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1  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: LGBT/same sex marriage lessons in school on: June 01, 2019, 01:22:37 PM
What exactly is it that they're teaching? I don't remember being taught about same sex relationships outside of the biology of it, and I think if we're going to judge what is and isn't appropriate we need to know the content of the lessons.

Wow. Amazing. What do you think they’re teaching? What on earth couldn’t be “appropriate”?!

What on earth about sex and relationship education might be inappropriate to teach at a primary school? Hmm, let me think about that one, you know I can't come up with a single thing! Let's get all the pictures and the horror stories out!
2  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: LGBT/same sex marriage lessons in school on: May 31, 2019, 06:19:52 PM
What exactly is it that they're teaching? I don't remember being taught about same sex relationships outside of the biology of it, and I think if we're going to judge what is and isn't appropriate we need to know the content of the lessons.
3  Poker Forums / The Rail / Re: "Call" on: May 07, 2019, 02:12:38 AM
I'm a bit behind the times with tournament strat off effective stacks that are this short, but why have a limping range from the small in the first place here?
4  Poker Forums / The Rail / Re: Funk for actionman and MC on: May 01, 2019, 01:43:19 AM

I think everyone, especially the card rooms, underestimate how much value the updates added.

Value in general enjoyment of a subset of players and spectators, or value in measurable ROI on the money spent?

Prove part 2 and i'm sure they'd be back in action! I suspect it was pitched based on fluffy assumptions a few times, but as the poker money train slowed down everyone was less willing to buy the story.

The updates made me want to get involved in the tournaments.
They sold the atmosphere of a weekend.

I agree. It was because of the buzz of going deep in a tournament that was covered properly, with updates and a commentated live stream, that I really got the bug for the game. I've done hundreds of thousands in rake at DTD, and I had a group of friends that would regularly come with me who have done a similar amount between them. They really added something to it, and it was touching to realise how many people that I knew outside of poker had seen it. My point is that they only need to get one person like me every now and then for it to make them loads, but it's not something you can quantify properly. I am 100% sure that having a good team updating tournaments and having a properly run live stream will bring you more customers in the long run. But since when did any casino in this country give a shit about the long run, which I guess is why proper tournament coverage is getting more rare.
5  Poker Forums / The Rail / Re: Grosvenor 2019 on: April 23, 2019, 01:53:45 AM
Chaos at Manchester BNR today by all accounts........

Not enough dealers and players having to alternate on available tables.

Half the field played the first level, then sat out while the other half played the same level.


Feels like a sinking ship, doesn't it?
6  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: schoolgirl who joined IS but wants to come home. on: April 17, 2019, 11:53:19 AM
What terrified me was British girl shrugging off severed heads rolling around in the back yard.

Pretty sure the folk moaning about fair trials etc, are the same that moan about austerity and our Government clamping down in all the wrong areas........

I’m trying to figure out what you mean. You’re saying you’ve identified a link between people who support human rights and people who disapprove of government policy that punishes (often kills as discussed extensively itt) the poor and vulnerable while favouring the very wealthiest? I hope you weren’t working on that for long, it’s not exactly Sherlock Holmes.

You know exactly what I mean, but as ever, your efforts to try and prove yourself,smarter(probably), funnier( not a chance), and more compassionate(misplaced) override everything.

I am all for fair trials, but not for wasting money when the evidence is clear cut and for all to see.

Man filmed running kid over on crossing. Sounds pretty cut and dry. Could be a multitude of reasons. Give him a fair trial. Correct.

Girl who openly tells the world she wants to leave the country because she hates it and believes in the cause of terrorism, then wants to come home, and in interviews isn't sorry for what she saw and was involved with, is a no brained.

It's a waste of money that can be used to bridge the austerity gap. Deep down, you know it, but have to twist it round to try and wriggle out of it because you know I'm right.

Let's deprive some kid of his cancer treatment so we can waste tens of thousands on a trial we all know is wrong and the outcome obvious.

Nice ethics KKK

That’s embarrassing. Our system of justice is one of the last things we should abandon. You support the government that is responsible for austerity, I know it is an entirely unnecessary political weapon and oppose it at every opportunity.

It’s just a simple fact that you don’t know the evidence in the Begum case, none of us do and that’s why it should be tested at trial. If she’s guilty of crimes by all means punish her. Let’s not get distracted by hysterical people who get scared and irrational every time they hear the word ‘terrorist’.

Proving again you dont read what I said.

I mentioned before their threat doesn't bother me. It doesnt inhibit my travelling etc.

What evidence do you need in the Begum case to say that she should be welcomed back then smartarse?

Don't disappear for the day, and hope it gets lost in the the next 24 hours.

What can a court case prove to you that we don't already know?

Did you read the papers when she left? Her statements and those of her friends? Her interviews when trying to come back?

Tell me what you think a trial will prove please. "her innocence" wont wash.

Excuse me, what? So what has been reported in the media should decide someone's guilt or not? Our legal system is based on needing to prove someone's guild before a court of law, it's not a perfect system but it's a hell of a lot better than what you've just suggested. This isn't about Begum and shouldn't be about her, it's about the integrity of our legal system. Once you start saying it shouldn't apply to someone because it won't prove anything, you start deciding where that line will be drawn, and it's a line that should never exist if our freedom is worth anything.
7  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: schoolgirl who joined IS but wants to come home. on: April 17, 2019, 02:17:12 AM

Human beings got to grips with this stuff ~ 804 years ago, it seems we’ve taken a backward step.

If you took cookies out the jar as a child knowing that was wrong your mum would scold you

Even if a dog shit on the carpet the owner would say NO! BAD DOG! with some semblance of authority

That's what humans have been doing for eternity

A calm reaction being offered to this situation, accepting that joining a murderous terror group is just an error is a weak message to send out to others thinking of similar conduct.

I wouldn't buy a dog or you will sustain one shit shower of a carpet mate. 

OK, I was trying to point you in the direction of the Magna Carta.

I'm a bit of a history buff mate and as far as I recall King John was jokes and everybody broke the magna carta before the ink was dry

and yet there was a part about the importance of everyone having a right to an unbiased trial, overseen by a professional judge that seemed to go down well and has been a cornerstone of the judicial system in western civilisation for a very long time.

Just like a lot of your stuff it’s only a theoretical notion. In reality history post Magna Carta is jam-packed with the complete opposite of the above.

Virtually every monarch oversaw a system of biased trials overseen by corrupt judges who produced the desired predetermined result.

Kinda why I resist the fairytales and rainbows rhetoric of liberals.

So we shouldn't fight for a strong justice system just because it hasn't properly existed yet? Your arguments baffle me, and remind me why I don't participate in these threads :p
8  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: schoolgirl who joined IS but wants to come home. on: April 16, 2019, 05:38:36 PM
But you're totally cool with taking what you read in the paper as absolute truth and only allowing our justice system to work for people you like?
9  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: schoolgirl who joined IS but wants to come home. on: April 16, 2019, 01:52:15 PM
Loads of folk vilifying Michael Jacko and not playing his music

When did he get a fair trial

I guess his chances of a fair trial were mainly compromised by him buying the witnesses.

I guess Begum’s chances of a fair trial were mainly comprised by her flying to Syria to join ISIS

This is a terrifying thing to read. You're saying that someone's right to a fair trial should be determined by the crime they're accused of? This is proper 1984 type stuff. Our justice system fails completely if this attitude is taken. This should have nothing whatsoever to do with Begum and everything to do with the integrity of our legal system. What if someone randomly accused you of being a terrorist? If someone stuck in article in the Daily Mail with a doctored picture of you holding a gun to someone's head in some middle eastern looking place? You'd be happy that your right to a fair trial is simply taken away? Because that's where this sort of talk leads. Taking away a person's rights without due process can never, ever be acceptable if we're going to protect ourselves from the same thing happening to us.
10  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: schoolgirl who joined IS but wants to come home. on: April 16, 2019, 01:29:25 AM
Otherwise, who decides who gets a fair trial?

This is the clincher for me. It's really easy to say people at the far end should have their citizenship revoked, and that they have forfeited rights like the right to legal aid, but where do we draw the line and who decides? The idea of someone just deciding another person isn't worthy of the same rights as the rest of us should be a chilling one, and it frightens me how happy some people are when they see other's rights being taken. I'd think it much better to avoid drawing that line in the first place, to protect our own rights as much as anyone else's.
11  Poker Forums / The Rail / Re: Changing tournament structure mid-comp to mitigate overlay, acceptable? on: April 16, 2019, 01:22:10 AM
I was genuinely surprised at how many people had traveled from abroad to play.

Indeed, was very impressed by the Norwegian number plate in the car park. On a Tesla.

That actually belongs to a total hero who used to be a dealer at DTD and now does the chip room at a bunch of tour stops, so that was a staff member :p
12  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: schoolgirl who joined IS but wants to come home. on: April 14, 2019, 12:36:22 PM
I'd take that with a pinch of salt, surely that would have been reported earlier if it was the case? Feels like they're just trying to keep the story alive to get a few cheap views...
13  Poker Forums / The Rail / Re: Cash games in Notts (apart from DTD) ? on: April 07, 2019, 01:23:10 PM
Grosvenor usually only runs Friday and Saturday, although on those days it get 2+ tables regularly. Alea is your best bet Monday/Tuesday.
14  Community Forums / The Lounge / Re: schoolgirl who joined IS but wants to come home. on: February 26, 2019, 05:10:06 PM
I don't know if this has been said but I cba to read through all of this :p

What bothers me about this story is how much attention it has got and how angry it has made people. What a waste of time, and what a fantastic scapegoat our government has found. Brexit going to shit, all sorts of social/economic problems and what is it that people have got all up in arms about? Some kid who none of us know, who will almost certainly affect none of our lives, and whether she should be allowed to come home or not, an issue that we have absolutely no say in. The majority have even managed to completely miss the issue here, which is that our government has decided to revoke her human rights as a citizen of the UK. Barely any discussion had on the ramifications of this, just a load of divisive fear-mongering hatred. Why? Why are these people not getting angry about frozen public sector pay, for example, which affects fuck knows how many people on a daily basis and seems to be universally accepted is wrong by everyone except the people who make that decision? Makes me despair for the human race, that we are this fickle, this determined to allow ourselves to be divided, this easily manipulated.
15  Poker Forums / The Rail / Re: Grosvenor 2019 on: February 05, 2019, 02:32:20 PM
Resorts is absolutely killing it right now as has been said, they seem to have very aggressively moved in on the business previously held by Bham Hill St, Walsall and Coventry. This is how I see it:

So brand loyalty is stupid, right? I shopped exclusively at Tesco for years for no good reason, until they discontinued my favourite Chicken Tikka Pasty and I rage quit to Morrisons. I now exclusively shop there. There are lots of people around the Notts area that will only go to DtD, and have never been to either of the other two options in Notts/haven't given them a chance. I also know several people who exclusively play at the Notts Grosvenor. Most of these people are not interested in the competition, and believe they're in the best place for them, even though they have extremely limited experience of the alternatives and have no interest in considering them. I tend to swap between the G and DTD at the moment and it takes something attractive to convince me to go somewhere else, even for just one evening.

Resorts seem to get that, and so they've put on some really great promotions. The cash game giveaway thing where they're giving away £500 every hour and some of the tournaments they've been putting on, coupled with how easy it is to get there, has got people talking. It's been enough to convince a lot of people, including me, to give them a shot. And when you get there, you find a really well organised card room. All the staff seem to actually want to be there as well as being good at their jobs. The food isn't completely awful, they're not slaughtering anyone with rake and all this creates an atmosphere where even the majority of the regulars aren't miserable. So they're not just doing things to get you through the door, once you're there they're showing you that they have a really slick set up to offer and they're trying hard to make sure you come away with a good impression. They're also clever enough to avoid running these promotions/tournaments too often so they become boring and lose the novelty aspect, and so people don't do their money too fast chasing them.

So that's what Resorts are doing right, but what about Grosvenor's response? They've smashed up the rake in their tournaments, which not only looks bad to the regs but it means that everyone who is losing in their games is doing their money that much faster. This vouchers thing is ridiculous - most people will do their money in the casino anyway, and they know it, but they don't want it rammed down their throats. They also seem to have gone back on their assertion that this was only for the little daily tournaments since they paid out the overlay in that deepstack in vouchers.

G have been running some good looking stuff. The Goliath killed it again, they're running some cash game promos, and I even managed to accidentally qualify for the Titan last year through one of these promotions. But when they get people through the door, what have they done with them? I'm going to use my experiences at the Ricoh last year as the example, because it's where they hold the Goliath and where they've been holding the final days of tournaments like the Titan so I assume it's a cardroom that's on the upper end in Grosvenor's eyes. The Goliath was a fucking mess. The cash games were split all over the place, the electronic list system just didn't work, staff were either rude af or clearly shattered and no-one seemed to have control over what as going on. The dealers got put up in the hotel overlooking the football pitch and they all got kicked out of their rooms at 9am on the Saturday because of a football match. Some of them had come off 12 hour plus shifts at 6am. Absolutely disgusting way to treat your staff. I can't speak for the tournaments, but I sure hope they were run a hell of a lot better given the rake they've been charging.

Maybe it's just that the Goliath was way busier than they expected, maybe it's better at different times? Well, when I went for the final day of the Titan (brags), they knew in advance how many people they'd have. About 100 odd people made it through, having qualified from different locations around the midlands. Started at 14:00, so a lot of those people (me included) would be driving through lunch time and want to grab food at the venue. There was one waiter working in the entire building. After an hour of waiting for service whilst playing the tournament, I decided to just go up to the bar and order. When I asked the lass there for a menu, she gave me the 24 hour one. I knew this wasn't the right menu for the time, so I asked if they were doing anything off the main menu. She then produced a main menu that was so faded you could barely see the names of the food or the prices on there, but fine whatever at least we were getting somewhere. I ordered a hot dog, and waited for her to find this option on the till. She couldn't. She apologised and asked a manager who was walking past if she knew where it was. Without looking or attempting to help in any way, she kept on walking past and just said "no, no idea". Waitress behind the till was getting pretty flustered and I wasn't exactly happy, so I said don't worry about it and went back to the cardroom (this wasn't a tournament break, I was missing hands while this was going on.) The one waiter was still nowhere to be seen, so I went to complain to the cardroom manager. He apologised and said he'd send someone over. Nearly an hour later I managed to collar this same waiter and get some food ordered. The regs just laughed when I mentioned this to them and said that's how it always is. The awful service was literally a joke to them.

Now I will say at this point that I think the Nottingham G is absolutely fantastic, but this seems to be an exception and even they are experiencing cuts in staff numbers and the quality of the food there has tanked in the last year or so.

Bottom line is if I want to go somewhere that I feel welcome and valued, I won't be going to a Grosvenor. Despite being well established after years of business, the Gs around Resorts are finding their regulars jumping ship. I think it's got nothing really to do with the guarantees or the promotions, or even the rake. I think it's because if you go to Resorts, you're going to be looked after.
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