James "SofaKing" Fisher: A heart of Gold

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James "Sofa King" Fisher: A heart of Gold
A former boxer, a talented amateur artist (particularly of rare wildlife species), punctuation expert and salesman extraordinaire, Welshman James is a larger than life character who moved from Wales to Cyprus with his wife and son a couple of years ago.
James provides tremendous value. I first met him at a poker event in Cardiff. After two hands of that event the casino PA system resounded to the refrain of "taxi for James Fisher" as he had lost his 10,000 chip stack with the powerhouse K8 suited. He proceeded to entertain hordes of poker players all weekend, with "magic" and "levitation" tricks and his legendary selling techniques which that weekend involved selling "Tinberland" shoes in the car park but over time have included Sharky Shades Sunglasses, Sofas, furniture and now fences!
An example of that technique came in an online chat box one night. As tikay recalls
"He was in the Chat-Box of a Ladbrokes table that Tom & I were on one night.

"Anyone wanna buy some spare MFI worktops I got" says James.

"I may be interested" says Tom, "how many you got?"

"4,000" says James........."
Poker-wise James is the self-acknowledged master of live cash games, terrible at online Poker and his move to Cyprus led to the Grosvenor casino Cardiff almost closing down once they calculated the cost of the absence of his roulette play on their takings.
On blonde James provides excellent value. Here are some examples:
- The SofaKing ZebraPhant

- Sofa's spoof swim round Cyrpus


- Shall I or shan't I? 

- Repeated forlorn attempts to,,,win:;,,,,caption,,--competitions
- Setting new standards in Grammar. For example
"my son is a profesional world champion liar.,.,takes after me of-course.,..,.

mo just text me saying that she thinks my mel is rubbing off on her.,.,.,

mo and darren just sat down for dinner and mo ordered a cravat of wine.,....,the waiter said dont you mean caraf.,.,she said yeah.,.,i would like one of those too.,.,.,,.lol.,.,

theres loads to tell of thier adventure.,.,but just a quickie.,.,
day 1.arrange for a boat etc.,.,then the boat broke down.,.,.,so my mate brought out a faster one etc.,.,
adam deck hand started explaining to mo that the boat could never tip over,,,doing huge donughts in the sea.,.,frightening the shite out of them..then he tried to explain to mo about diving boats etc.,.,he then said to her have you ever been on a ribbed one.,.,.,.,.,you should have seen the look on her face .,.,lmao.,.,.,he meant rib as in
riged infalteable boat.,.,.RIB.,.,i think mo thought it was something else.,..,.,"

Recently though there has been one thread that has captured the heart of many people, with James arranging for The Nun and her husband, whom he had never met before, to visit him in Cyprus on this thread http://blondepoker.com/forum/index.php?topic=41148.0 confirming his "heart of gold".
Of one thing we can be sure, while James is on blonde, the forum will be richer for his presence.