Caption Competition

#45: Tony Kendall

Winner = A Non

tikay shuffles up to start dealing at the 'Friends of Mick McCool' poker tournament.


#44: Kevin Shepherd & Christian Briggs

Winner = Colchester Kev

Kev presents the award to The Big Issue salesman of the year.


#43: Roberto Romanello

Winner = Paul Crave

"The kiddy game is down the road you say? Where exactly?"


#42: Simon Trumper

Winner = Sandy

Time for a ruling


#41: Tom McCready & Ralph Shalson

Winner = Junglecat

After experimenting with introducing a bad beat counsellor into the DTD cardroom, management decide they may need to work on their recruitment policy.


#40: Steve Jelinek

Winner = A Nonymous

"Two flops, TWO FLOPS!! How come M3boy gets two flops?"


#39: David Jones & Simon Trumper

Winner = DUNK619

"Here's 50 quid for your train home kid, come back when you have started puberty."


#38: Julian Thew & Dave Smith

Winner = RookieITB

"This is how high my swimming pool full of money comes up to me - and that's in the shallow end!" explains Julian. 


#37: Maria Demetriou

Winner = DavesShoelace 

Chili's face says it all after the shock proposal from Mick McCool


#36 Neil Channing

Winner = snoopy1239

"I have a huge penis"