Tournament Reports

Copenhagen EPT 2007

Copenhagen Casino, Wed 17/Jan/07 - Sat 20/Jan/07

We followed the action live from Casino Copenhagen, where Swede Magnus Petersson took the title


Irish Poker Championships

Citywest Hotel, Dublin, Fri 05/Jan/07 - Sun 07/Jan/07

For those not following the live action over in Dublin, here's what happened, condensed.


Betfair Asian Open 2006 - Part II

Wed 15/Nov/06 - Fri 17/Nov/06

Part II of Jaffacake's trip report of the Betfair Asian Open.


Betfair Asian Open 2006 - Part I

Wed 15/Nov/06 - Fri 17/Nov/06

Singapore finalist, Jeff Kimber, talks about the locals, Tony G and his 5th place finish.


Midland Masters 2006

Grosvenor Walsall, Sat 25/Nov/06 - Sun 26/Nov/06

I took a brisk trip up the M6 and stopped off at Grosvenor Walsall for their Midland Masters.


APAT - Aspers Newcastle

Aspers, Newcastle, Sat 02/Dec/06 - Sun 03/Dec/06

Newcastle saw its highly regarded Aspers Casino play host to the second APAT event of the tour.


Green Joker Poker Festival 2006

Drogheda, Fri 24/Nov/06 - Sun 26/Nov/06

Chris 'NoflopsHomer' and I trekked to Drogheda to play the best new event around...


Master Classics 2006

Holland Casino, Amsterdam, Wed 08/Nov/06 - Sat 11/Nov/06

A great set of results for our UK players, in what more than a handful described as the best tournament in Europe.


PokerStars Dublin EPT 2006 - Part II

Regency Hotel, Thu 26/Oct/06 - Sun 29/Oct/06

Part II of NoflopsHomer's trip report from this year's Dublin EPT.


PokerStars Dublin EPT 2006 - Part I

Regency Hotel, Dublin, Thu 26/Oct/06 - Sun 29/Oct/06

Chris 'NoflopsHomer' Hall takes us through this year's Irish EPT at the Regency Hotel in Dublin.


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