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1  Community Forums / Betting Tips and Sport Discussion / Re: Blonde FPL Thread 2019/20 on: August 01, 2020, 10:10:54 AM
Yea thanks Dino, you do a great job at running these and I can imagine the work involved. Really appreciate it.
2  Community Forums / Betting Tips and Sport Discussion / Re: Tinker on. on: July 26, 2020, 07:03:28 PM
One for the scrapbook

Who would have thought after this night, Saints would have been the team that scored more points for the rest of the season.

What do Leicester need this Summer? I was at the 0-9 and they looked great so where did it go wrong after that?
3  Poker Forums / Diaries and Blogs / Re: Getting into Golf on: July 24, 2020, 09:55:05 PM
I am so happy.

 Click to see full-size image.
89" border="0

I had a couple of good range sessions earlier this week and then to see it come together and break 90 is so satisfying.

I was so hot on the front 9. Great ball striking, felt super confident and my chipping and putting was so good. Had to really grit my teeth on the back 9, was feeling really tired as probably didn't eat enough before the round. So satisfied to play the last 3 holes in +3 given we were in a similar situation in a previous round and ended those in +7.

I bought a hybrid earlier in the week and used that a bit. Some good early signs and the extra distance definitely helped on a few holes off the tee. Flushed one around 230 yards ish, gives me a good +30 over my 4 iron.

Have another 1 hour lesson on Sunday. I am still coming over the top a lot and the swing is very inconsistent and seems to get more so the longer the round goes on. I am also not good enough from 100-150 yards and struggle with ball striking with my pitching wedge through 8 iron. Lots to work on but just buzzing. Made a ridiculous up and down on the 17th over a bunker then holed a 15 footer for the par.

The really encouraging thing is that I can see how shooting sub 85 is possible for me somewhere down the line. No pressure for the rest of the Summer now, just going to enjoy playing and experience some different courses.
4  Community Forums / Betting Tips and Sport Discussion / Re: Saints and Sinners Southampton FC on: July 21, 2020, 10:28:12 PM
Hojbjerg says he wants to leave the saints to pursue the ECL, has now reportedly agreed personal terms with the European heavyweights Everton

well £25 million for a player with a year left on contract is good business in my books

Yes, a good deal for all parties although my suspicion is that Tottenham will have a say in the deal. They were interested in January and, given his ambition, I suspect that is the club he would prefer to join.

Think this one still has some legs - good for Saints that there are multiple interested parties.

What an amazing season. Guess the priorities for the summer will be getting a Walker-Peters deal done, getting another centre back and a replacement for Hojberg. This team looks well capable of being a solid top half team for the next few years. Lots of great young talent - Obafemi, Adams, Djenepo, Bednarek and some peak age players - Ings, Redmond, JWP, Armstrong etc. Fairly confident in saying Hasenhuttl is the best manager I have seen at Saints in my lifetime. An amazing coach.
5  Poker Forums / Diaries and Blogs / Re: Getting into Golf on: July 12, 2020, 10:16:26 PM
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93" border="0

Really good round today. Struck the ball really well, especially off the tee.

So frustrated to play the last 3 holes +7. Definitely left a 90 breaker out there and can feel it coming. Was an almost flawless front 9 other than a poor 9th that ended in missing a 3ft putt.

Didn't lose my ball once too. Go again next Sunday. In the mean time got some stuff to work on for sure - still need to try and find that consistent flat swing with my low irons off the tee. As I got my tired, my swing got worse and starting leaking off with slices again. Need to work on my pitching wedge, 9 iron stuff too as didn't hit those very well. Body is definitely adjusting to 3 hours walking but I did feel tired on the last few holes and it showed in the scores.

Stuck my first 4 rounds into a handicap calculator and it told me I am off 20. Might be time to buy something longer than a 4 iron. :-)
6  Poker Forums / Diaries and Blogs / Re: Getting into Golf on: July 11, 2020, 10:42:50 PM
Just stumbled around this thread, fantastic stuff.

I'm just down the coast, you have a couple of good courses near you, you've mentioned Goodwood already and then you have Littlehampton and Worthing as well.

Sadly Sussex is pretty shit for golf and all the courses are in shit nick this year but right now that's not too important.

Keep on doing what you're doing, competing against yourself is great fun eh?

Thanks Flushy, having so much fun. Despite this poor showing:-

 Click to see full-size image.
106" border="0

So I ended up playing a full round on the Cathedral course at Chichester. This is a much tougher course than The Tower and I only played it as couldn't get a tee time on the Tower. It's just a really hard course with water on 13 holes, lots of bunkers and awkward lies. I absolutely loved playing the course, its a lot more visually interesting than the other course but is a bit beyond my skill level at the moment. I lost a fair few balls, did hit a mish mash of really nice shots but just can't hit consistently straight yet so just was getting punished left and right.

Went back to the range this week and had a really good session working on long game. Just practiced pinging 4 irons 200 yards as need to be able to go to that shot off the tee to break 90 round The Tower. Playing a round tomorrow so will see how that goes.

I would like to play at least another 3 different courses before the end of the year - hoping to get up to Goodwood next when it is back open to non-members as they have a course their that I believe is reasonably forgiving.

I have a little boy (my first) due in November so enjoying the freedom of walking around a golf course at 8pm on a Summers evening without a care in the world! Going to try and play a full round once a week for the forseeable and mix in at least one other range session and a session on the par 3 course. See if we can break 90 before the end of the Summer.
7  Poker Forums / Diaries and Blogs / Re: Getting into Golf on: June 28, 2020, 10:34:33 PM
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98" border="0

Second round on the course and 4 shots worse than last time. A much more erratic round and when I got back in the car, genuinely thought I hadn't broken 110. I guess I remember the bad holes and not the good ones.

Compared to the last round where we didn't have worse than double bogey, today included a quadruple and three triples. Lost 4 balls in total. Ball striking was not great, probably due to the fact I hadn't played in a week and swing just felt very rusty, especially on the front 9. 

Really pleased with that back nine obviously especially given I thought my score was total garbage. The wind was really blowing today, lots of long holes into the wind that were a real struggle.

Enjoyed it a lot even though didn't play great. Lots to work on to break 90. Did shoot -1 on the par 3 last week which was pretty nice.

8  Poker Forums / Diaries and Blogs / Re: Getting into Golf on: June 15, 2020, 11:35:09 PM
Thanks guys, genuinely no idea that the 17th was a par 5 until saw your post. I really want to get a few more rounds in before getting too crazy, I think that was definitely right at the top end of what could be expected at the moment. Am sure I ran very very good.

Some cool videos to share from lesson yesterday:-

Ignore where the hands are going but this is such a huge difference to when I first started. You can almost draw a straight line down my right hip and you don't see any of that rocking backwards motion. I have to think about this on every shot and chant pivot like a mantra or I slip back into it. My natural movement is to want to rock backward all the time. This looks good though.

So here is the swing at the start of the lesson and the one that got me round the course on Sunday. This is probably the worst version of it. The takeaway is fine but it is obviously at the top of the swing where it gets messy then we get out of line on the way down and see variations on the baby fade and the big old left to right swinger.

This is where we got to at the end of the lesson. Note the weird ball position, for some reason I have this habit of aligning really close to the heel which got me too close to the ball and just exaggerated that steep downswing and slice. The fix with the low hands doesn't look that big but it really feels like your slinging a baseball bat. The difference is huge though, was pinging them dead straight and even some little draws. Really going to have to work to get this natural with all the clubs.

The course is only 5900 yards. I was hitting a 4 iron off the mat 200 yards. Bogey golf would get me an 89 and seems perfectly doable with just the irons in the bag. Let's see how consistent we can get the swing.
9  Poker Forums / Diaries and Blogs / Re: Getting into Golf on: June 14, 2020, 08:11:17 PM
Mainly posting to say Max looked adorable sorry for your loss.

From looking at the quick swing videos, my top tip would be to not take the club back too far. parallel with the shoulders is the common descriptor for where to stop, with the John Daly being wrapping it round your back and up your crack before unwinding it all.

The longer you swing the more chance of a cock up, taking a half swing reduces the options for error. you can slowly expand it as you get more comfortable and consistent. with a 50% swing you probably can hit 75% of your max distance. to get that last 25% you try really hard and your chance of inaccuracy goes up immensely.

Thank you. It hasn't taken long but my parents are now on the hunt for a Westie puppy. Unfortunately the Covid situation has meant that getting hold of a puppy is almost impossible, dog prices have nearly doubled as everyone is working from home and buying a dog. They are hoping to get one by October. I popped round for a cup of tea this afternoon and my mum was handfeeding and cooing over a couple of seagulls she has adopted. The best fed seagulls ever, they had steak in the week and left over lamb chop today! They need a dog.

I had a lesson today and we were working on exactly that. Getting the golf club travelling on the right plane and not overswinging and throwing the hands up high. That flatter baseball movement is what I am looking for and that stops the slice. I will put up some more videos as I get some cool slo mo videos as part of the coaching.

Going to take a break until Wednesday now then probably try and stick to at least one technical session on the range each week and the rest out on course. Going to invest in some woods in a few weeks after getting a few more rounds under my belt and get confident with the irons.
10  Poker Forums / Diaries and Blogs / Re: Getting into Golf on: June 13, 2020, 09:17:56 PM
Right. The best place to start with this post is right here:-

 Click to see full-size image.
94" border="0

We shot 94 first time out on the course. No gimmes, no mulligans, off the mens tees. Same ball the whole way round. I am absolutely over the moon, not just about the score but the way I played.

Couldn't resist with the nice weather today so went for a 5,26 tee time. Took 3 hours to get round and I am beyond exhausted. It's the most exercise I have done in 5 years easily, legs are like jelly.

The longest club I took off the tee was a 6 iron, no woods in the bag. The majority of tee shots were little 7 and 8 irons.  I did a really nice job of keeping the ball in play, I treated the majority of holes like the pars were +1 i.e. 3 shots to hit the green on a par 4. It kept me away from trying to do anything silly. Ignore the fairway arrows on the scorecard, I got bored of keying those in.

My ball striking was good enough but not great. There were some lovely pure irons in there but a whole lot of left to ride big fades and a few tops off the tee. I got quite lucky with my misses on a fair few occasions.

My short game was absolutely A+. No 3 putt the whole round is something I am most proud of. On proper greens with ridges and slopes. My chipping around the fine too, nearly chipped in a couple of times and gave myself lots of good chances to make putts. Only one triple bogey and that was on the 17th - a hole that has water up both sides and I was bricking it knowing my score was solid. Played it really tentative and got punished.

Absolutely highlight was the 18th. A short up hill part 4. An 8 iron right down the middle, a pitching wedge to 20 foot and then dropped one in dead weight.

Very excited to show my coach in tomorrows lesson. Need to take a couple of days off as have now played golf 13 out of last 14 days. Let's go and break 90 I guess and might have to buy some woods.
11  Poker Forums / Diaries and Blogs / Re: Getting into Golf on: June 12, 2020, 05:57:33 PM
Played every day again this week.

Monday +4, 16 putts, 3 greens hit
Tuesday +8, 18 putts, 1 green hit
Wednesday +2, 14 putts, 3 greens hit
Thursday +5, 18 putts, 4 greens hit
Friday +1, 16 putts, 6 greens hit

A bit more erratic this week but today was definitely my best ever round. The first time I have hit 6 greens and could easily have been a level par round. Hit the last 4 greens and had a really good look at 6 and 8. Made a lovely birdie on the 3rd as well from just 5 foot.

I really understand the course now, where you can't afford to miss, how the greens run (awfully) and where the best landing spots are. It should be a matter of time before it comes together and can make a level par round.

The reason I am not getting carried away is that I play these rounds by gripping right down the club and making relatively short swings. That way, I feel like I have total control of the club head and can feel the distance. Once you need to hit it more than 100 yards then I have to lengthen the swing and that's when everything can go wrong. Lose control of the club head direction, the swing path goes crazy and it doesn't go straight.

I need to get back on the range and practice though. All I am doing is playing the par 3 course over and over at the moment trying to go low. I have a lesson this Sunday to work on the full swing. Hitting the main course next week for sure. Will be good to get an idea of where we stand on a full course. If I can get the ball inside 100 yards then will be fine but got to get there first.
12  Poker Forums / Diaries and Blogs / Re: Getting into Golf on: June 05, 2020, 06:19:33 PM
Got to share this straight away as absolutely buzzing!

Rounds this week on the par 3 course:-

Monday +9, 16 putts, 4 greens hit
Tuesday +2, 16 putts, 5 greens hit
Wednesday +3, 16 putts, 4 greens hit
Thursday +2, 12 putts, 2 greens hit
Friday +1, 15 putts, 5 greens hit

 Click to see full-size image.
1" border="0

Hit a few poor tee shots in this round but got some good luck with running out onto the green. Got so pumped making a 10 footer for par on the 8th and sunk two 20 footers including the birdie. Heaped pressure on myself on the last two holes, feels great to find something I can really push myself with.

Booked a lesson on the range next week so probably will pop in over the weekend and hit some balls. No real motivation to go on the range anymore when can just play this course over and over again.

Will be on one of the main courses either next week or the week after for sure.

I hate you!

Played golf for around 20yrs and never got better than an 18 h’cap and you’ll be single figures by this time next year. Git!

You would have thought I was useless if you had seen me topping one on the first about 40 yards! Whole different game when I have to start hitting it +150 yards but we will see.
13  Poker Forums / Diaries and Blogs / Re: Getting into Golf on: June 02, 2020, 08:44:34 PM
Finally back out on the golf course this week. The par 3 course is unrecognisable since I last played, dried to a crisp. Need to pitch the ball 10-15 yards short of the green to allow for the roll.

Been brilliant getting back out and after a +7 and a +9 earlier this week, put this together today:-

 Click to see full-size image.
2" border="0

Beats my best round by 2 shots and I left one right on the lip for birdie on the final hole from 25 feet. 3 of my missed greens were fringes, easily the best I have struck the ball and my putting from all around the greens was excellent.

Probably going to keep playing the par 3 course most days now and get out on the main course later this month.

Goal of shooting under 100 is still on. Going to book a few 1:1 lessons then see what happens on the big boy course. So great being out there today, felt like a proper player.
14  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: Book Suggestions on: May 04, 2020, 05:52:39 PM
 Click to see full-size image.
Shadow-of-the-Wind" border="0

Finished The Shadow of the Wind last night. Thank you for the recommendations on here, I loved it.

Whizzed through the first 100 pages and the last 100 pages - took a while over the middle. It's a pretty complex thriller that lost me a few times in places but really pulls everything together in a way that was really satisfying.

The setting makes the book, it is so evocative and pulls you into the time period. It's pretty loose with genre - you get big doses of romance, humour, horror etc. That is usually a good thing but it definitely left me a little bored in places as the story meanders and gets a bit convoluted. The writing is just amazing though. I will definitely need to read it again in the future knowing how the story pans out - I suspect I will appreciate it more.

Going to do the rest of the series next.

15  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: A Thread for Green Fingers on: April 02, 2020, 09:31:08 AM
Yep, the garden was like an absolute bog for the last couple of months, front and back.

Am a bit concerned it won't come back to life though. I was going to have a go at it with a rake and I have some grass seed but I don't really know what I'm doing.

Raking and over seeding might make it look a bit nicer short term but I'd guess it needs something a bit more substantial if you want to compete with the Jones's.

I'm not an expert but I have a rough idea based on what has worked on my lawn which was also a bog at one point... Most of it is just common sense to me but there's a chance I'm way off the mark so please do your own research and feel free to tell me that I have it completely wrong. YouTube is a great resource by the way, just search 'lawn care' and you'll have hundreds of tips available to watch.

Assuming every other lawn in the neighbourhood isn't a bog then it's probably just that your soil is overly compacted so can't drain.

Ideally as you have a bit of time on your hands you want to build a soakaway in the bit of your lawn that gets the worst of it. Whichever bit gets the most surface water is where the water is naturally draining to so this is the obvious place for a soakaway. You just need to dig a big f**k off hole (the bigger and f**k offer the better) back fill it with some big rocks that leave lots of gaps, stick some weed protection fabric over the top of that then fill with soil and top off with turf/seeds. Simple but hard work.....

Hollow tine aerating will also help to relieve some of the compaction but it probably won't get rid of your 'bog' issue. That's where you dig out loads of cylinder shapes from the lawn which then gives it room to breathe a bit as it slowly settles back in to the gaps you've created. One of these things will do the trick:

I've never done this before as I have a natural aversion to hard work and it looks like a living nightmare. I did pay someone to do it for me with a machine last year and will probably do it again every year as I was very pleased with the results. I have a soakaway and also did the hollow tine aeration and my lawn looks decent despite having a dog regularly running around on it.

Your problem could just be that your turf hasn't knitted in to the soil underneath because both were compacted. That would mean that your grass only has a few cms of mud to grow in to which isn't great. Try digging out a small section of the lawn and see if you can lift it in a sheet, if you can then it's still turf and hasn't turned in to lawn...... Common sense (not expert knowledge) would suggest that the hollow tine aeration will help this knitting process. Cylinder through turf and soil underneath slowly gets filled and they therefore combine in to one.....

Good luck with it, hope to see some impressive results by summer....

Thanks :-)

Will do some digging both on Youtube and in the garden and see if we can get it back to something respectable.

When I was out fiddling out the front at the weekend, the old boy from down the road came to pass judgement and proudly told me he had astro turfed his whole back garden. Pffff, cop out.

In your situation I'd seriously consider artificial grass for the front lawn or even some other decorative low maintenance option.

It's a small area and barely worth transporting the mower from the back where I assume it lives in the shed. It's also always going to be bare at the edges because the paving sucks all the moisture away and that tree and couple of manhole covers really don't help. It's never going to be a beautiful lawn so anything other than grass is probably going to work better.

Why not have some nice bushes along the front, maybe a few up the sides and then just gravel it?

This is the other Jones's. They had a patch of grass on either side and just finished off pulling it all out and putting down gravel / slate. It does look pretty good to be fair.

Maybe I should think about another option for the front. Those man hole covers are an eyesore.

 Click to see full-size image.
IMG-20200401-151108787-HDR-1" border="0

I started attacking the back garden yesterday. Lots of dead stuff coming up. I have ordered some grass seed and have some left over compost from last year. I think I will try and re-seed and see if that works. The garden is dry as a bone now but very little alive grass left.

 Click to see full-size image.
thumbnail-IMG-20200401-145325993-HDR" border="0
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