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 on: Today at 01:14:34 PM 
Started by scotty2hatty - Last post by Omm
Bruisers Bullet 33/1  10 pts ew and 25/1 2pts ew ——- now 25/1
Astute Missle 100/1 1 pt ew ——- now 100/1
Dorotas Wildcat 33/1 2 pts ew —— now 25/1
Rising Brandy 66/1 (Arb) 2pts ew. ——- now 25/1 gen (33/1 with pp)
Forest Mike 100/1 (Actonbeech) 1/2 pt ew ——- 66/1 gen (100/1 with pp)
King Kid 100/1 1/2 pt ew ——— now 100/1
Priceless Brandy 100/1 2pts ew —— now 66/1
Tyrur Shay 66/1 2 pt ew.  (80/1 off thread 1 pt ew) ——- now 33/1
Droopys Verve (Arb) 50/1 2 pts ew and 33/1 1 pt ew ——- now 20/1 gen (25/1 with pp)
The Other Reg 66/1 1 pt ew —— now 50/1 gen (66/1 with bv)
Droopys Davy 33/1 2 pts ew ——— now 25/1
Droopys Bonucci (Arb) 66/1 1 pt ew —— now 50/1
Barefoot Painter 66/1 1 pt ew —— now 66/1

Have just added Bubbly Bluebird 100/1 1pt ew with bfred. A bit of a flyer but if it does run it can’t start 100/1.

some bets were restricted but I will just round up or down for ease of reporting

31 pts ew = 62 pts total.

Will be playing on bf outright when we get the declarations and once the rounds start. Will have to sniff out the value during the early rounds. So excited.

 on: Today at 01:04:39 PM 
Started by The Camel - Last post by tikay

Unmissable viewing. Dust off that Union Jack Flag outfit.

After extensive research, I've decided Isabelle is the way forward at 33-1.

A boy named Isabelle?

Quality research that. About as good as Xg in football.

 on: Today at 12:43:49 PM 
Started by TightEnd - Last post by Woodsey

Fake news it’s all doom and gloom....

 on: Today at 12:40:01 PM 
Started by TightEnd - Last post by RickBFA

Bit of other news on Brexit to balance the debate...

 on: Today at 12:37:42 PM 
Started by UgotNuts - Last post by UgotNuts
Good to see you're still about mate. Throwing in the big boy games in Barca because why not eh?

Just to add to Das's question -

Favourite Luton Player: John The Pen.

I used to really enjoy playing the Saturday 2pm £30er where he would kick off at someone to the point the floor had to come and have a word with him, bust after first break and have to sit in the corner all night while his daughter did her ladybollocks on the fruities. No idea if he's still with us because he always sounded like he was a stiff cough from snuffing it, but I always thought he was alright for a miserable old bugger.

Favourite Luton Moment:

There was some fella throwing money over the roulette on a table he had to himself. Word was he had shat off the better part of £20,000 before giving up. Probably hard to get out of at that point when it was £100 max on a number. The pit boss told him he could cool off in the restaurant and they'd bring him some food. 15 minutes later he is screaming bloody murder because they bought him a steak and chips, and he was a vegan. What a needle.


If you see Panos, tell him Harry says hello and let him know I'm in Liverpool now.

I got your PM, I'll give you a shout pal. I've got some wacky stories to tell you.

Nice to hear from you Bud. It's been way too long. I look forward to hearing your stories, I've got a few of my own. If there are any GPS stocks around Liverpool I will be sure to give you a shout if I'm in the area. Make sure you text me... I know what you are like!

I loved John the Pen, I remember we made a personal deal when we both made the final table. He had a lot going on, I knew him from outside of poker due to his nephew and I used to play YU-GI-OH as kids.

Das- If you are about, Fancy giving me a lift to Luton now I live in MK? No shoving 100BB in the first level though pre flop, I wouldn't want you hanging around for me after or getting a taxi back. Cheesy

 on: Today at 12:08:36 PM 
Started by scotty2hatty - Last post by Omm
A few nice trails at Towcester today.

500m Flat
Barefoot Painter Paul Hennessy (Irish) Intro T22
Jaytee Jaguar Paul Hennessy (Irish) Intro T26
Crossfield Will Brendan O'Shea (Irish) Intro T22
Burgess Brandy Peter Cronin (Irish) Intro T25
Astute Missile Seamus Cahill (Hove) Intro T3
Dorotas Vic Charles Lister OBE (Donc) Intro T5
The Other Reg Patrick Rosney (BVue) Intro T4
Jaytee Taylor Paul Hennessy (Irish) Intro T22
Boylesports Boom Paul Hennessy (Irish) Intro T24
480m Flat Tyrur Shay Patrick Fahy (Irish) Intro T5
260m Flat Cometwopass Peter Cronin (Irish) Intro


500m Flat 

BAREFOOT PAINTER 2 1111 VQAw,ALed 34.0 29.35 T2 Intro 1st 5¼ 05.22
Jaytee Jaguar 6 2222 SAw,RanOn 36.3 29.78 T2 Intro 2nd 5¼ 05.36
Hovex Mick 3 MiddleToWide 31.4 29.94 T05.27
4 The Other Reg 4 MiddleToWide 33.2 29.62 T Intro05.37
6 BOYLESPORTS BOOM 4 1111 Rails,LedRunUp 34.1 30.05 T2 Intro1st 4½05.34
Jaytee Taylor 2 2222 Wide1,MidToWide 31.9 30.42 T2 Intro2nd 4½05.43 7 Going -20

480m Flat
Tyrur Shay 5 MiddleToWide 31.5 28.31 T Intro04.18 8
Crossfield Will 2 Middle 37.7 28.31 T Intro04.24 9 Going -10

260m Flat
Cometwopass 3 Middle 35.6 15.62

Nice trail by Barefoot Painter, quick away, 29:35 can be improved upon but at 66/1 I'm adding to the team.

 on: Today at 12:02:39 PM 
Started by AceGing - Last post by ukpkrpro
Hi ripple11

Martin Pugh no longer works for Rank, I got an automated e mail telling me that
Within an hour of e mailing Henry Birch I got an e mail from the reinstatement team lifting my ban
I assume the timing was a coincidence but I am very happy

Terry P

 on: Today at 11:55:16 AM 
Started by tikay - Last post by Karabiner
Does anyone else think Dotty appeared to be rushing his shots in the last couple of sessions v Carter?

I only half-watched it Ralph, but got the impression he did not want to be there. He's a big Rangers fan, maybe that was on his mind.

Worth looking at his wiki page (can't link right now), he has had problems over the years with depression. Quite a life story, one way and another.

I think most Rangers fans stopped getting distracted by them a few years ago.

As for not wanting to be there - I'm not sure I'm buying into that as he was leading 8-7 - just seemed to be rushing his shots unduly*.

*<edit> This was epecially noticeable during the safety duels.

 on: Today at 11:51:50 AM 
Started by tikay - Last post by horseplayer
Not my bag but the on just about left on Ronnie looks value against Carter.

He sounded beat in the post match interview yesterday. All credit to him amazing physical and mental strength to recover well enough from stomach surgery less than a week before the match.

 on: Today at 11:33:53 AM 
Started by UgotNuts - Last post by UgotNuts
Thanks Omen. Did you manage to cash?

Maybe bring some headphones with you on Wednesday. We can swap 10% or whatever then.

I agree the location of the room isn't the best, but they players are generally really weak and I've always found headphones helps me to zone out the noise and focus on all of the interesting plays I'm witnessing. Saying that because of the style of play in Luton compared to my own, I find it really hard to make final tables there often. Its a bit like Bingo.

If you change your mind PM me your number and we can organise something.

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