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March 28, 2017, 05:33:03 AM

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 on: March 27, 2017, 11:52:22 PM 
Started by demetri1978 - Last post by demetri1978
Tier 1.$50...


Total $5,000

Tier 2.$100...


Total $5,000

Tier 3.$200...


Total $5,000

Tier 4.$500...


Total $5,000

Tier 5.$1,000...


Total $5,000

 on: March 27, 2017, 11:51:42 PM 
Started by demetri1978 - Last post by demetri1978
I was going to put "another record breaking last longer" in the title but i'm thinking it may be tough to beat the last one I did. But lets try!

This will take place on Sunday 2nd April $215 Sunday Million $10m Gtd.

These are the previous ones I have done.... (Total prize pool $700) (Total prize pool just over $11,000) (Total prize pool just over $14,000) (Total prize pool just over $20,000) (Total prize pool just over $30,000) (Total prize pool just under $50,000)

Last time the prizes for each tier was....

tier 1 winner:dinos622 $7,080

runner up:FlipMaster08 $1,770


tier 2 winner:dinos622 $8,800

runner up:FlipMaster08 $2,200


tier 3 winner:vladislavius $7,840

runner up:davidv1213 $1,960


tier 4 winner:Bounatirou $8000

runner up:Rebel FishAK $2000


tier 5 winner:Bounatirou $8000

runner up:Rebel FishAK $2000


The payout will be 80/20 1st and 2nd only.

As you can see the prize pools just keep going up, it would be nice to keep that trend going.

As normal there will be a $10,000 bounty on my head and because I can renter you could potentially have 3 shots at this!

(so if you run like god and knock me out all 3 times you will win $30,000!)

If I final table this last longer my 1st place position and money will be rewarded to who ever comes 2nd. 2nd places position and money will be rewarded to 3rd.

(This is only if I final table the MTT and win the last longer at the same time)

If I bust you out of this MTT you will win $215 from me.

(you must post your user name here if this happens and the hand via boom, if you don't do this you will not win the prize)

If you win a pot from me I will pay you $215.

(This can only be won once per person! you must post your user name here if this happens and the hand via boom, if you don't do this you will not win the prize)

If you are seated at my table you will win $215.

(This can only be won once per person! You must post your user name here if this happens)

If I win the MTT everyone who entered the last longer will be refunded there last longer buy ins.

Each person that enters the last longer can have one guess as to where I finish. If you guess the EXACT number you will win $1,000.

(if I enter 3 times you will have 3 shots at this, so $3,000 up for grabs if you get all 3 right! To enter please leave the figure you think my entries will finish next to your user that you have entered in this thread. ONE guess per entry!)

Your last longer finish position will be your last entry, whether that be your first entry or third.

(e.g you renter the MTT 3 times you final entry will count as your finished position)

There will be 5 tiers

To get this going I will put a $5,000 Gtd on each tier!

There will be no late registration, you must send the funds before the MTT starts. Any funds that hit my account after the MTT starts will be sent back.

(no exceptions)

This will cost me money and time, so to make my life more easy I will only be accepting money on Pokerstars. Sorry

(you are welcome to have people send for you, but it needs to be very clear in this thread. e.g username: john sent for username: david3456 for tier 1/2/3. If I have random amounts sent to me from random user names who have not been clear in this thread I will just be sending it back and you will not be in the last longer)

If you are a backer and you don't want to post your players names in this thread from your account you can pm me here or on skype and enter all your players that way. Of course the players names will be on the list, but no one will know they have backers etc.

If you join the last longer and do not pull out before the MTT starts there will be no refunds of your money. Like me you will be donating some free money that night!

I will only add your name to the last longer once I have received the funds.

Tier 1.$50

Tier 2.$100

Tier 3.$200

Tier 4.$500

Tier 5.$1,000

A little about me as you are sending me money. I have been here for nearly 10 years I am a well know backer who has backed 100s of poker players over the last 6-8 years. I offer some of the best backing/coaching/cuts in the game. I have been very successful up to now and hopefully that will continue. I have run these before with no issues at all and had threads in the past where I have just given away free money/prizes. Also have a paid backing thread in the market place.

(sorry about the subtle plug, just making sure you know that trust is not a problem/issue here)

I will post this on some other forums as well, to get as much interest as we can. Feel free to post this on twitch/twitter/facebook/pornhub/skype and anywhere else you think we may get more interest from.

I think that is everything, before you ask any questions please make sure you read all the above in full. If I have made a mistake now or during the competition please let me know in this thread.

Send your funds for the entries to....

demetri1978 (Muhammad Ali avatar)

(I will update this thread throughout the week and I am sure many times on Saturday/Sunday)

 on: March 27, 2017, 11:21:10 PM 
Started by tikay - Last post by xeelee
I dunno - the way things are "live- streamed" now and the extra information you can use a smartphone for seems to be a unnecessary addition to the table.
But we all can use them so its not unfair, I just think its one of those double edged swords that technology provides. To a younger player who did not
live in a time before phones it must seem unreasonable to ban them. If all player agree to rules the event could be fun but its like a "revival night" games changed
and there's no back in the day in poker you have to adapt or play another game if its social interaction that's the most important.
I organised games around london back in the days when poker was almost a fashion thing. All the Friday night people would come and get drunk.
There were  pretty girls at cash games,  It was very sociable and cool to  say you were involved in the poker scene.
But I also remember before when poker was only in casinos or illegal venues. wasn't so sociable then either sometimes you would worry you would get
hurt physically not just financially.  The people that played were sometimes shifty and took advantage of new players not knowing the rules it could be
Now its a sport almost - I think I prefer it in some ways, everyone knows the rules mostly and you can play at anytime/anywhere.  You can imagine
20-30 years conteversies in poker from accelerated learning and memory implants.  I will be that 80 year old degenerate who smells vaugly of piss and cabbage
protesting to the AI card manager that the kids cheating and using a time machine to outplay me.

 on: March 27, 2017, 10:47:01 PM 
Started by xeelee - Last post by xeelee

this, rounders and Late night poker got me into the game.

anyone else remember this?

 on: March 27, 2017, 10:33:40 PM 
Started by TightEnd - Last post by xeelee
nice to see theres still some small buy in events over the festival for us fishy recs who won seats and will probably crash out early. :
Wednesday 19th april
MILLIONS Live Day 1B: £6M [1st £1M]
S:2:00PM LR:3:50PM Day2 £5000+£300 1Million 60Mins

XXL 25 6 Max: £5K Gtd [1st £1.2K]
Fantastic 5
S:7:30PM LR:9:05PM £25+£5 20K+20K 20Mins

Academy: £600 Gtd [1st £200]
S:7:45PM LR:9:00PM £15+£3+£2 3x10K 15Mins

Thursday 20th April
MILLIONS Day 2: £6M [1st £1M]
S:1:00PM LR:3:50PM £5000+£300 1Million 75Mins
£2500 8-Max Day 1A: £1m Gtd
S:4:00PM LR:9:55PM £2500+£200 100K 45Mins

XXL 25 Giant 8 Max: £5K Gtd [1st £1.2k]
Fantastic 5
S:7:30PM LR:9:05PM £25+£5 20K+20K 20Mins

Academy: £600 Gtd [1st £200]
S:7:45PM LR:9:00PM £15+£3+£2 3x10K 15Mins

Friday 21st April
MILLIONS Day 3: £6M [1st £1M]
S:1:00PM LR:Closed - - 75Mins
£2500 8-Max Day 1B: £1m Gtd
S:4:00PM LR:9:55PM £2500+£200 100K 45Mins

XXL 25 Giant: £5K Gtd [1st £1.2K]
Fantastic 5
S:7:30PM LR:9:05PM £25+£5 20K+20K 20Mins

Academy: £600 Gtd [1st £200]
S:7:45PM LR:9:00PM £15+£3+£2 3x10K 15Mins

DTD 200 Day 1C: £100k Gtd
S:8:00PM LR:11:15PM £200+£20 30K 30Mins
Saturday 22nd April

£2500 8-Max Turbo Day 1C: £1m Gtd
S:12:00PM LR:2:35PM £2500+£200 100K 20Mins

MILLIONS Day 4: £6M [1st £1M]
S:1:00PM LR:Closed - - 75Mins

DTD 200 Day 1D: £100k Gtd
S:2:00PM LR:5:15PM £200+£20 30K 30Mins

£2500 8-Max Day 2: £1m Gtd
S:4:00PM LR:Closed £2500+£200 100K 45Mins

£2500 6-Max Day 1A: £250k Gtd
S:4:00PM LR:9:55PM £2500+£200 100K 45Mins

DTD 200 Day 1E: £100k Gtd
S:7:00PM LR:10:15PM £200+£20 30K 30Mins

XXL25 Monster: £10K Gtd [1st £2.2k]
S:7:30PM LR:9:05PM £25+£5 20K+20K 20Mins

Sunday 23rd April
DTD 200 Turbo Day 1F: £100k Gtd
S:12:00PM LR:1:45PM £200+£20 30K 30Mins

£2500 6-Max Turbo Day 1B: £250k Gtd
S:12:00PM LR:2:00PM £2500+£200 100K 15Mins

£2500 8-Max Final Day: £1m Gtd
S:1:00PM LR:Closed £2500+£200 100K 45Mins

MILLIONS Final Day: £6M [1st £1M]
S:1:00PM LR:Closed - - 90Mins
XXL 30 Freezeout: £5k Gtd [1st £1.2K]
S:2:00PM LR:4:45PM £30+£5 30K 25Mins

MILLIONS Ladies Event: £10k Gtd
S:3:00PM LR:4:35PM £200+£20 20K 20/30Mins
DTD 200 Final Day: £100k Gtd
S:3:30PM LR:Closed £200+£20 30K 30Mins
£2500 6-Max Final Day: £250k Gtd
S:3:30PM LR:Closed £2500+£200 100K 45Mins

Cheers Rob was worried about this - booked a week off and hotel,  would be a bit boring to have to play cards at the other places in Nottingham when the fest is on if I crash out early.

 on: March 27, 2017, 10:27:56 PM 
Started by The Camel - Last post by xeelee
I think that cocksureness is something you only get from a successful player. I am addicted to his video's though he does make you think about poker as I imagine a professional does.
He's a good salesman too, almost joined upswing poker-almost convinced it will help me place well in the up coming Millions tourney. Another good one on YouTube is Andrew Neeme.
Guys living the life in vegas and gives good behind the scenes view of that lifestyle we would love to have. He also gives interesting live cash game analysis warts and all.

 on: March 27, 2017, 10:19:13 PM 
Started by pleno1 - Last post by pleno1
Really enjoyed the video pads, I thought you were from Newcastle?

Haha thanks mate. Yeah I am.

 on: March 27, 2017, 10:16:39 PM 
Started by The Camel - Last post by pleno1
He is very good at heads up cash games.

Remember he was losing/break even for years and years he isn't a talented poker player who can jump in and out of games naturally. He dedicated himself to heads up and got good from years of repitition/looking over things and very deep database study on regulars finding their weaknesses.

There's probably 1000+ players better at MTTs than him and probably 5-10 better at hu cash games, that speaks a lot.

He is the very best at poker content in the world right now though.

 on: March 27, 2017, 10:15:00 PM 
Started by TightEnd - Last post by Doobs
good god what a mess lol.

Am i reading correctly, when it says "Britain must satisfy it's £50bn responsibility to the EU" does it mean, they want £50bn from us?

It would be interesting to ask everyone of the people who voted leave to see if they still stood by there vote after all this?

£50bn cash, no £350m a week saving as promised, prices of everything goes up, currency falls into the ground, lots of industries facing a decent crisis and you had to sit through a smug Nigel Farage speech...

Sounds a huge number doesn't it?

Put it in the context of our entire economy. The uk government is £1.6 trillion in debt, the interest on that alone is about £40 billion, our deficit is about £20 billion and was as high as £100 billion per year. The banking crisis cost us nearly £1 trillion. So it's a bit like you or me having a £160k mortgage and deciding to borrow an extra £5k, would that panic you?

Speak many on the left and they would happily piss away far more than £50 billion on uk social issues.....

You are completely wrong here.  We were at risk for £1 trillion, it clearly didn't cost us that much, or that would be most of the National debt.  And that is clearly nonsense.  Using an at risk number for total cost is like saying the insurer has lost £200k when you insure your house for that much. I don't know where we are now, but at one stage RBS had cost us £12 bn and may well have cost £20bn by now at a guess.   Lloyds was profitable last time I checked though was probably break even.   None of the other banks cost us much at all.   It isn't like we could get away without spending this money, as the econony would likely have been even more fecked without the intervention. 

£50 or £60 billion is still a huge number whichever way you look at it.   That 5k you talk about.  I know very few people who would just set fire to it for no benefit.   Running a near £100 bn deficit in a year is clearly a lot worse than £20bn.  That is just the start, there are going to be huge costs of Brexit on top of this sum.   The banking money saved us from financial meltdown, where is the benefit here?

Here are the numbers, I guess the word 'support' is what they use to define what you are referring to. Maybe the £124 billion further down the page is the correct number....

Setting fire to £5k for no benefit? I guess it depends which side of the argument you are on 

You need to look at the latest figures from 2016.

The current figure for bank support is about £85 billion.  More than half of that has been to RBS.  How much of that we get back depends on the bank's revovery and the price we can sell the shares for.  I guess the final bill is going to be £20 billion or so.

LBG, and the remnants of Northern Rock and Bradford and Bingley still getting some support.  The £40bn left is going to run down and the final bill is going to be nearer £0 than £40bn.  They are very close to selling the last LBG shares, as far as I know.

On top of that there were costs of borrowing money to cover the bailout and in return the Government has received lots of fees etc from banks.  Overall the cost has been nowhere near the £1 trillion you claimed. 

£1 trillion would have been the cost if all the guarantees the Government gave had to be paid.  But  only a small proportion of debts become bad debts and the vast majority are repaid with a profit to the bank.  Obviously, it could have been a lot worse, but that doesn't excuse the people who still peddle these ridiculous figures.

 on: March 27, 2017, 08:55:38 PM 
Started by MintTrav - Last post by FUN4FRASER
Pic tweeted by Mike Pence of Republicans discussing legislation on pregnancy and maternity care.

 Click to see full-size image.

It looks like there should be another item on the ah... gender.

Very Good Tom...........still life in the old RED dog   Smiley

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