Caption Competition

#35 Russell Cawley

Winner = Matt674 

One DTD deluxe burger: £8.45, Buy in to Saturday poker tournament: £55, Your mates tagging this picture on facebook after you told your wife you were visiting your sick mother in hospital: Priceless.


#34 Phil Cooklin

Winner = kinboshi

"No, you can't have a cheeky peak at my nipples. Who do you think I am? That Maria fella???"


#33 Rumit Somaiya & Lucy Rokach

Winner = Stallyon

This is what I call my - Squeeze Play"


#32 Dewi James

Winner = The_duke

And when he said he was all in, well I nearly fainted


#31 Dave Colclough & Mads Andersen

Winner = snoopy1239

"Not now Smithers, I'm playing cards!" 


#30 Trevor Reardon & Stuart Rutter

Winner = Claw75

The new vibrating chairs went down a storm 


#29 Jan Magnus Brevik

Winner = bolt pp

After getting his sheep picture stuck to his head bloke regrets having lent it to kingpoker 10 minutes earlier.


#28 Barny Boatman & John Shipley

Winner = Junglecat03

After the annual hendon mob bash, joe conceded that covering the pole dancing budget out of ram's golf gambling winnings was an error


#27 Barry Neville & Colchester Kev

Winner = brummieboy

"Look I know you've made an effort and lost weight, but you're just too damn ugly to be my biatch."


#26 Humberto Brenes

Winner = snoopy1239

"At the recent Magnum lookalike contest, Humberto shows how close he was to beating Red-Dog."