Tips & Tricks

Short Stack Play in SNGs

Top notch analysis from the man they call the 'Dean'.


The Dawn of a New Challenge

Carl 'The Dean' Sampson muses over those fast structured MTTs.


Going After the Big Stacks

Carl 'The Dean' Sampson proposes a risky, but perhaps worthwhile strategy.


Encountering a Short Stack

The 'Dean' provides some tips on how to tackle a short-stack.


Taking the Next Steps to SNG Success

The Dean is back, this time to share his SNG wisdom.


Keep the Meta Running

This week The Dean discusses rakeback and meta game theory.


The Life Of A Poker Pro

Some sobering thoughts by The Dean on entering the world of poker.


When Poker Gets Easier

'The Dean' looks at some of the safety nets available to the modern day player.


Getting Ahead... Staying Ahead

The Dean offer some simple, but essential chips on staying ahead of the game.


Playing Medium Pairs In 6 Max LH Ring Games

Poker wisdom from pro and acclaimed writer Carl 'The Dean' Sampson.


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