Bounty Boy - Monday 27th March

Wed, 05/04/2006 - 2:23pm
Another good day on e-mails and stuff, then the Laddies $250 at 2.30pm, I cash again - just! Spam the tikay tourney which is tonight at 8pm, I live in fear of no runners, but I'm sure we will get a few. Unbelievably tired though, and a nap at about 6pm is interrupted by 3 or 4 phone calls, including Willie, who tells me Mrs Willie is coming home from hossie soon. Eventually get some kip, and awake at 8.05pm - shit, the tikay tourney start(ed) at 8pm! 90 odd runners, so that's cool, and I sit fairly tight, with no material to work with, knowing they are all afer the bounty on me, so I need to have the goods, or, more importantly, position, otherwise it will be a 7 caller jobbie. But no joy,  ends up in a race and it flips the wrong way. Nice atmo in the comp though, that's the important thing. But I score a minor cash on Blue Square, in the $200, lovely. Liam Flood rang twice about the Paddy Power Irish Open, seems there are only 60 seats left. I asked him to reserve a seat for me, though I dunno if I can afford the €3,000 buy-in yet - need a result or two first!