenal match or the £543.49 won backing the draw between Scotland and England in the rugby. He moves on to tennis and F1 and makes £345.37 on the 14th March, but he loses £646.8 betting on the Man Utd/Fulham game. A further £89.73 is lost betting on the France/Italy Six Nations match. He also trades the Sunderland/Man City for an 11p profit. It goes unmentioned to the investors.

69)Between 14th and 16th March, Blatch bets on numerous golf, tennis and horse races, he loses £5,237.79 through this. The only football bets in this period show the total failure of his late betting in football games, the high risk/low reward scenarios. Liverpool are leading 3-0 against Portsmouth when Blatch makes the following bets:

15-Mar-2010 00:00:00   15-Mar-2010 21:23:52      Settled      United kingdom   10363605063   101210041   Soccer      Fixtures 15 March     / Liverpool v Portsmouth      Fixtures 15 March / Liverpool v Portsmouth; Over/Under 3.5 Goals   Over 3.5 Goals   Lay   GBP      United kingdom      235.43      1.40   1.39   -91.82
15-Mar-2010 00:00:00   15-Mar-2010 21:23:52      Settled      United kingdom   10363605063   101210041   Soccer      Fixtures 15 March     / Liverpool v Portsmouth      Fixtures 15 March / Liverpool v Portsmouth; Over/Under 3.5 Goals   Over 3.5 Goals   Lay   GBP      United kingdom      164.57      1.40   1.40   -65.83

He lays the over on goals scored – 3 minutes later Torres scores his second and makes it 4-0. Desperate to recover something he then backs the under 4.5 goals with around 10 minutes to go but Belhadj scores with 2 minutes and Blatch loses £800 more.

15-Mar-2010 00:00:00   15-Mar-2010 21:38:30      Settled      United kingdom   10363719697   101210042   Soccer      Fixtures 15 March     / Liverpool v Portsmouth      Fixtures 15 March / Liverpool v Portsmouth; Over/Under 4.5 Goals   Under 4.5 Goals   Back   GBP      United kingdom      600.00      1.85   1.88   -600.00
15-Mar-2010 00:00:00   15-Mar-2010 21:38:59      Settled      United kingdom   10363723309   101210042   Soccer      Fixtures 15 March     / Liverpool v Portsmouth      Fixtures 15 March / Liverpool v Portsmouth; Over/Under 4.5 Goals   Under 4.5 Goals   Back   GBP      United kingdom      200.00      1.84   1.84   -200.00

Blatch had even posted that he had made a profit on the game ( – congratulating himself on a performance that had never taken place.

70)( For people who don't know, Greekstein was one of Blatch's best friends and convinced his own Dad to invest £5,000 in the scheme. This is the confirmation that Blatch gets his grubby hands on more investments in an attempt to spin up everything he has lost. I shuddered when seeing this.

71)There is no activity in the account from 16th March until the 19th May. So results like ( and ( seem to have been fabricated.

72) Blatch declares he is not so confident any more and will be trading less. “Combination of having two busy weekends personally, one in Swansea with APAT and one in DTD but probably more important had a bit of a confidence knock with one or two losses and now looking for more definates markets to do instead of 70% certain ones.” ( – The account says he's not trading at all.

73)Blatch goes on holiday for a couple of weeks to Miami with family.( At this point, it is unknown who paid for the holiday.

74)29th April, Blatch continues to be reluctant to trade. ( but says the current total is around £71k ( and that a £500 stake is now worth £1,327. ( He claims to have made £348 on the Liverpool game this night. Again, there is no evidence. (

75)2nd May. Blatch posts results that simply aren't in the spreadsheet claiming to be back in business. ( and (

76)13th May. Having not posted anything on the thread  for 11 days, the thread is bumped and Blatch is forced to post. Having already mentioned he is carrying on through the World Cup, he says, “Tht come across as quite rude but that aside, as ive already said im not letting anyone else pll out before the end of the season now, as its such a ball ache for me.  End of the season includes play offs and the cup final.  After these games people can pull out when they want.” The truth we now know is that he could not afford to pay anyone back their stake if they wanted to pull out. (

77)Another 'trade' goes wrong ( – once again it's not on the spreadsheet. When Blatch finally gets back on the account, it's to have a punt, not to trade.

19-May-2010 00:00:00   19-May-2010 15:59:52      Settled      United kingdom   10991091348   101412410   Soccer      Fixtures 19 May / Rotherham v Aldershot      Fixtures 19 May / Rotherham v Aldershot; Match Odds   Rotherham   Back   GBP      United kingdom      300.00      2.22   2.22   366.00

This result is never mentioned on the thread.

78)22nd May, Blatch wins £716.22 from backing a horse at Haydon. When asked about the Champions League final, he claims to have made £800 on it plus £1,200 from a playoff final. ( In fact the spreadsheet says he has only made £507.15 from the Champions League Final, there is no record of any £1,200 playoff win for Blackpool as Blatchly specified. ( – In this post, he even has the temerity to mention the sports he is trading on with THIS account at the time.

79)Blatch trades on no more football games after the Champions League Final. He bets on tennis, darts, horses, cricket and basketball losing £1,751.64 between 23rd May and the 10th of June. His very last bet is on a horse called “Any Given Moment” to be placed @ 1.44. He bets £27.13 on it. Blatch's horse doesn't come in.

80)1st June, Blatch claims to been too busy with the Blondebash to have bet on any more games. (

81)5th June, Blatch claims 53/60 profitable games with a ROI of 266.25% (

82)World Cup starts, Blatch claims a £650 win on the 1st game on the 11th June. ( The spreadsheet I have does not go this far, but there is absolutely no reason to believe he is telling the truth. The same happens with the France/Uruguay game ( – I believe he constructed these as a way to lure in even more investors in the hopes of a spin up to get himself out of the giant hole he was in. Still, he then mentions losing £1,585 on the England game, while the Germany game comes up neutral. ( Blatch then 'loses' £2,292 on Japan/Cameroon ( and £3,792 on New Zealand/Slovakia.

83)15th June, New poster 'Arbboy' begins questioning a lot of Blatch's tradings. Asking why he did not bet on the South Korea/Greece game. Arbboy persists in questions Blatch, to the point where he irritates a lot of people and the majority of the forum defends Blatch. 16 th June, Blatch finally responds himself here ( Arbboy continues to question to the point where mods consider him trolling, he is banned. Meanwhile James Keys asks Blatch for a full statement on what is happening. (

84)Just under three hours after the above post, Blatch sends out the following PM to investors:


Ive been dreading sending this message for months now but sadly in a nut shell the money has been lost.  In the last few days with everything that has gone on ive been beside myself and almost did something very stupid yesterday.  Not that it matters but I want to explain how it happened.

Going back a few months everything was fine and going great.  Everything I had posted was spot on and then one day I had made a trade on a midday kick off between Liverpool and Stoke and I simply didnt wake up in time.  I must have not set my alarm right but basically I woke up with around 15 mins to go.  At this point I could only rescue about 15% of the bank.  I threw up at the time realising what had happened but for some stupid reason I decided that I could get the money back by the end of the season.  Basically since then I have been trading the games still but without actually putting the amounts on.  I was hoping that I would be able to raise the money by the end of the season and therefore the results would still be ok.

I dont know what I was thinking as I should have told everyone at the time but Im not sure how I could tell people that me sleeping in had cost in total around 50k.  I really hate myself for what ive done and im basically absolute busto now.  Im not going to Vegas this year despite what some think and im moving back home with my parents as I cant afford to pay my rent.  I have been into town and looks like I may have a temping job lined up but money coming in will be very slow.  Every penny I have spare will go towards paying you all back but I know that isnt any help right now.

The worst thing for me is alot of the people involved in this are close friend and im going to lose them all.  They all trusted me with something and ive screwed it up in every way.  As Ive said I shoudl have told everyone at the start what had happened and dealt with the aftermath then but for some stupid reason I couldnt handle people knowing I had fucked up by over sleeping.

I dont really know what else to say, except for how sorry I am.  Im trying to get some help and turn things round a bit.  To save me waffling on im noit gonna say any more except for how sorry I am.

I will try my best to answer any questions anyone has but im guessing everything is going to kick off all over the place.

Ive sent this via PM as I though you should know before the rest of the forum but I will post on there later or tomorrow.

Again im so so sorry its come to this and hopefully if time you can find some way to forgive me.

85)Initially people are shocked and hope Blatch can recover, thinking he just made a silly mistake. Once a copy of the spreadsheet begins to circulate, people begin to get very angry.

86)Blatch claims the problems started with the Liverpool/Stoke game in January, losing 85% of the bankroll and then chased everything ( Point 29) from these notes prove this is not the case.

87)It is claimed Blatch has nothing left and is moving back home, planning to get a temp job and will pay everything back. No-one believes him. The investment lost is reckoned to be between £60,000 and £70,000. Questions are also asked about some of the dodgy bets that are mentioned in these notes that implicate money being moved into another account. Blatch does not answer these questions or the fact that £29,000 has seemingly gone missing after 18th February there was at least £50,000 in the account at that point going by a matched bet and only £21,000 lost between then and 10th June. These questions all remained unanswered as of 21st June.

88)Blatch posts for what he says will be the final time. ( He asks the investors to email him so things can be sorted out. At roughly the same time as this is posted, Blatchly deletes around 150 people (presumably people in poker) from his facebook friends, including several of the investors. The police have been contacted, it remains to be seen what will happen next.

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