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2626  Poker Forums / The Rail / Re: Broadway Casino Birmingham on: July 28, 2005, 05:51:34 PM
Cheers guys for re opening the thread, in response to the pricing of the tournies. Can I just say, i completely understand where you are coming from, unfortunately due to the number of card rooms and the ever growing limited amount of hard core poker players. A decision was made between ourselves and our sister club "The Shaftesbury Casino" in West Brom. They would very rarely do a competition 20 or over and we would rarely do one for less than 20. The shaftesbury's comps are all 5 and 10 7 days and 2 afternoons with an unconditional guarantee of 2250 for all 10 comps. I am really in favour of looking after students, as they are the future of poker. I have been in talks with a number of University's societies and an NUS closed comps may welll be on the cards. I realise that 20 may be a little heavy for some pockets especially on a regular daily basis, but in the Central Birmingham area there are a number of 10 comps at other casinos namely Gala, China palace and star city on Wednesdays. The Broadway does have an element of snobbery, not condusive to poker. I have found that the cheaper you go regarding competitions the more of a duck shoot in can turn out to be. Our aim at the Broadway is to provide an atmosphere with less loonatics and where you can actually PLAY poker (there are a few rich loonatics out there too though) The ante structure is the slowest around which effectively gives you a lot more play. I have had nothing but good reports from all that have played there and it is encouraging for us to listen to certain hard core players saying that they will not be returning to their normal venue anymore, for numbers of reasons.

As I said earlier I will be trying to support local inter Uni's and Colleges this maybe over some afternoons.

Backgammon cancelled along with the kalooki , they were a way of utilising an unused card room for days with no poker. Not very successful anyway.

Regarding Drinks, this is a subject close to my heart. I agree the drinks are very expensive (this has something to do with being positioned 150 yards from Broad Street and keeping the undesired piss heads from what is a fantastic entertainement venue for the more mature player) that sounds really bad! You have got bad timing lol as I have now had my comping facility taken away because i was abusing it with poker players. All players get a free half time meal though.

Regarding the prize money ie only paying 5 prizes this is only if we have fewer than 50 players.Over 50 players we pay to 10, fortunately now we are looking at over 65 for most games limited to 80 at the moment.

Please come along if you take your poker seriously, I am sure you will enjoy yourselves. Come and chat with me and put forward your ideas/ suggestions I try and take everything on board.

I used to work with both Danni and Zak and I have nothing but respect for Zak as he does know what he is talking about, no offence Danni but unless you have greatly improved from your Shaftesbury days I won't comment.
2627  Poker Forums / The Rail / Re: Broadway Casino Birmingham on: July 28, 2005, 12:31:54 PM
Hi guys and gals,

I am sorry to change the topic of payout structures, but as it is my first post on this site, I just thought I would introduce myself to all blondites (and other card room managers, supervisors and dealers) My name is Richard and I am the card room manager of the Broadway Casino. I can only apologise for the delay in my joining your site, my excuse for the delay is, as i hope you can appreciate, i have been rushed off my feet getting it off the ground. After fighting my corner with the big bosses, they have realised the potential of our card room and the tide seems to be turning my way. i have trawled your site for the last few hours and would just like to pick up on a few points and questions that have been asked about our card room.

i would like to apologise to ifm and the wall and any other players confused about our ever changing programme. As we were starting afresh and i didn't know how many and the quality of poker staff we were opening with, i started with three no limit comps. one being a friday. i was told due to staffing levels being low that i must change this to a wednesday. i figured as all card rooms had a texas game on wednesdays, i would try an omaha comp. i can honestly hold my hands up and say catagorically IT WAS A FLOP (pardon the pun). i could go on and on about the reasons we chopped and changed. So to cut a long story short we have settled down now to a regular Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 20 no limit hold'em comp. However it has surpassed my expectations without any advertising to such an extent that after our Festival in September we will be running a 7 day programme. And plans to expand the card room have already been discussed. Once this is confirmed we will actively promote and inform all players on a regular basis of any changes to our programme.

Dress code-- Yes we do operate a strict dress code policy but not as strict as when we first opened, jeans are allowed as long as they are not ripped, we do not allow any sportswear although smart trainers are now accepted, I would urge anyone to turn up at least smart/casual to avoid disappointment.

Car Park facility-- Yes we pay for the car park, and I must say that it is the safest car park in the Midlands if not the U.K. on top of that there is a service to valet your car whilst you are in the casino during the Afternoon!

Foul Language and bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated, but fortunately all players seem to respect the atmosphere they play in, and players renowned for these offences have realised that this will be the heart of poker in Birmingham, and are not willing to jeopardise their membership. Although I am itching to make an example of someone lol.

Smoking-- Yes it is a non smoking competition, however we do give the option for no-smoking or smoking permitted cash games at either end of the card room.

Results and program can be found at online applications are available at

Thats the Questions cleared up, but quite happy to answer any others or queries

I was highly amused at dani versaces attempt to sound like a customer saying that walsall had blown us out of the water on our opening competition. I also find it amusing that junction 10 when it first opened tried its damnedest to blow the rainbow away with guarantees, when it succeeded and it was the only venue in town it treated the customers like crap. The next guarantee was when we had guaranteed 10000 for an 80 seater 100 freeze out. They made a last minute guarantee of 15000 (funny that) and yet they still took 10% registration fee off their 189 players. So competiton actually increased their revenue and they made 1890 from you players!! Guess what, they have now have some guarantees. Maybe due to a plc being scared and head office allegidly telling J10 to do anything they can to "**** us up" I personally think this is fantastic for all card players. When their league is over i feel there will be some amazing money being splashed around to keep punters there. Waiting for the 2nd week in September to see what gem they come up with during our festival. Will they compete with Grosvenor Blackpools weekend? thinks!

Yogi-- I do realise yours was already planned spoke to the Fox last night. I have also got 2 more CR managers/ head supervisors interested in meeting.

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