Saturday Off - For A Change - Saturday 25th March

Mon, 03/04/2006 - 12:58pm

Tired as hell, & groggy too, I have missed a day on  the Forum, and boy, it's all kicked off about the Cardroom payment probs. E-mails & PM's about it galore. Sheesh..... This is bad preparation on our part - we shoulda anticipated these probs. Bugger.

Spent 3 hours on e-mails, then played the Laddies $250, happy to get 3rd in the end from a small field (32) and about $1,800. Happy days. But failed to get caught up yet again. It depresses the hell out of me to 'be behind', but I resolved that in 2006 I would reserve more time for playing Poker, and I intend to stick with it. The diet is going nicely still, 3 stone by the time of the Irish Open is the target, and it's only difficult when I am on my travels. I will achieve it. But I just could not achieve the articles I promised snoops for the new site. I'll do them tomorrow, at The Vic.