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Author Topic: EPT Prague: Day 1A - Interactive  (Read 38036 times)
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« Reply #105 on: December 11, 2007, 12:45:16 AM »

Add 3,100 to Jeff Kimber's stack. He's just knocked out Julian Thew with A-T against Fives. Ace on the flop.

Johnny Lodden is OUT. Ace King against Nines, an Ace and a Nine on the flop.

Dave Penly bets 1,100 on a . His opponent in seat 2 makes it 3,000. Undeterred, Dave makes it 6,700 and elicits a fold from his opponent.

Rolf Slotboom is squawking on table 17. His opponent has just bet 1,000 on a board. "I'm folding the best hand here," he said, "Don't show me a bluff! Don't show me a bluff." He mucks the .

"I'm a chicken! A chicken!" shouts Rolf to anyone who is listening.

I don't think he's a farmyard animal, but he's clearly left this planet.

My one sick move of the day i'm so glad he raised after check check on the flop allowed me to make a much stronger looking move with A6 of clubs which may of had a few outs if it went wrong and i got called.
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« Reply #106 on: December 11, 2007, 01:09:26 AM »

Chip Counts for Day 1A:

Adrian   Koy   115500
Maciej   Mazur   104300
Luigi   Rizzi   72800
Magnus   Petersson   72300
Maik   Daehling   61000
Adrian   Schaap   58700
Oskar   Silow   57300
Andrej   Nagy   56600
Jose   Navarro   50400
Michel   Abecassis   45100
Guillaume   Frechette   44900
Thierry   Labat   44500
Kristian   Kjondal   43800
Martin   Wendt   43600
Christer   Johansson   42600
Johan   Palokangas   40100
Jari   Kylmala   39900
Simon   Christensson   39700
Brynja   Sassoon   38000
Juhani   Junnilainen   37700
Marc   Karam   36700
Oyvind   Roysem   36200
Daan   Ruiter   35700
Maria   Maceiras   35600
Ken   Lennaard   34400
Loris   Brunelli   33600
Jorma   Nuutinen   33400
David   Penly   32300
Remo   Meyer   32100
Arnaud   Mattern   31100
Dennis   Van Zoelen   31100
Menh   Hua   31000
Rob   Hollink   30700
Mugdat   Ter   30700
Jesper   Petersen   30000
John   Flanagan   29800
Tobias   Reinkemeier   28500
Katja   Thater   28400
Markus   Golser   27400
Frank   Stumpf   24800
Tony   Lindstedt   24200
Thomas   Wolfer   23900
Bjorn   Isberg   23300
Richard   Toth   23000
Britt   Petersen   22400
Zdedek   Habala   22200
Mark   Flowers   22000
Stefan   Mattsson   21700
Tobias   Persson   21500
Guillermo   Garcia   21200
Gabor   Kovacs   20800
Erik   Pettersson   20400
Henrik   Waltersson   17900
Boris   Yanpolskiy   17800
Francesco   De Vivo   17600
JeanPhilippe   Rohr   17500
Nedzib   Suman   17500
Jiri   Vacek   16900
Ghena   Dawoud   16700
Johannes   Korsar   16500
Adam   Gagliardi   15300
Kenneth   Hicks Jr   15300
Kevin   Thurman   15000
Marcel   Buissink   13300
Sebastian   Zink   12900
Pavel   Blatny   12300
Kenneth   Christensen   12000
Christian   Schackinger   11600
Ionel   Anton   11300
Joel   Gunnarsson   11100
Tommas   Olsen   10900
Huseyin   Erbay   10700
Rolf   Slotboom   10700
Jeff   Wang   10500
Peter   Bertelsen   10200
Daniel   Zink   10200
Christian   Karlsen   10100
Tilmann   Ebeling   9600
Massimiliano   Rosa   9200
Tomas   Kosicka   8800
Andrea   Manganelli   8100
Jiri   Hlavaty   7800
Jeff   Sharpe   7400
Simon   Taylor   6800
Andrew   Luetchford   1230
Hans   Eskilsson   700

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« Reply #107 on: December 11, 2007, 01:11:40 AM »

Hey guys... Could you give me some information about my friend :

Beser   Altug   18   2   Turkey

I will be glad.....

Thanks a lot... You are doing great job

Afraid he didn't make it through judging from the chip counts.

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« Reply #108 on: December 11, 2007, 03:45:26 AM »

I don't see many big big names in the list for today although Natalio Jose Camacho Casado seems quite meaty.

We've got a photo of that nobody Jeff 'Jaffafish' Kimber, but surely your viewing public deserves a picture of one of the biggest names of poker?...

No wonder the dog got left in Luton and the A Team got send to Prague.

As ever, great updates Snoops
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« Reply #109 on: December 11, 2007, 03:48:40 AM »

In more amusing news, there had to be a semi-table redraw when all FIVE Betsson players, including Johnny Lodden, Henning Granstad,  and Gunner Osterbrod (pictured below - and who Maria really really really really really does not fancy. Honest) all got put on the same starting table. So three of them got moved. Anyone remember a situation like this happening before?

Why would this re-draw happen? Is it because 5 people from the same stable can't be trusted not to collude? Or because Betsson have some sort of right to seeding to keep some of their players apart in the early stages?
This happened to us Ladbrokes players in London EPT, we had 5 entrants, 3 on one table and 2 on's nothing to do with collusion, but the simple fact the draw can't be random when u all get sat together, they must be filling tables as and when people buy in.
Same happened first time I played a tourney in the Bellagio, three of us excitedly entered together, looking forward to the new experience of the best cardroom in the world, we ended up sat in a line on the same table like we were playing a home game back in blighty, bah
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« Reply #110 on: December 11, 2007, 01:12:40 PM »

A friend of my is playing today. His name is Yannic Mulder and he's playing on table 38 seat 6.  Could you give me some updates about his chipcount and probably a picture of him in action too? Would be really great!
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