Caption Competition

#15 Lawrence Gosney & tikay

Winner = AndrewT

Two hours into a classic Tikay anecdote and Lawrence's soul finally leaves his body. 


#14: Phil Ivey, Marc Goodwin & Paul Jackson

Winner = Sheriff Fatman

Mr Cool's image was shattered when the shuffle on his iPod found 'YMCA'.


#13: Keith 'The Camel' Hawkins

Winner = Matt674

After just over a year of playing non-stop 'peek-a-boo' Keith still finds it difficult to break the habit in public.


#12: Flushy & Dingdell

Winner = the bus

Dingdell and Tinkerbell. Wave at the camera if you're a fairy.


#11: Mike Matusow

Winner = Mr Alex

"Oh no, I think I just followed through"


#10: tikay

Winner = Boldie

Government legalises euthenasia after witnessing the cruel suffering of the elderly.


#9: Ali Mallu

Winner = thetank

Can't think of anything funny to say, just wanted to take part

#8: snoopy

Winner = Claw75

As usual, the only thing Snoopy managed to pick up that night was a couple of dogs


#7: Surinder Sunar

Winner = Junglecat03 

Surinder deviates from his standard re-raise, announcing "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum"


#6: Iwan Jones & Henning Granstad

Winner = mikkyT

And I was like "oooooh" and she was like "baaaaaa"