London Adventures

Thu, 05/10/2006 - 7:15pm

IceBarHaving had Saturday off out of my weekend I decided to call up a girlfriend and check out the cool bars in London. On recommendation we wondered along to the Ice Bar just off Regent Street. Here we were wondering why it was called the Ice Bar as we enjoyed a cocktail or two at almost £10 a go in the upstairs lounge. We were then called upon to receive our silver capes and were ushered downstairs. We soon learned why it was called the Ice Bar. Every thing was made of Ice. Real Ice, the walls were made of big ice bricks, the bar was ice and the glasses were ice. Very much an idea based around the famous Ice Hotel in one of those really cold countries up in the North. It really was a very cool experience, with a choice of vodka cocktails to warm you up inside. If you plan on trying this place I would recommend that you don't go there wearing strappy open toed shoes like I did! It's kept at -28 degrees at all times.

Richard RedmanSunday brought the final of the Sportsman Poker Meltdown where I heard that Ian Woodley had got into a scuffle with another player the evening before, I tried to get the players to tell me about it when I interviewed them, but they were not for giving any details Frown 

Tuesday and Wednesday was spent putting the show together. By the end of Wednesday afternoon I was the brunt of many jokes. While interviewing Richard I had asked him how big his stack was? I still don't understand what the big joke was?? Innocent